Chaston Griffin

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Chaston Griffin
Storyline Eyes of the Dawn
Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race Human
Status Dead
Hometown Jantalar
Relationship(s) Drangell, Disean
Alias/Title Prelate
Affiliation(s) The Blameless, Church of Koar


You see Prelate Chaston Griffin the High Priest of the Church of Koar.
He appears to be a Human from Talador.
He is tall and appears to be middle-aged.  He has piercing golden eyes and tanned skin.  He has short, cropped golden brown hair shaved at the temples.  He has a square-jawed face, a prominent nose and a clean shaven face and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a billowing golden silk cape, a silver-tooled black leather satchel, a point-sleeved padded white wool gambeson emblazoned with a golden crown, a suit of brilliant white scale mail, a pair of crossed leather belts, an intricately carved silver scabbard inlaid with gleaming topaz, and a pair of black leather boots.


Chaston Griffin was born in 5073 in the Barony of Jantalar, the fourth and youngest child in the family. He was fourteen years old when his father, and three oldest brothers marched in the Jantalarian army under Baron Lerep Hochstib as they began a campaign of invading Talador. His father, Christoff Griffin, became a high ranking officer in the Jantalarian army, receiving numerous accolades and medals during his service. Later on, once the invasion of Talador was over and Jantalar successfully conquered the region, Chaston's father was awarded a title of minor nobility and land in Talador. Two of Chaston's brothers died while in service to Jantalar, one in the Talador invasion, another while liberating Doggoroth Keep from monster hordes. His third brother, who was only a few years older than Chaston went missing in the wilds, rumored to be have been murdered by monster hordes, or deserted from service. His fate was never discovered.

During the time Chaston's father and his brothers were away at war, his mother toiled at home, tending to the homefront and doing all she could to raise Chaston and guide him into another direction that did not include the life of a soldier. His mother, Rebecca Griffin, was a devout follower of Koar for all of her life. She would miss meals before ever missing service in the local Church of Koar within Jantalar's capitol. Even as Chaston grew up, toying with swords and shields and mock combat as all young boys often do, he was never found without a strand of prayerbeads his mother downright forced him to wear on threat of punishment.

One night, under the guise of darkness, a trio of elven bandits raided Chaston's home. During the attack, Chaston's mother was killed and Chaston barely survived. His mother had instructed him to run, and he fled out into the open streets, where one of the bandit's arrows struck his throat, dropping him to the ground. Local guards arrived at the commotion and apprehended the bandits. It was then discovered Chaston survived the arrow shot, by the tip of the arrowhead catching the strand of prayerbeads around his neck, weakening the severity of the wound. The elven bandits were sentenced and executed, and their motive behind their attack was rumored to be racial based, due to Baron Hochstib's human supremacy views.

The miracle of Chaston's survival spread like wildfire. It was then that the fervor of the Godking Koar truly sparked in Chaston's life. The Church of Koar immediately acted upon the event, and enlisted Chaston into the Everwatch Tower which stands as a beacon of strength and power in the Barony of Mestanir. It would be years later that Chaston's father passed from illness in Talador, and his entire estates passed to Chaston, who remained in service at the Everwatch Tower.

Chaston rose through the ranks of the Everwatch Tower quickly, his charm a powerful offshoot of his confidence as being heralded as the miracle child of Jantalar, whose Koar's hand shielded him from the cold grasp of death. For years Chaston served dutifully among the fortified halls of the Everwatch Tower, growing in power and influence. He had become an outspoken voice for Koar's Light and a proponent of justice being served better as an offense, than a defense. In Fashanos 5114, the Patriarch of the Church of Koar appointed Chaston Griffin as the new Prelate for the Barony of Talador, which was to finally reclaim their rightful independence within the Turamzzyrian Empire after years of war and occupation.

Arriving at Talador, Prelate Chaston Griffin immediately took possession of his lands and estates, which included much of the area surrounding some of Talador's abandoned silver mines, and their claims. While this land bore little value, it would soon change with the discovery of blood marble within the once dry mine's depths, which would propel both Chaston and Talador into a level of wealth and influence neither had seen before.

Presently, Prelate Chaston has constructed a new splendid Temple of Koar in Talador, building over the remnants of a church dedicated to Eonak. In the aftermath of the War of Shadows, Prelate Chaston has consolidated much of his power and has seen countless followers flock to him as he preaches about a holy war against the remnants of darkness, that no shadow in all of Elanthia can hide the evil of the world from the truth and power of Koar's Light. Rumors abound of Prelate Chaston's influence, some speculate he was instrumental in orchestrating the invasion of Talador against Wehnimer's Landing, and simply allowed Lord Thermon, Cosima and Davard to die in his place when the events did not unfold as he had planned. Others speak of darker stories, that Chaston's persuasive behavior is unnatural, perhaps even magical, and that his words are not alone in being able to grip and hold the minds of those who hear him and are swayed to his cause. On the other spectrum of tales, many hold Prelate Chaston in a light nearly as bright as the Emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire himself, claiming Chaston speaks and acts with the divine blessing of Koar and he has come to purge darkness from Elanthia.


(EXPAND/FIX ME) Chaston turned out to be associated with the evil summoner Raznel, who was ostensibly the source of his unnatural powers of persuasion. With the aid of the Ithzir-touched child Rodnay, Landing adventurers were able to enter Chaston's mind and sever many of his links of mental domination over his helpless followers. Soon after, adventurers invaded Talador and ended Chaston. With his dying gasp, he activated a machine that destroyed all of Talador and its surrounds. The witch Raznel remains at large after absconding with Thadston's son, who had been under Chaston's thrall.