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General Information

Discord Message Link: [1]
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 12/9/2022

2023 Rings of Lumnis Dates
* April 14th - 30th - Rings of Lumnis


Announcement 1

The Discord Rings of Lumnis Channel will be updated to allow for conversations on Friday, April 7th.

At that time, anyone that has shop, inventory, or general teasers will be able to present them.

Announcement 2

Shop List

New Shop Names Refreshed Shops * Reopened Shops
All that Sparkles Arboreal Afterlife Blue Myth Eatery
And Sew it Goes In Print Condition Crown Jewels
Customary Procedures Last Chapter, The Dye Me A River
Deck the Halls Let's Make a Seal Etched Memories
Sweet Delights Little Things Ornathian Postal Services
More Ore Less Present Company
Natural Permeations Room With A Hue
Skin Deep Scrollworthy
Shears Leatherworks
Sojourn Scents
The Final Touch
The Impressed Olive
Wedding Hall
  • Refreshed Shops mean that the shop either has new offerings or updated inventory. In the case of these shops, there is a chance that the NPC will have updated customization offerings.

Announcement 3

Important Dates Update

Pre-Sales for Event: 4/14/2023 - Some point in the afternoon
Event Opening  : 4/14/2023 - 9:00 PM EDT
Auction  : 4/22/2023 - 7:00 PM EDT
Event Closing  : 4/30/2023 - 11:59 PM EDT

Announcement 4

Shop Update and Information
The following shops have had their customization NPCs updated for this run:

  • Arboreal Afterlife
  • Let's Make a Seal
  • Little Things
  • Natural Permeations

The following shops have new offerings/unlocks:

  • Arboreal Afterlife (Confetti Punch)
  • In Print Condition (2 new unlocks for the papermaker)
  • More Ore Less (1 new unlock for the mini smelter & 4 new pliers)
  • Skin Deep (Wedding Punch)


Teaser 1 - Papermaker Upgrades

The Papermaker is getting two unlocks, but it is also getting some updates to the available nouns and articles.


 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*  Papermaker Noun Options *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ 
|  1. addendum       19. contract       37. label        55. page          73. roster     |
|  2. advertisement  20. coupon         38. leaflet      56. palimpsest    74. schematic  |
|  3. agreement      21. debenture      39. letter       57. pamphlet      75. sheet      |
|  4. announcement   22. declaration    40. letterhead   58. paper         76. sketch     |
|  5. article        23. document       41. license      59. papyrus       77. slip       |
|  6. bill           24. docket         42. manifest     60. parchment     78. statement  |
|  7. blueprint      25. draft          43. manifesto    61. pass          79. stationery |
|  8. brief          26. drawing        44. map          62. periodical    80. subpoena   |
|  9. brochure       27. epistle        45. memo         63. permit        81. summons    |
| 10. bulletin       28. flyer          46. memorandum   64. petition      82. syllabus   |
| 11. card           29. folio          47. menu         65. playbill      83. synopsis   |
| 12. certificate    30. form           48. message      66. poster        84. tariff     |
| 13. chart          31. handbill       49. missive      67. proclamation  85. ticket     |
| 14. charter        32. illustration   50. newsletter   68. program       86. transcript |
| 15. checklist      33. indenture      51. note         69. proposal      87. treaty     |
| 16. citation       34. instruction    52. notecard     70. receipt       88. vellum     |
| 17. codex          35. invitation     53. notelet      71. recipe        89. warrant    |
| 18. commendation   36. invoice        54. notice       72. report        90. writ       |


