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Paeline is a lush wool fabric woven from the hair of paeladri goats. Paeladri is a compound name originating from the Aelotian words, "paeli," meaning, "tufted," and the suffix, "-adri," indicating the animals' small, compact size. The goats have been carefully cultivated by the aelotoi in Cysaegir since their arrival. The animals are unusual in that they molt twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall. Light combing of the goats produces a hearty crop of fibers, which is then cleaned and woven or spun into the thin, yet remarkably durable wool called paeline. Dyeing techniques and coloring take very well to the fibers, as the hair is a nearly translucent, snowy white in its natural state. The finished texture of the wool is downy soft, making it ideal for linings or formal attire.

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