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Map of the Fortress Defense, Empyrean Tower and Base Camp zones.

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The Consortium of Ethereal Magic was formed to help study and further understand Reim and the mysteries within. The Consortium operates out of a mysterious structure in an unknown region known as, the Empyrean Tower. The Consortium is conducting a new series of research that involves placing a Crystal Pylon within the heart of Fortresses within Reim. However, they lack the power to defend themselves while conducting said research. It is your job, with up to 5 of your friends, to protect the pylon at all costs!

You will be able to find a new portal at the south end of the Reim Base Camp to gain admittance to the Empyrean Tower. Once inside the tower you will be able to join forces with other adventurers and seek out chambers. Once inside a chamber, prepare yourselves and initiate the QUEST by going through the portal. The instance scales to the highest level person in the party, and by the number of participants. Players can hang around and get a brief summary of how the event works or proceed in. Players will have 3 minutes to get ready for the upcoming defense. Once the portal is opened, the chamber outside will close, barring further access to stragglers. After the 3 minutes is up, the portal will also stop allowing players to enter.

The event itself lasts for 30 minutes and will spawn waves of creatures whenever the players finish the previous waves. Waves come from 4 directions, 4 gates, and the waves increase in difficulty per round. Each wave, there is a small chance a sapper will spawn, these sappers race for the core and blow themselves up, damaging the core and any players nearby. Once every five waves, a Boss will spawn from a new and exciting array of denizens. You will also need to defend yourselves against the onslaught of catapult fire from the attackers.

Supplies and Traps

You will be able to SEARCH the supplies rooms within the quest. You and your party will be able to search both rooms once every few minutes. This will give you traps you can use against the creatures.

Traps include:

Plasma Trap - Damages everything in the room after a short period.
Fire Trap - Damages everything in the room after a short period.
Immobilize Trap - Immobilizes everything in the room after a short period.
Bucket of Tar - Used in Cauldrons, can be pushed on creatures in the room below.
Barricade - The barricades can be placed near a gate to block all creatures from advancing from this direction.

You will be able to LOOK at the traps to determine how to use them. Alternatively, PUSH them.

Success or Fail

If all players die, the quest will end. If the pylon takes 20 points of damage, the quest will end. If players make it 30 minutes, they win. Scoring is handled based on a number of factors and includes randomization. At this time, you will be rewarded with Reim Scrip and Reim Reputation. You will also be able to earn exciting new titles and achievements. Track and compare your results and hard work!


Entry is handled by using the same Reim Orbs used for entering the Settlement. You can also use your "freemium" access if you are Premium once a day.


Special thanks to the fantastic GMs who have helped on this project.

Haliste, Elidi, Thandiwe, Necios, Tamuz, Kynlee, Elidi, Mazreth, Coase, Wyrom, Modrian, Sleken, Kaikala