*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*  Papermaker Article Options *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
|  1. an antique       20. an emblazoned    39. an ink-streaked  58. a round-edged    77. a thick         |
|  2. an austere       21. an embossed      40. a lace-cut       59. a rust-stained   78. a thin          |
|  3. a beribboned     22. an expensive     41. a leaf-framed    60. a salt-stained   79. a tiny          |
|  4. a blood-soaked   23. a faded          42. a messy          61. a scallop-edged  80. a torn          |
|  5. a bloodstained   24. a fancy          43. a mildly burnt   62. a scribbled      81. a torn-edged    |
|  6. a brass-gilt     25. a fibrous        44. a moth-eaten     63. a seed-riddled   82. a translucent   |
|  7. a bronze-gilt    26. a fine           45. a nondescript    64. a silky smooth   83. a velvety       |
|  8. a coarse         27. a flimsy         46. an ordinary      65. a silver-gilt    84. a watercolored  |
|  9. a copper-gilted  28. a flora-cut      47. an oversized     66. a singed         85. a waterlogged   |
| 10. a creased        29. a foil-edged     48. a pewter-gilt    67. a sloppy         86. a watermarked   |
| 11. a crinkled       30. a foxed          49. a piece of       68. a small          87. a water-stained |
| 12. a crisp          31. a gilt-bordered  50. a pristine       69. a smooth         88. a wax-dotted    |
| 13. a crowded        32. a gilt-edged     51. a quality        70. a soggy          89. a wax-speckled  |
| 14. a crumpled       33. a glossy         52. a ragged         71. a square         90. a waxy          |
| 15. a curled         34. a gold-gilted    53. a rectangular    72. a stamped        91. a weathered     |
| 16. a deckle-edged   35. a hand-painted   54. a ribbon-edged   73. a stiff          92. a wine-stained  |
| 17. a dog-eared      36. a heavyweight    55. a rich           74. a tall           93. a worn          |
| 18. a doodle-edged   37. an herbaceous    56. a rigid          75. a tattered       94. a wrinkled      |
| 19. an elegant       38. an ink-stained   57. a rough          76. a textured       95. a variegated    |

Unlock 1 allows players to create Bouquet Paper (more on this in the days ahead).

Unlock 2 allows players to create envelopes.

Bouquet Paper Unlock

You glance down to see a piece of bouquet paper in your right hand and nothing in your left hand.

>l paper
Looking over a piece of bouquet paper, you gain the following information:

You have some rosemary laying in the center of your bouquet paper.

You have not selected a PRIMARY foraged item for this bouquet.

You have not selected a SECONDARY foraged item for this bouquet.

You have not set a binding item on your bouquet arrangement. It will default to "a brown hemp cord."

You are currently able to pull some rosemary from a piece of bouquet paper.

Your completed bouquet will look like this: a hemp cord-tied bouquet of whatever flowers you add

>analyze my paper
You analyze your bouquet paper and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Bouquet Paper

Create your own bouquets with this unique paper. You can add up to 10 different kinds of foraged items. You can also remove these at any time before actually making the bouquet.

PUSH - add a ribbon or cord to the design of your bouquet PLUCK - remove a foraged item from your bouquet PUT <foraged item> in <paper> - add foraged items to your bouquet paper WHISPER PRIMARY - select which foraged item you'd like to be primarily displayed in your bouquet WHISPER SECONDARY - select which foraged item you'd like to be displayed second in your bouquet WHISPER REMOVE - arrange for a foraged item to be removed from your bouquet WRAP - wrap your bouquet paper up and transform it into a bouquet

Primary Foraged Item: Not selected

Secondary Foraged Item: Not selected

Bouquet Binding Item: a brown hemp cord

Teaser 2 - Deck the Halls

Debuting at the Agora Promenade during Rings of Lumnis is a new item. The script and the shop of the same name, Deck the Halls, sell a variety of decorative props that can be adjusted by the player to suite any event's needs. Similar to Veola hair items, you can swap out gems, flowers, feathers, sea creatures and insects, pointed items, miscellaneous foraged and skinned items, and new to this item, ribbons.

This item has Stay-Put qualities. If you PLACE it, it will be moved to the ground in your current room and stay there, unable to be picked up by others or taken by the janitor, for four hours. After four hours, the item is fair game for others and for the janitor. Alternatively, the item may be PLACEd by the owner of a private property within the grounds of the property and will stay there until PLACEd again.

