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Roleplaying awards (RPAs) may be given directly by GameMasters (GMs) to characters as a reward for roleplaying. They also sometimes appear as a shimmering <color> orb in giftboxes or as treasure in different events. These orbs may be either account-bound or transferable to another character who can use the orb to apply the corresponding experience award. The levels for GM-given experience awards and for the orbs are exactly the same.

There are two forms of roleplaying experience awards: modifier, which appears as a fixed amount of field experience added to the field experience pool in conjunction with a 1.5-4x multiplier to experience absorption that lasts until the total base experience set by the modifier type is reached, and flat, where only a fixed amount of field experience is added to the field experience pool to be absorbed without a modifier.

Players can nominate another player's character for displaying excellent roleplaying via the ROLEPLAY NOMINATE verb.

Roleplay Award Messaging

When a GM assigns a roleplaying award to a character, the character will receive one of a random selection of messaging. Messaging does not indicate the type or amount of the RPA award. Examples of messaging when RPA is received:

You take a deep breath, and look around with renewed vigor.  It is good to be alive, and an adventurer in this land.
With a sudden flash of insight, you realize you now understand more of what you have experienced.....
An old memory bubbles up from your past, and causes you to reflect a moment.  With a flash of insight, you realize you understand yourself a bit better than you did a moment ago.  The sudden feeling of self-knowledge is a pleasant one.

To view whether or not a character has an active RPA experience multiplier, use the EXP command and look for a line that says, "Your recent adventures echo powerfully in your mind." An RPA experience multiplier is active when that line can be seen below the mind status line (e.g. "Your mind is numbed."). Since RPAs are separate from (and multiplier RPAs can be stacked with) the Gift of Lumnis, if a character has an RPA active during Gift of Lumnis, the experience multiplier notification will be below the Lumnis messaging. For example:

Your mind is numbed.

You feel a strange sense of serenity and find that you are able to reflect on recent events with uncommon clarity and understanding.

Your recent adventures echo powerfully in your mind.

There is no message for when a multiplier degrades or when it expires.

Roleplaying Experience Award Levels

Award Description Orb Color Field Exp Starting Multiplier Base Exp Absorbed Bonus Exp Absorbed Total Exp Absorbed
Flat, Level One Black 250 --- --- --- ---
Flat, Level Two Red 500 --- --- --- ---
Flat, Level Three Orange 750 --- --- --- ---
Flat, Level Four Yellow 1,000 --- --- --- ---
Modifier, Level One Green 250 1.5x 1,750 875 2,625
Modifier, Level Two Blue 500 2x 8,750 7,875 16,625
Modifier, Level Three Indigo 750 3x 15,750 21,875 37,625
Modifier, Level Four Violet 1,000 4x 22,750 42,875 65,625

Experience Modifiers

Like the Gift of Lumnis, modifiers are set to last for a fixed amount of experience and no longer expire after a certain passage of time. Doing activities that gain a relatively small amount of experience, such as guild activities, will not result in overall less experience being gained over the length of the award.

Modifiers start at the highest level of experience multiplier awarded but upon exhausting that amount of base experience absorption, the experience modification continues with the next lower level of multiplier. In other words, if a character is given a level four experience modifier (4x experience multiplier), they would be granted:

  • 1,000 field experience,
  • then absorb their next 7,000 base experience with the 4x experience multiplier (7,000 base and 21,000 bonus),
  • then 7,000 base experience with a 3x experience multiplier (7,000 base and 14,000 bonus),
  • then 7,000 base experience with a 2x experience multiplier (7,000 base and 7,000 bonus), and
  • then 1,750 base experience with a 1.5x experience multiplier (1,750 base and 875 bonus).

At the end of the level four modifier award, the individual would have received 22,750 base experience and 42,875 bonus experience for a total of 65,625 experience absorbed. See chart for amounts at each level of experience award.

When a GM wants to award a player an experience multiplier RPA, but the player already has one active, one of two things could happen. If the player has a lower multiplier RPA active and the GM is awarding a higher multiplier, the higher multiplier will overwrite the lower award. If the player has a higher multiplier active than the GM was intended to award, it is unlikely the award will be applied, and it will not count for the Ascension Skill System milestone.

