Relegan's Fletcher Shop

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Relegan's Fletcher Shop is the fletcher shop in River's Rest. It is located in a tree house south of the Sanctuary or across the footbridge near the Captain's Quarters.

[Relegan's Fletcher Shop]
Small intertwined branches make up the walls of this small workshop. Carved from the stump of a haon tree, a counter sits in the middle of the room, partially covered in woodshavings and cut feathers. Lining the walls are shelves which hold bows and crossbows, a dark curtain situated between two of them. You also see an oaken barrel and the bowyer Relegan.


Welcome to Relegan's Fletcher Shop!
Relegan offers his catalog to browse.
Relegan exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

  1. a short bow                           21. a thin black paintstick
  2. a composite bow                       22. a thin blue paintstick
  3. a long bow                            23. a thin green paintstick
  4. a light crossbow                      24. a thin red paintstick
  5. a heavy crossbow                      25. a thin white paintstick
  6. a wooden arrow                        26. a thin yellow paintstick
  7. a bundle of wooden arrows             27. an ora ivory-handled drill
  8. a wooden light crossbow bolt          28. a steel triangle-bladed arrowhead
  9. a bundle of light crossbow bolts      29. a steel triangle-bladed cap 
  10. a wooden heavy crossbow bolt         30. a mithril four-bladed arrowhead
  11. a bundle of heavy crossbow bolts     31. a mithril four-bladed cap 
  12. a back quiver                        32. an ora bodkin arrowhead
  13. a belt quiver                        33. an ora bodkin cap 
  14. a jade-handled fletching razor       34. an imflass broadhead arrowhead
  15. a bottle of fletching glue           35. an imflass broadhead cap
  16. a bundle of fletchings               36. a vultite conical arrowhead
  17. a bundle of dingy grey fletchings    37. a vultite conical cap
  18. a bundle of plain white fletchings   38. a stick of wood
  19. a bundle of light brown fletchings   39. a branch of wood
  20. a vial of paint                      40. a limb of wood

  Backroom Catalog
  41. a stick of carmiln wood     53. a stick of kakore wood
  42. a branch of carmiln wood    54. a branch of kakore wood
  43. a limb of carmiln wood      55. a limb of kakore wood
  44. a stick of deringo wood     56. a stick of mesille wood
  45. a branch of deringo wood    57. a branch of mesille wood
  46. a limb of deringo wood      58. a limb of mesille wood
  47. a stick of faewood wood     59. a stick of rowan wood
  48. a branch of faewood wood    60. a branch of rowan wood
  49. a limb of faewood wood      61. a limb of rowan wood
  50. a stick of ironwood wood    62. a stick of villswood wood
  51. a branch of ironwood wood   63. a branch of villswood wood
  52. a limb of ironwood wood     64. a limb of villswood wood


Colors available for some items:

  1. bright golden         9. charcoal grey         17. dull black
  2. fiery orange          10. icy blue             18. inky black
  3. bright yellow         11. midnight blue        19. forest green
  4. dark russet           12. dusky blue           20. hunter green
  5. dark brown            13. silvery white        21. dark green
  6. silvery grey          14. bone white           22. blood red
  7. twilight grey         15. pure white           23. glossy red
  8. storm grey            16. glossy black         24. dull red

Materials available for some items:

  1. ash                   6. maple                 11. mossbark
  2. fel                   7. elm                   12. ruic
  3. monir                 8. hazelwood             13. carmiln
  4. oak                   9. haon                  14. deringo
  5. yew                   10. maoral