You glance down to see a length of twining evergreen garland in your right hand and a large blooming red rose in your left hand.

>push my garl
You gently place the rose in your twining garland, taking care to arrange it just so. You nod, satisfied with a length of twining garland interspersed with blooming red roses.

>place garl
You place a length of twining garland interspersed with blooming red roses on the ground.

[You can leave the garland here in Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd. for four hours without anyone else picking it up. PLACE it again to retrieve it.]

>place garl
You pick a length of twining garland interspersed with blooming red roses up from its place on the ground.

>pull my garl
With a gentle hand, you carefully remove the rose from your twining garland.

>get my rib
You grab some red velvet ribbons from a small pocket inside of your azure cape.

>push my garl
You gently place the ribbons in your twining garland, taking care to arrange it just so. You nod, satisfied with a length of twining garland wrapped with red velvet ribbons.

Teaser 3 - Mini-Smelter Unlock

The Mini-Smelter is gaining an additional unlock that will allow it to create the following jewelry items:


Additionally, four more pliers are being added that will allow you to zest these items.

Teaser 4 - Customary Procedures

A new shop is coming to the Isle of Ornath for your customization needs! Customary Procedures has hired a designer who can work with gemcutter patterns, frosting tips, and chocolate molds, and help make them fit a bit more into your personal needs. Bring your items with you, and speak with the designer.

Teaser 5 - And Sew It Goes

Want to change just a little something with one of your simple items? A dress? An undershirt? Perhaps a simple band or ring? Head over to And Sew It Goes and Faeona might be able to work her magic on your items. She'll be able to work with cloth, wood, metal, and stone materials, and can add just a touch of creativity to items that aren't terribly complex. Ask the seamstress about her service, and she'll give you a rundown on what she can do.

Teaser 6 - Mold-in-ator

(This family is getting crowded!)

You analyze your storage crate and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

The Chocolate Mold Holder

Introduced at the Rings of Lumnis in 5123, the crate is designed to hold 30 types of chocolate molds. They are allowed to stack.

It must remain some kind of container that has a thin, protective membrane over it.

It has the following actions: look (see the stored items), pluck (remove a stored item), put (add an item), and whisper (move the items to make them easier to pluck)

Teaser 7 - Wedding Punch

Hey cobblers! Lady Airisu doesn't have a shop on the RoL concourse yet, but you can find her newest offering in Skin Deep. It's a fully unlocked hallmark punch that will add the script "Wedding Punch" to cobbled shoes. When you target the shoes AT your spouse, you'll get some alternative messaging.

G>kick flat
You kick up the heels of your grey flats, clattering across the floor in an ungraceful victory dance.


G>kick flat at Elidi
You narrow your eyes in Elidi's general direction before hastily swinging the left toe of your grey flats around in an attempt to kick her. You miss badly!

(In the future, punches will be sold with optional unlock certificates and priced accordingly.)

Teaser 8 - Confetti Punch

Debuting at the Agora Promenade during Rings of Lumnis is a new scripted item, a confetti hole punch. The hole punch will punch decorative holes in appropriate paper, both adding designs to the paper similar to the flower press flowers and bugs and aquatic life paper items, and also creating a handful of confetti.

The paper designs are:

  • In the corner
  • Across the top
  • Along the bottom
  • Around the edge as a border

None, deletes the paper in favor of a larger pile of confetti.

The confetti options are:

  • design-shaped confetti
  • Noun of 'designs'

Each punch can save up to 100 designs. A merchant will be available in the shop Arboreal Afterlife with hundreds of options to choose from. The design pool is the same available via the knitting designs and alteration book options viewable here: Alteration Book Designs

Teaser 9 ~ Sweet Delights

A new shop is opening on the Isle of Ornath.

Sweet Delights has chocolate heaters, new molds, and the all new mold-in-ator for your storage needs!