Return to Sunder - 2016-03-26 - The Trial of Redding (log)

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Transcribed by Aydan.


Lady Casiphia showed up this evening and told us that Chaston would be conducting a trial for Lord Redding. She obtained a means of allowing the trial to be viewed from afar. This is a log of the trial itself.

Disean puts him on trial and then burns Redding to death.


Disean twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Disean gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

The gathered townspeople look off down the road, as a precession of more white-armored soldiers come marching into view.

As the white armored crusaders join the others among them, some more soldiers march into view, most of them wearing crisp tabards with two black towers on a field of dark green. Standing out among them, are two Hendoran soldiers.

The white-robed priest is seen speaking among some of the other townspeople, while many look on with nervousness, and others with anger.

>Look chast.

At the end of the column of imperial soldiers, another man steps into view. He is a tall human, with smooth tanned skin and short, cropped golden-brown hair shaved at the temples. He is broad of shoulders and a golden silk cape billows out from behind him. The moonlight above is split in half from the towering citadel, casting a half-glow of light on him as he approaches, his other half obscured in the shadow of night. Soon he steps fully into view, his golden eyes glowing like the amber light of dawn.

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Many of the gathered townspeople turn their eyes to Chaston, bowing or nodding in reverence. Some offer high praise, just short of falling down and worshipping him.

Soon, many in the crowd begin to chant "Chaston! Hail to the hand of Koar!"

Some within the crowd offer up prayers, "May you forever walk in the light. May you forever walk in the light."

Some of the imperial soldiers look less than entertained. One of the Hendoran soldiers slowly brings his hand to the hilt of his sheathed sword.

Chaston raises his hand, and almost immediately the crowd goes silent. He smiles, his golden eyes sparkling with an almost piercing light, the backdrop of the night, and the Demonwall behind him.

Chaston moves to stand near Disean.

Disean looks down, nervous, uncomfortable. Chaston places a hand on his shoulder, and Disean lifts his face to the crowd.

Chaston says, "Thank you all, for your witness in this late hour, in this dark hour."

Chaston says, "As you all know, the region has been recently shocked to learn of a cult of Luukosians operating in the area. It was this revelation, that led
the Blameless here, to dispatch the wicked minions of the Father of Lies from this world."

Chaston says, "While we are no stranger to the evil of the serpent..."

Chaston says, "None of us could have expected to learn of the Luukosians secretly dealing with members of the Order of the Night's Blade, so-called followers of Ronan."

Many in the crowd gasp, some nodding as if this is now accepted information.

Chaston says, "The Order of the Night's Blade has a long history of virtue, and upholding the tenets of Liabo and Ronan, and has throughout time been an unwavering opponent to the darkness of Lornon."

Chaston says, "So let me be clear. We must not allow the folly of a few, to diminish the great works of the many, or tarnish the names of those not connected."

Chaston says, "The Order of the Night's Blade, is not our enemy. We must all learn to agree, and accept this."

Chaston says, "But, our enemy, is they who possess hearts of evil, regardless of what mask they wear."

Chaston says, "So it is all too often in these dark times, that our enemies lay in hiding, disguised by an mantle of light, but are wicked beneath."

Many in the crowd begin to shout, angry, shaking their hands and heads.

Chaston nods.

Chaston says, "Yes, I understand your anger. In truth, I understand your fear."

Chaston says, "That is why we must never lose sight of the God-King. We must never stray from him. For it is only through his divine light that we can truly decipher between enemy, and friend."

Chaston says, "The Blameless, are no stranger to your county now."

Chaston says, "They have devoted their life and minds to Koar. There are no truer soldiers of faith then they."

Chaston says, "In their attack against the Luukosians and Dark Ronanites, they were able to capture a leader of the Order of the Night's Blade. They call him Lord Redding."

Chaston says, "The Church has since investigated and interrogated this leader of the Dark Ronanites, and tonight, we shall undergo his trial, with all you as witness."

Chaston says, "Before we begin, Lord Redding shall be given a chance to repent of his sins against the God-King."

One of the Hendoran soldiers slowly moves up through the crowd, inching a little closer to the center.
Emerging from the shadow of the Citadel, two white-armored crusaders march into view, escorting a short human between them. The human has bright silvery-white eyes and a bald head, and a series of faint silver symbols cover his dusky skin. He is garbed in a heavy black robe.

