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Category: Suggestions & Ideas for Improvement
Topic: Ranged Weapons Ideas and Suggestions
Message #: (Unknown)
Author: Cyper (GS3-CYPER)
Date: Aug 23, 1997 23:23:39
Subject: (Unknown)

Well, Ranged weapons were sold at the auction tonight, while these weapons are definitely unique, I thought I could comment on them a little and answer some of the questions.

Missle weapons use your De as the modifier stat.
Thrown weapons use the average of your De and St as the modifier stat.

No, arrows and crossbow bolts will suck against undead that are immune to punctures, that is all that they do when fired. Sling stone/bullets on the other hand do nothing but krushing damage.

If a ranged weapon is enchanced other than by the E-Blade spell or Magic Edge spell, the magical bonus helps the missle in flight hit the target. If the arrow itself is enhanced with any spell, including the ones excluded for the ranged weapon, it helps them hit. However, I am mean, currently, it is one magic edge spell or one e-blade per missle.

Ranged weapons do not need to be blessed to hurt undead, the missles must be blessed or holy. Same as above, each bless works on one missle.

Magical bonuses of ranged weapons do combine, with some extra rules. Weapon + missle is truncated high at +50, so a +30 bow shooting a +30 arrow would see a +50 adder to the AS of the shooter. The total plus can never be higher than double the level of the shooter, example, a 10th level ranger is shooting a +15 bow with +15 arrows, even though he can safely handle both, their combined bonus when shot by him would only be +20, not until he was 15th level, would he see the full bonus of +30 from the combined magic.

Hiding ans shooting is something Banthis and I call "Sniping". If you shoot a missle weapon from hiding, depending on your skill and other factors, you may in fact remain hidden. Currently, there is a 5 second RT adder for this, so knocking an arrow, firing the bow and remaining in hiding would be a 12 second RT. The diffierence with regard to melee is encum does not play into the RT of missle weapons. Also, to tease a little as no crossbows have been release, there is a 2 second RT for shooting a crossbow, the time factor is in cocking it and loading it before you can fire it.

I hope that answered most the of the pending question, I will keep my nose in here a bit to answer any other's that don't appear obvious :)


Category: Suggestions & Ideas for Improvement
Topic: Ranged Weapons Ideas and Suggestions
Message #: (Unknown)
Author: Banthis (GS3-BANTHIS)
Date: Aug 25, 1997 22:59:06
Subject: (Unknown)

Well that sounds like fun, but no that's not how it's done. It is very simple.

Fire <missile weapon> at <target>.
- A skill check vs. your hiding skill [with accompanying modifiers] is
  done.  If that check fails, you fall out of hiding at this point.
- Weapon fires a missile at target.
You're in roundtime, either still hidden, or not.

Remember at this point there is no aiming of missile weapons. To implement that feature is going to be a bit of a bear. What I might try to do is to include an accompanying AIM verb, to set aiming preferences such as:

>aim left eye
 You are now aiming for the left eye on all targets.
>fire bow at orc
 You fire your yadda yadda... 
 combat stuff here
 location message here... [at this point you'd find out if your aim was true]

or something similar. If the body part you're aiming for is gone, you'd default to not aiming.