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The warrior Raging Thrak lives in the Raging Thrak Inn in Wehnimer's Landing and gives advice to new adventurers. His speech was updated in 2014 to reflect changes and new options. Even if you review the speech here, your character should still visit the Raging Thrak to receive the experience associated with the task. (The Thrak's Booth - Lich room #8722)

Icemule Trace has its own "Raging Thrak" in the form of Trevor Dabbings (Thirsty Penguin, Alcove - Lich room #9005), and Ta'Vaalor has Retired Airship Officer Tedrik (Malwith Inn, Casu's Cafe - Lich room #21223).

[The Thrak's Booth]
The smell of sour small beer assaults your nose as you enter this rather cramped and hot booth.  Half-cured pelts of exotic creatures line the walls and a chair made of yellowed troll king bones sits in a half shadow in one corner.  Seated in the chair is the ruined hulk of a man, his potbelly, bulbous red nose and cracked leather armor show that he has long since given up caring for his appearance.  You also see the warrior Raging Thrak that is sitting.
Obvious exits: out

>look at Thrak
You see the wreck of a once mighty warrior.  His nose has been reddened by years of drinking and his belly enlarged by a lack of activity.  A pocked pewter mug half-filled with small beer is held protectively in both hands.  A hint of intelligence can be seen in the grey eyes that have grown hazy with age.

>bow thrak
You bow to the warrior Raging Thrak.
The warrior Raging Thrak smiles and bows in return and says, "I see ya have already learned one of the proper forms of greeting here."

>curtsy thrak
You curtsy to the warrior Raging Thrak.
The warrior Raging Thrak smiles and bows in return and says, "I see ya have already learned one of the proper forms of greeting here."

>smile thrak
You smile at the warrior Raging Thrak.
The warrior Raging Thrak returns your smile as a spark of his old charm shows through.

Well, now, it seems we have another fresh young face right off the turnip farms come to town to be a hero.  Bein' a hero ain't all it's cracked up to be some days, but most of the time it's pretty excitin'.  Now, listen up and I'll give ya the benefit of my many years of wisdom, gleaned from the farthest corners of the lands and the brightest and best of the heroes of the past.

Bein' a hero in the lands has as much to do with how ya represent yourself as it does with how well ya can split a rolton head open with a claidhmore or a spell.  If ya show respect for your fellow adventurers and maintain a sense of style, you'll gain their respect for yourself.  If ya conduct yourself as a barbarian, ya can expect those around ya to treat ya as one.  Since you're in town now, I'll let ya know a little bit about what's expected of civilized folks in general within the town walls.

When ya first arrived at the crossroads of life, ya might have started on your way before ya finished listenin' ta the sprite that appeared on your shoulder.  With its help, as well as ADVICE and DIRECTIONs, ya can get a good start on your way ta becomin' the hero ya wanna be.  Some folks use URCHIN guides to help find basic places.  Ya can also use DIRECTIONS to find SILVERWOOD MANOR, where ya can ring the bell and ask a Mentor for help.  Remember that askin' questions is good, so long as ya take the time to learn so that ya can eventually make your own way in this life and go on to help others.

There are times when ya might be tempted to attack the first thing ya see.  Well, sometimes the first thing ya see is another adventurer, and they don't like bein' attacked any more than ya would like being attacked.  We have enough trouble fightin' the monsters in the surrounding lands without fightin' amongst each other, so it's best if ya restrain your urges ta kill your fellow adventurers.  Besides, killing someone in town is likely ta get the constable very upset, and he'll arrest ya and fine ya more money than ya ever saw on that turnip farm of yours.

Ya may also be tempted to pick up any items ya notice laying about on the ground.  While it's admirable that ya want ta help keep our little town clean, those items may belong to someone else who's either in the area or coming right back for them.  It's always best ta ask those around ya if something belongs ta someone before ya pick it up.  Also, NEVER drop your own items on the ground, cause they can get swiped up by someone else or, even worse, by the janitor-like magic that keeps the lands litter-free.  If ya truly want to throw an item away, use a trash barrel!