Chaston grins at Redding.

Many in the crowd begin to jeer and shout, some even throwing small stones in the direction of Lord Redding. Disean steps forward, holding up his arms to keep some of the crowd at bay.

The white-armored crusaders lead Redding over to the large wooden platform, where he slowly turns around to face the crowd.

Chaston says, "Lord Redding, Master of the Order of the Night's Blade. Tonight, you stand trial for the accusations brought before you. You, and your men in this region, have been strongly implicated to have been secretly dealing and plotting with the local cult of Luukos."

Chaston says, "This news, has deeply troubled me. I wept when I heard of such....a betrayal. I could not believe such a thing could be true."

Chaston says, "Before the trial commences, we have given you a chance to defend these accusations, or to repent of your sins, with all present as witness."

Chaston grins at Redding, his golden eyes gleaming like faceted gems.

Redding looks outward, his stare almost hollow, and he falls to his knees.

Redding kneels down.

Redding quietly says, "I have sinned against the Great Dreamer, the Lord of Night. I have sinned against the tenets of Koar, against the righteousness of Liabo. I have lost my way."

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Chaston asks, "Have you more to confess, Lord Redding?"

Redding quietly says, "Yes, Prelate."

Redding quietly says, "It is true I have allied with the snakes, with the servants of Luukos. We have aligned our activities in the area, and sought a shift of power in the region, in the wake of the chaos and aftermath of the war."

Chaston frowns.

Chaston says, "I see. I must admit Lord Redding, I am even more saddened to hear it uttered from your mouth now, then when I first heard of the news."

Chaston says, "I had hoped beyond hope, that this was all merely a lie created by the serpents."

Chaston says, "Lord Redding, there may be yet mercy for you in the afterlife, for laying claim to your sins beneath the light of the God-King."

Chaston says, "But there is still some small amount of good you may still perform."

Redding quietly asks, "Yes, Prelate, what will you ask of me?"

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Chaston asks, "You spoke of your plots and plans. Are you alone in your ways now, or do more exist who would carry on your wickedness in your absence?"

Redding quietly says, "I am not alone in this."

Redding quietly says, "In recent time, the Order of the Night's Blade has begun new operations beyond the border of the Turamzzyrian Empire."

Many in the crowd begin to mumble, some cursing, some gasping.

Chaston frowns at Redding.

Chaston asks, "Where, has this darkness spread?"

Redding looks on, unblinking.

Redding quietly says, "Wehnimer's Landing."

Chaston nods.

Chaston says, "I see."

Chaston says, "Who stands with you, Lord Redding?"

Redding slowly empties his lungs.

Chaston says, "There names, Lord Redding."

Chaston says, "It is the only way you shall find mercy before the gates of Koargard."

Disean clenches his fist.

Redding quietly says, "Among the Order of the Night's Blade, I named Falvicar and Mohrgan as my highest operatives. Their allies in our operations are Regwen,

Katiesa, Eshielle, and Luxelle. They have forged a second alliance with Luukosians in the north, named Hadya and Alisaire."

The brilliant luminescence fades from around Disean.

Chaston says, "I see."

Many in the crowd mumble aloud, some even repeating or muttering the names just heard. Many jeer.
Disean becomes solid again.

Chaston nods.

Chaston speaks with the white-robed priest, who nods after each thing Chaston says.

Chaston says, "Given your confession, there stands no reason for a trial."

Chaston nods to some white armored crusaders.

Two white-armored crusaders grab Redding by the arms and lift him to his feet. They march like stone soldiers to the platform, leading Redding up to the large wooden post where they begin slowly binding his legs, arms and hands.

Redding stands up.

Chaston glances at Disean.

Chaston slowly walks towards the wooden platform as the white-armored crusaders adjust the kindling beneath the wooden post.

The crowd begins to shout and jeer, some even cheering. They throw sticks and stones (but no broken bones) at Redding, many of them bouncing harmlessly along the wooden stage. A few strike Redding and he barely winces, as if in a daze.

A white-armored crusader steps forward, handing a glowing torch to Chaston.

