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A Premium GemStone IV subscriber is awarded 100 Premium Points per month as a loyalty reward (often referred to as PPs). Current number of Premium Points on any account may be seen using PREMIUM START. These points can be used to purchase many different Premium Long-term Benefits. See the Benefits page for official descriptions of services. This page will maintain costs and various notes.

Points can be exchanged for services including scripted items, alteration scrolls, an autoscripter, lightening or deepening of one item, type-ahead lines, enhancive items, custom scripting, adding flares to armor, weapons, and armor accessories, enchanting services, adding critical or damage padding to armor and a society reset option.

Players often sell their PPs for silvers. In these transactions the purchaser will have to give the seller the item as well as silvers so it is imperative that the seller be reputable. The average conversion range is approximately 4,000-6,000 silvers per PP. Larger blocks of PPs earn more silvers per point than smaller blocks, as they will be used for rarer or otherwise impossible to get services.

The range provided is based on a consensus of players in June 2015 and is only meant to give a general idea, not a firm price.

Premium Point Benefit/Cost Table

Additionally, pricing information is available in game by typing PREMIUM 9.

Benefit Premium Point Cost
Pre-scripted giftshop item 300 points
Alteration 300 points
Autoscripter 100 points
Lighten one item (amount of lightening varies by item) 100 points
Deepen one item (deepening is approximately 10% of current item) 100 points
Checkbook 600 points
One type-ahead line (Fountains located on Four Winds Isle) 900 points
Feature Changing Masks (one feature line; a plain porcelain mask in Shear Delight) 400 points
Premium titles 600 points
Level 1 or 2 enhancive item (see Premium enhancive) 1800 points
Level 3 or 4 enhancive item (see Premium enhancive) 2400 points
Society reset (amnesty parchment) 2000 points
EZ script 1200 points (first action), 600 points (each additional action)
*if your item has been EZ Scripted using different means, it is 600 for each additional action
Flares (heat, cold, electric, impact, or vacuum; for runestaves, mana(to a max of x2) or acuity(to a max of x4) are also available) Base 300 points + 300 points per enchant + surcharges.
Enchanting plain item (+5 added) with a starting enchant bonus of 0 to +15 300 + (300 * trunc((current plus + 4) / 5)))
Enchanting plain item (+5 added) with a starting enchant bonus of +16 to +45 1200 + (400 * trunc((current plus - 11) / 5)))
Spiked items for any enchanting, padding, or flaring service 600 point surcharge
Ensorcelled items for any enchanting, padding, or flaring service 200 point per tier surcharge
Enchanting flared or (non-fluff) simple scripted item 600 point surcharge
Enchanting (non-fluff) complex scripted item 1200 point surcharge
Enchanting a TD boosting, defender, padded or weighted item Bonus level * 100 points
Enchanting claidhmore (new style only) (40 points + (2 * Final Enchant Bonus)) * 100
Heavy (150 services, 10 point combat effectiveness) Critical or Damage Padding (3200 + (Enchant over 20 * 100)) + surcharges
Custom Tattoo (PLATINUM ONLY) 400 points
Single Premium home Item Alteration (PLATINUM ONLY) 600 points
Mayhem Tattoo (PLATINUM ONLY) 900 points
Enhancive Stripping (applies to stripping 1 enhancive property from any item) (PLATINUM ONLY) 500 points

Additional Notes

  • Always use PCALC to get an estimate on the cost.
  • Negatively enchanted items must be brought up to zero via normal means. For example: 500 points to bring a -10 item to -5, then another 500 points to bring -5 item to zero, then normal costs as described above.
  • If the item has flares or special scripting (non-fluff), add 600 to the cost. If the item has padding or weighting, add (level padding/weighting) * 100 to the cost. If the item is a Defender item, add defender level bonus * 100 to the cost. If the item gives a bonus to TD, add TD bonus * 100 to the cost.
  • Zelnorn carries the flaring surcharge. The new enchant will be based on the total AS + DS bonus and the +5 will be split between those qualities.
  • For TD boosting items only the base enchant can be increased, not the TD bonus.
  • For defender items, the defender bonus should be treated the same as TD as far as calculating the cost. The defender bonus prevents flares from being added.
  • Resistance items with positive benefits cost 500 points per 10% resistance (rounded up). For items with multiple resistance types, add the resistance bonuses before applying this factor. Thus, (Sum of Resistance Bonuses (offset for penalties) / 10) * 500 points.
  • Enchanting, Flaring, or Padding an Enhancive item will incur an additional premium point surcharge. The surcharge is: (Cost for Adventurer's Guild to recharge item) * (Enchant bonus of item) / 250. In the case of enchanting, the final enchant bonus of the item is used to calculate the surcharge, rather than the current bonus. Fusion items are considered enhancive items for this purpose. Empty fusion items are treated as costing 9000 to recharge. For instance, enchanting a set of +30 fusion armor without orbs to +35 would result in a surcharge of 1260 points, while padding or flaring the same set of +30 armor would result in a 1080 point surcharge.
  • Temporary Enhancements do not incur any extra charges.
  • Paladin-bonded weapons should not incur any extra charges, but may calculate as such. Include the fact that it is bonded in the scroll.

