Riallia's Bridal Shop

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Riallia's Bridal Shop is a boutique shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the Great Hall in Ceiluir Glade, northeast of the foyer.

[Great Hall, Bridal Shop] RNUM: 19613
Daylight pours through the faceted panes of the stained glass dome ceiling of the bridal shop, cascading the room in a plethora of warm, colorful light. Finely etched silver and gold accents are throughout the shop, including an exquisite armoire and table upon which fine silken wares are displayed. A gentle melody floats throughout the room, its origin indiscernible, creating a serene atmosphere.


Welcome to Riallia's Bridal Shop!

Riallia offers her catalog to browse.
Riallia exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a colorful wildflower bouquet        9. an off-shoulder champagne silk gown
  2. a lace-trimmed creamy rose bouquet   10. an ankle-length white linen gown
  3. a ribbon-tied tea rose bouquet       11. a floral-laced ecru wedding gown
  4. a long-stemmed white lily bouquet    12. a pearl-beaded white wedding gown
  5. an opalescent chiffon veil           13. a pair of petite linen slippers
  6. a gossamer ecru silk veil            14. a thin pair of pale pink silk slippers
  7. a pearl-beaded lace veil             15. an ankle-tied pair of silk sandals
  8. a ribbon-tied white rose circlet     16. a pair of silk low-heeled sandals