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Possession is a status effect which causes the victim to lose control of their actions and some degree of awareness, and attack other player characters. This can be inflicted by the Oculoth, as well as the foul mists of the Bleaklands, which has bleedthrough and oculoths from the Shadow Realm. The success of the possession is determined by a variety of unknown factors, which determine not only success, but length of possession as well. It is also possible to use the spell Remove Curse (315) to break the possession. A character under the effect of possession will, when looked at, display the following message in their description: "S/he has a strange, vacant look in his/her eyes, and his/her face ripples with pulsating veins of blackness as they writhe back and forth like dying worms within his/her flesh".

Logs of Possession

Being Possessed

Oculoth: First Person

The massive eye in the center of a massive tenebrous oculoth's shadowy mass suddenly stares straight at you, and you find the surroundings becoming blacker and blacker, the only thing visible in the ever-darkening void is the slitted eye of the oculoth, its iris flaring with scarlet wisps of energy. 

The eye is all you can see, and then suddenly, the oculoth's body explodes, its shadowy skin filling the entirety of the world, like a blanket of eternally staring eyes that swallows up everything. As the eyes stare at you, unblinking, you find your body stiffening. And then, in perfect unison, each eye closes, leaving you alone in a cold, lifeless void. Voices filter in faintly, but all you can glimpse is blackness... 

Bleaklands: Third Person

A blast of foul-smelling mist erupts from a small fissure in the ground and strikes XXXXX's face and seeps into him!

What the Victim Sees

You are in a deep darkness, lost and confused... you can dimly sense the world around you, and voices filter in faintly. Awash in the void, you fight to regain control once again. 
Obvious exits: none 

Attacking Another Person

You're forced to your feet by the force within you! 
You swing a closed fist at Blarg! 
AS: +22 vs DS: -29 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +28 = +104
  ... and hit for 1 point of damage!
  Blow glances off Blarg's shoulder.

Voraviel jerkily stands upright like a puppet on strings. Voraviel claws at the air at something unseen, screaming like a wildman! 
Voraviel suddenly screams in a mix of pain and rage as his eyes bleed with rippling hues! Voraviel swings a closed fist at you! 
AS: +22 vs DS: -29 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +28 = +104
  ... and hits for 1 point of damage!
  Blow glances off your shoulder.

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