Somethin' else real important about your belongings and your INVENTORY: for your own items, if they're important to ya, be sure to REGISTER them.  Ya might even want to MARK them.  When stowin' gear, use MY, as in PUT MY CUPCAKE IN MY KNAPSACK, to prevent accidentally putting things in the wrong place!  For weapons, ya can also use STORE and SHEATH.  If you want to sell items or trade them for coins with other adventurers, always use EXCHANGE to make the trade.  All of these tips will help to keep your items safe from unexpected loss.

Speaking to those people around ya is a good way to gain information, but keep in mind that they each have their own goals here.  If they don't respond to your questions, don't yell at them.  Speaking IN ALL CAPS is considered yelling here.  It also doesn't help to include more than one ! when ya want to emphasize something.  Yelling, "I want a broadsword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" doesn't impress anyone.  Ya should also avoid using out-of-character chat acronyms like LOL, L8R, and OMG that can swiftly remove any feeling of character immersion, and in fact makes everyone wonder why ya didn't stay on the turnip farm.

When speaking aloud here, remember that you're in Wehnimer's Landing now, not on that turnip farm where ya can blithely discuss things like your character statistics numbers, the Super Bowl, or the hottest new computer hardware.  Those mystical terms are likely to get ya several glares from your fellow adventurers.  If ya wish to discuss those things, it's best to do so with one person by WHISPERing to them, and for them mystical, out-of-character mumbo jumbo things, try to WHISPER OOC.

Inevitably, you're gonna need help of some sort after a traipsing off into the wilds.  Once ya get back to town, if you're hurt, ya should check Town Square Central for empaths to heal your wounds.  In those same places, ya can also often find a cleric who can resurrect ya from the dead.

If you've got chests that need to be picked, rogues tend to make the Land Tower East, which is the eastern tower at Land's End Road, their base of operations.  (If you're a rogue yourself, remember NOT to pick in crowded areas where ya can blow everyone else up if ya fail to disarm a trap.)  In all cases, keep in mind that ya may have to wait your turn.  Remember to ask for help politely, and don't scream at anyone.  Also, try to tip for services where people are helpin' ya out.

If you're really in a fix and need quick help, there's also a permanent healer, cleric, and locksmith located in town, which ya can find with DIRECTIONs.  For other ways to get help with specific tasks, ya can always see about what SERVICE is available near ya, or ya can wear one of those pretty ESP crystal amulets that lets ya magically think thoughts to people who aren't right next to ya.  Just RUB the amulet, then THINK what ya want to say or take a look at ESP COMMANDS to see what ya want to do.  If ya meet individuals who ya think ya want to run into again, ya can try to BEFRIEND them.

Now, a few quick words about hunting.  First off, make sure ya get prepared before ya go out.  This means that if ya use a weapon or a shield, get 'em out.  If you're a spell-caster, make sure ya got mana.  Wear your armor!  When possible, get some defensive spells -- from yourself if ya can cast them, from your fellow adventurers in the Small Park of Town Square, or from magical items.  If you're unsure what you're holding, ya can GLANCE down at your hands to see.  If ya got stuff in the wrong hands, just SWAP them.  Last thing ya should do before ya go out into the wilds is check your STANCE to see if you're prepared to defend or to battle.  Ya can always get some STANCE HELP if ya ain't sure which stance ya want to be in.

If, when you're out in the wilds, a creature comes limping up ta ya, it usually means that someone else has attacked it and will be hot on its heels.  If they don't arrive within a few seconds, it's acceptable to finish off the creature.  If ya walk in on a fight, it's polite to ask the people there if they need help before ya just jump on in.  If the person in the fight is stunned, ya can either jump in the fight or try to drag them away.  Usually either is acceptable as long as ya let the person take over, if they wish, when they ain't stunned any more.

