Raging Thrak Inn

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The Raging Thrak Inn, located in Town Square, Northwest, is the most iconic establishment in Wehnimer's Landing. It has the distinction of being the first inn visited in the career of many adventurers. From time to time, when the town is invaded and the safety of town square is in question, the entry way of the inn has been used as a triage site for the dead and wounded.


Several private* tables may be found in the ground floor dining room. (*According to Simutronics policy, tables are now considered non-private and are subject to monitoring.)

No restaurant is available on site, but the grocer's shop is just around the corner and provides sufficient food for traveler's. There is also a barroom and a trophy room, the latter of which is a super node. The warrior Raging Thrak keeps his own booth in a corner of the trophy room, dispensing advice to newcomers to the area.

Upstairs from the check in desk are guest rooms - some well-appointed with latchable doors, some not - as well as a meeting room and one private suite. From the second floor, there is access to a roof space that allows for a view of the town square below.