Functional Script Surcharges

Complex scripts include, but are not limited to, Ithziri armor, Voln armor, and NerveStaves and have a flat 1200 point complex script surcharge.

Everything else (functional) is considered simple and has a 600 point simple script surcharge.

Fusion is still treated as separate from other functional scripts (see Additional Notes above).


  • Not enough points. Use PREMIUM START to see how many points you have, and use the equations in PREMIUM 9 or PCALC to help you calculate. You may need to send a message to Sadie to confirm the point cost.
  • Once you've chosen WRITE ACCEPT, your item should be delivered in the next 10 minutes or so. If that doesn't happen, it's stuck and you need to ASSIST in game and speak with a GameHost or GameMaster.

Precalculated Premium Benefit Costs

Adding Flares

Options: Heat, Cold, Electric, Acid, Impact, Vacuum)

  • Flare 0x (+0) item = 300
  • Flare 1x (+5) item = 600
  • Flare 2x (+10) item = 900
  • Flare 3x (+15) item = 1200
  • Flare 4x (+20) item = 1500
  • Flare 5x (+25) item = 1800
  • Flare 6x (+30) item = 2100
  • Flare 7x (+35) item = 2400
  • Flare 8x (+40) item = 2700
  • Flare 9x (+45) item = 3000
  • Flare 10x (+50)item = 3300

Note: Partial enchants round up

Adding Heavy Critical or Damage Padding

  • Pad 0x (+0) Armor = 3200
  • Pad 1x (+5) Armor = 3200
  • Pad 2x (+10) Armor = 3200
  • Pad 3x (+15) Armor = 3200
  • Pad 4x (+20) Armor = 3200
  • Pad 5x (+25) Armor = 3700
  • Pad 6x (+30) Armor = 4200
  • Pad 7x (+35) Armor = 4700
  • Pad 8x (+40) Armor = 5200
  • Pad 9x (+45) Armor = 5700
  • Pad 10x (+50) Armor = 6200

Enchanting Item (Base Cost)

  • Enchant 0x to 1x = 300
  • Enchant 1x to 2x = 600
  • Enchant 2x to 3x = 900
  • Enchant 3x to 4x = 1200
  • Enchant 4x to 5x = 1600
  • Enchant 5x to 6x = 2000
  • Enchant 6x to 7x = 2400
  • Enchant 7x to 8x = 2800
  • Enchant 8x to 9x = 3200
  • Enchant 9x to 10x = 3600

Enchanting Item with Spikes, Flares or Scripts (non-fluff)

  • Enchant 0x to 1x = 900
  • Enchant 1x to 2x = 1200
  • Enchant 2x to 3x = 1500
  • Enchant 3x to 4x = 1800
  • Enchant 4x to 5x = 2200
  • Enchant 5x to 6x = 2600
  • Enchant 6x to 7x = 3000
  • Enchant 7x to 8x = 3400
  • Enchant 8x to 9x = 3800
  • Enchant 9x to 10x = 4200

Enchanting Padded Armor

The cost to enchant padded armor is the enchanting base cost + (padding points * 100).

As an example, the premium point cost to enchant a set of heavy critical padded (HCP) armor with a current enchant bonus of +30 (6x) to +35 (7x) is:

Enchanting base cost: 2400
Heavy Padding: level 10
Additional cost per point of padding: 100

Total Cost: 2400 + (10 * 100) = 3400 premium points

Note: The terms padding level and padding points are used interchangeably.

Enchanting Claidhmore (New Style Only)

  • Enchant 0x to 1x = 5000
  • Enchant 1x to 2x = 6000
  • Enchant 2x to 3x = 7000
  • Enchant 3x to 4x = 8000
  • Enchant 4x to 5x = 9000
  • Enchant 5x to 6x = 10000
  • Enchant 6x to 7x = 11000
  • Enchant 7x to 8x = 12000
  • Enchant 8x to 9x = 13000
  • Enchant 9x to 10x = 14000