Suddenly from the crowd, two men are pushed aside and a Hendoran soldier charges forward! His blade is drawn and gleams with the light of the moon. His face is locked in a grizzled snarl and his eyes are wide yet focused. He rushes at Chaston!

Chaston turns, the glow of the torch almost pale in comparison to the brightness of his golden eyes.

Chaston turns, the glow of the torch almost pale in comparison to the brightness of his golden eyes.

Suddenly, the crowd comes alive. They scream and rush forward like a wave of zombies, clawing and scratching and grabbing at the back of the Hendoran soldier, catching him just before the tip of his sword can reach Chaston's chest.

Chaston grins slowly.

Half of the crowd still stands behind, but many have lunged forward now, growling almost animalistic, as they drag the Hendoran soldier to the ground.

Chaston shakes his head.

The crowd begins to savagely beat the Hendoran soldier, sticks, clubs, hammers, stones, shoes. Nothing is left unused as they bludgeon the soldier who thrashes and kicks, trying to free himself from the onslaught.

The second Hendoran soldier begins to step back slowly, creeping away from the center.

The second Hendoran soldier flees, as Chaston watches him go. The crowd continues to trample the first soldier, until he fights no more. The crowd begins to
step away slowly, clearing away to show the Hendoran sprawled in the dirt, bloodied, broken, and battered. A leg twists unnaturally to the side, an arm has been nearly torn off. The side of his helm is dented, the metal cleaving into his flesh. His eyes are still wide, but now lifeless.

Chaston turns back to Redding.

There is a shout from the back of the crowd, and some men and women, even a young child, help drag the second Hendoran soldier into view.

Some in the crowd shout, "Assassin!"

Chaston turns to Disean, the glow of his torch casting flickering shadows along his face, his golden eyes staring out like burning stars behind a mask of darkness.

The crowd begins to chant, "ASSASSIN! ASSASSIN!"

The second Hendoran soldier tries to grapple free, squirming and kicking, pushing at the townspeople who begin to overwhelm him.

Chaston raises his hand, and the crowd begins to settle, all eyes on the Prelate.

Chaston asks, "Disean, Child of Koar, what justice is befitting of this assassin, who would so openly plot against Koar's chosen?"

Disean fidgets.

Disean reaches out and touches his lacquered sheath.

Chaston nods at Disean.

Disean quietly says, "Death. May it be swift and a reminder that even the justice of the God-King is at times merciful."

Chaston says, "Yes, well said Disean, Child of Koar."

Disean steps towards the Hendoran soldier, who now has stopped squirming or trying to escape. Two men hold him in place, but he does not fight.

The Hendoran soldier does his best to snap to attention. "I'll not fight you lad. But do not forget your father."

Disean quietly says, "I am anew, in the light of Koar."

Disean unsheaths a slender longsword, thrusting towards the Hendoran soldier's throat. The strike is awkward and untrained. The blade strikes his shoulder and the soldier cries out!

Disean looks back, a nervous and wide-eyed stare at Chaston. The Prelate looks disappointed, but just nods. Disean whirls back around, bringing the longsword up into the air and back down on the Hendoran soldier, slashing at his neck twice, almost wildly, and the soldier falls to the ground.

Disean stands shaking, blood dripping from his sword. He stands over the fallen soldier under Thadston's command. He clenches his jaw and says, "I am Blameless."

Chaston turns back towards Redding, the torch leaving a glowing trail in the air as he does.

Chaston moves to stand in front of Redding.

Redding gazes out, his eyes still fixated on the horizon, as if oblivious to the slaughter of the Hendoran soldiers.

Chaston steps before the platform and with a wide grin, drops the torch to the kindling beneath Redding's feet. Instantly, the fire sparks.
The flames billow out like a fiery wreath around Redding's feet, casting a hot glow across the entire wooden platform. Suddenly, Redding's eyes sharpen and focus, as if suddenly aware.

Chaston smiles at Redding, not the slightest bit concerned about his sudden focused look.

The flames rise up, licking at the legs and flesh of Redding. The bottom of his robe ignites, black melting to orange as fiery tendrils coil up his body.
Redding screams, a horrible, almost unnatural cry. His eyes are filled with pain and brimming with tears, his face twisted in agony.