Roleplaying Awards Explained

[T]alking about RPA's and essentially asking for them is the quickest way to make a GM not give them. In fact, many months ago I banned them entirely because 90+ people were showing up to events, with only 30 people talking, the others waiting on a mass RPA. In fact I have a tool now that I can single out people who are truly putting forth the effort in a room, so I can mass RPA them at the end and wash over those looking for a participation trophy. I don't mean to sound cruel, but if you're expecting an RPA from an event, mine or anyone's, then some reflection may be in order, because that's not what it should be about. The comparison to paying to see a movie, and the ushers delaying it, isn't really a good one at that. GameMasters, for all intents and purposes, are volunteers ... It's a labor of love. I wouldn't spend the hours I do in this game, online or offline if I didn't love every second of it. I don't do it for the money. Just like you shouldn't show up for an RPA, or expect one if expectations aren't on par.

-GM Kenstrom (May 2017)

GameMasters are continually on the lookout for instances of good roleplaying. If someone is observed roleplaying well, the GameMaster may give an immediate award of fame and experience, as well as a multiplier which will affect all fame and experience absorbed for the next several hours. The better and more consistent your roleplaying, the more likely you are to be observed, and the higher the multiplier which will be awarded. Multipliers decrease naturally over time -- a low multiplier may only last for one hour, but higher multipliers can last for several hours.

The duration of a multiplier will only be decremented while it has an effect on your field experience. In other words, if you wish to roleplay in town while your mind is "clear as a bell," this will have no effect on the multiplier's duration -- the timer only counts down while you actually have some experience to absorb.

If you choose not to roleplay, or to be out of character, this will never have a negative effect on your experience or fame -- you will continue to earn and absorb experience at the normal rate. Roleplaying experience and multipliers are only intended as a bonus for good roleplayers, and not as a requirement for play. However, If you do have a multiplier then "out of character" behavior may result in the loss of this multiplier and your return to a "normal" rate of experience absorption.

It is understood that there are times when it is necessary to discuss things in an "out of character" manner, such as when explaining combat and/or spell techniques to a new player. Therefore, GameMasters will use judgment in such situations, and will not generally clear a multiplier for this type of behavior. If, however, your character is faced with an extremely out of character situation, and yet still manages to roleplay well under the circumstances, this can lead to an even higher award than usual.

Occasionally, a player will receive a roleplaying award when, to their perspective, they were doing nothing at all. Though many roleplaying awards are given 'on the spot' some are simply noted and awarded at a later date and time.

GameMasters do have limits to their time and attention, so just because you are roleplaying well in a particular instance, this is no guarantee that you will be observed and/or awarded. But GameMasters are on the lookout for good roleplayers. The best approach to receive an award is simply to roleplay consistently, no matter what the situation. Do your best, and you will reap the benefits.


Players should ROLEPLAY NOMINATE each other before an event begins or at least before the roleplaying ends. Every GM that is logged into that instance will see the messaging, unless it gets lost in their screen scroll.

Any GM could look into what's going on and possibly grant a RPA.


    ROLEPLAY NOMINATE <name> <reason>       - To nominate someone currently engaged in excellent roleplaying.
    ROLEPLAY SILENTNOMINATE <name> <reason> - To silently nominate someone currently engaged in excellent
                                              roleplaying without messaging the player.
    ROLEPLAY COMMEND <name>                 - To anonymously acknowledge the player's roleplaying, without
                                              alerting the GameMasters.

The ROLEPLAY verb is intended to be used as a communication tool to let the GemStone IV GameMasters know when roleplaying is currently happening and to highlight players who stay in-character.

You may nominate up to 5 people every 5 minutes before nominating anyone else.  You may nominate the same person once every 15 minutes.

You have previously been awarded XXX flat Roleplaying Awards and XXX full Roleplaying Awards.
You are nominating Wyrom for good roleplaying for the following reason: "He's currently telling an in character story to a small group of people."
You feel recognized by your fellow adventurers for your recent actions.