If ya want a different way of experiencin' the world that don't involve choosing your own way, ya might want to consider taking a trip (use those DIRECTIONS again) over to the Adventurer's Guild.  Find a taskmaster inside and then ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT BOUNTY to be assigned a task.  If ya complete the task, ya can earn experience, silvers, and other fancy items.  Try joinin' a House or a Meeting Hall.  There are societies that might take ya in, too, such as the Order of Voln, Guardians of Sunfist, or... well, I guess I can't give all of my secrets away, now can I?

Sometimes ya might find that there's something extra that ya want to do or get, like storage space in a locker, a reduction in the after-effects of death (what we here call Death's Sting), help with travel, or an access pass to a society or guild that ya might not otherwise be able to get into.  If any of those are the case, it's worth checkin' out what ya can get through SIMUCOIN, since ya might find something worthwhile for ya there.

Last, but not least, it's important to take time to enjoy yourself and explore the world around ya.  There's always somethin' going on, from merchants visiting to town invasions to the stories that unfold within the many groups of adventurers all over Elanthia.  No matter what ya choose, there's history everywhere, and ya always got a chance to be a part of that history if ya listen and interact with others, pay attention to the world around ya, and stay true to your character.

Well, I think that's the extent of my wisdom for today; the rest you'll have to discover on your own.  But this should be enough to make sure ya turnip farmers don't annoy some Lord or Lady to the point where they wanna blast ya out of your muddy boots.  And trust me, ya don't want that!  Now, let's see if ya remember anything I just told ya.

The warrior Raging Thrak rasps, "I will now ask you a few short questions regarding what you have just learned.  Answer all of them correctly and you shall be amply rewarded. Miss any of them and perhaps you should come back and listen better next time.  Remember to state your answer in the form of ANSWER 1-3 or ANSWER T/F."

What word should you always use when putting something in your backpack?

 1.  Yeehaw.
 2.  Your.
 3.  My.

>answer 3

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

When walking around, you should assume that things on the ground are yours for the taking.  (T/F)

>answer f

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

Your things are perfectly safe if you leave them lying on the ground, even momentarily.  (T/F)

>answer f

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

When out hunting, if you come across someone who is in the midst of battle but is stunned, you should:

 1.  Immediately take any treasure laying on the ground and make a run for it.
 2.  Help the person out until they are able to resume fighting, then resume your own hunt.
 3.  Laugh at the person while you kill all of the creatures, and then leave while the person is still stunned.

>answer 2

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

Which of the following is an unacceptable end to a spoken sentence?

 1.  .
 2.  ?
 3.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>answer 3

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

When looking for an adventurer who can assist you with spelling up, lockpicking, or loresinging, an efficient way to search is via:

 3.  GLANCE.

>answer 1

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

If you want to earn experience, silvers, and items through task-based bounties, you should visit the taskmaster at:

 1.  The Adventurer's Guild.
 2.  The Order of Voln.
 3.  Helga's Tavern.

>answer 1

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

When you happen across a group fighting a lone orc should you:

 1.  Jump right on into the fray.
 2.  Ask if the group would like help.
 3.  Scoop up all the treasure you can while everyone else is busy fighting.

>answer 2

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

If you have an item that is important to you, what you should do to it?:

 1.  Take it to the town healer.
 2.  REGISTER it.
 3.  GLANCE at it.

>answer 2

The warrior Raging Thrak exclaims, "That is correct!"

When you are in town and need healing where should you check for empaths?

 1.  Town Square Central.
 2.  The Blacksmith's.
 3.  The Museum.

>answer 1

The warrior Raging Thrak looks impressed.  "Congratulations," he tells you, "You have learned our ways well.  As a reward for your diligence you may notice you have learned much here.  Go forth now and practice what you have learned."

You are gently escorted out by the warrior Raging Thrak.

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