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Raerselim is one of the Ta'Vaalor guardsmen posted at the Amaranth Gate, the northwestern gate of the city of Ta'Vaalor.

Behind the Scenes

The Ta'Vaalor guardsmen were updated on 07/19/2008 to have names and different personalities. Prior to that they were nameless and identical.


Raerselim is advanced in years, is rather short, and fidgets and fiddles constantly. His cropped blonde hair stands in contrast with his amber eyes. Raerselim is dressed in a dark red coat trimmed with bright gold piping, which also has one broad gold stripe across the left arm. His pants are a matching red with the cuffs tucked into knee-high dark leather boots.

Random room messaging

Appearing lost in thought, Raerselim clenches his fist angrily and pounds it against his thigh.

Noticing Raerselim's scowl, Nailanna says to Raerselim, "Keep that chin up, soldier. Look to the future, not the past." With that reminder, Raerselim nods slightly and continues her vigilant scanning of the surroundings.

Raerselim absently taps the pommel of his sword while studying the area around him.

Raerselim begins to fiddle with the buttons of his uniform. Noticing Nailanna's pointed glance, he hands snap down to his side as he blushes slightly.

Raerselim narrows his eyes as he gazes out at something in the distance.

Raerselim adjusts his equipment and frowns at nothing in particular.

Raerselim gives you a suspicious glance. (Dwarven)
Raerselim gives you a speculative glance. (Vaalor Elf)

Raerselim checks the edge on his weapon.

Raerselim glances about at his surroundings.

Raerselim shifts his weight.

Raerselim yawns.

Interaction messaging

Interaction messaging is taken from the view of a Vaalor elf and citizen of Ta'Vaalor.

>bow Raerselim
You bow to Raerselim. He bows grandly in return.

>curtsy Raerselim
You curtsy to Raerselim. He bows grandly in return.

>greet Raerselim
You nod to Raerselim in greeting, who loudly exclaims, "Greetings!" in return.

>salute Raerselim
You salute Raerselim, who snaps to attention and returns the salute with a grin.

>smile Raerselim
You smile at Raerselim. He smiles in return and bellows, "Greetings!"

>wave Raerselim
You wave to Raerselim. He loudly exclaims, "Hello" in return.