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Pixie Hunt Map by Arianiss, Mnar, and Rayna

The Pixie Hunt was introduced in 2021 for Rumor Woods as one of the activities available to participants to gain raikhen, as well as other prizes. It is similar to the Fox Hunt in many ways.

General Information

Adventurers have 90 seconds to track down the pixie using OBSERVE (with perception training) or TRACK (with survival training). If not trained in either, the pixie becomes more RNG-based. You can either SEARCH or let the timer run out to end your run and receive raikhen and other SimuCoin prizes. Some very lucky pixie hunters may find an extremely rare morning glory which can be used to summon a new pet dragonfly. Participants do not need to find a pixie in order to find the morning glory.


  • Raikhen
  • a potent blue-green potion (8 uses, 14400 seconds per use, SK enhancive temp recharger)
  • an urchin guide contract (30 days)
  • a flexing arm token (15 uses, enhancive pause)
  • an Elanthian Guilds voucher pack (2 vouchers)
  • a blue feather-shaped charm (1 use, encumbrance)
  • an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack (2 vouchers)
  • a swirling yellow-green potion (30 days, enhancive recharger)
  • an Adventurer's Guild task waiver (standard)
  • a sun-etched gold ring (30 days)
  • a locker runner contract (30 days)
  • a larger locker contract (+50 locker spots for 30 days)
  • Lamb pet


The pixie hunt can be located in the north corner of Cysaelotar (Map ID: u8208746, Lich ID: 29706).


A petite fleece-wrapped aelotoi

>Describe aelotoi
Petite and cheery, a petite fleece-wrapped aelotoi has rosy cheeks from exposure to the cold and is draped in a heavy lamb's wool greatcloak that is decorated with platinum buttons.  Her russet brown hair is divided into two herringbone braids that trail to her waist, while a thick fleece hat is crammed down upon her head.

>Ask aelotoi about entry 
Ceha says, "With a sunburst marker in hand, just head toward the steps and I'll escort you in.  You'll only have roughly 90 seconds to find the pixie once inside, so you'll want to be quick.  Ask me about TASK for more details."

>Ask aelotoi about task
Ceha says, "The task is actually quite easy.  Once inside the garden, you'll want to OBSERVE your surroundings, if you're perceptive, and TRACK the footprints you find in the foliage, if you're astute.  Once you think you've found something, SEARCH.  You can OBSERVE and TRACK the same area, since the pixie is tricksy and moves about.  If you were able, you'll have caught the pixie and she will gift you with a rare flower!  Remember, she may trick you and stuff a different flower into your hand!  But don't worry, my elder will reward you for any flowers you retrieve.  But, because of the pixie's magic, you'll only have roughly 90 seconds to be in there!  Once you search, it's over, so choose wisely."

>Ask aelotoi about pixie
Ceha smiles and says, "There is a pixie in the garden that has an incredibly rare flower.  We use that flower for our Ceremony of Remembrance.  Unfortunately, the only way to find the flower is to find the pixie so that she can gift it to you.  But she's a sneaky one!  She likes to hide in all the foliage and make a game of it.  You'll have to be quick to find her."

>Ask aelotoi about flowers
Ceha says, "Oh, for sure, there are other flowers in there that range from rare to common and everything in between.  And when the pixie is feeling particularly crafty, she'll stuff one in your hand before you can grab her!  Either way, you'll be compensated for any of the flowers that you bring to my elder."

>Ask aelotoi about rumor woods
Ceha says, "We were invited to Rumor Woods to help the Lady Diriko, but found the amazing garden while setting up in sight of the tourney.  It is just down these steps and much more temperate than it is here.  But, out of respect for the pixie, we only play there and don't linger."

>Ask aelotoi about morning glory
Ceha says, "My elder is just in there."  She points to a colorful canvas enclosure.  "She can answer any of your questions about the morning glory."

>Ask aelotoi about reward
Ceha says, "My elder is just in there."  She points to a colorful canvas enclosure.  "She can answer any of your questions about rewards."

A thin aelotoi elder (inside enclosure)

>Describe elder
Platinum streaks slip through Eyaeno's russet brown hair, which is drawn back into a loose chignon at the nape of her neck.  Crow's feet stand out at the corners of her large eyes, while a ready smile is equally as graced by the wrinkles of time.  Barely visible, her wings of taupe and violet are swaddled in a bright red fleece.

>Ask elder about Liraflyswn
Smiling slowly, Eyaeno says, "Lady Diriko invited us here.  Had she not, then we'd never have found the mountainside garden with all of its wonders.  And the mischievous pixie that calls the garden her own enjoys playing with the younger ones.  She shares the flowers that are in there, and us elders, who are too old to be chasing her, pay raikhen for the finds."

>Ask elder about pixie
Eyaeno says, "She will not share her name, but she's the guardian of the mountainside garden.  She's playful and wily, but she's good spirited.  She enjoys the chase, but if you are careful and OBSERVE her, then you might be able to TRACK her movements and find her.  If you do, she'll gift you with a rare flower.  But trust me, you won't catch her for long."

>Ask elder about flowers
Eyaeno says, "There are all manner of flowers in the garden, and the pixie will stuff them in your hand if you aren't fast enough to catch her.  They are all lovely and as a result, we will buy them from you.  The rhododendrons, clematis, hydrangea, and laurel are pretty common, but they still pay, and the sweetspire, arnica, cattail, and azalea will get you a better price.  If you are lucky, then the pixie will give you an astrantia, which is highly prized in our community." 

>Ask elder about payout
Eyaeno explains, "We pay raikhen and offer a flyrsilk sack with a small trinket for your efforts, such as guild voucher packs, feather-shaped charms, pallid grey salve, and few others things.  If you're lucky, you could end up with an enameled morning glory."

>Ask elder about morning glory
Eyaeno explains, "If you're lucky enough to get a morning glory, you'll be able to call a dragonfly to be your own.  The morning glory is quite rare, and the person who calls the dragonfly for the first time will own it forever."

Additional Information

There are berries you can eat!

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