River's Rest - Zhill Threatens To Burn It Down

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Koaratos 24, 5118 by Darcena Wolf-Valslayer
Storyline: The Green Lady


  • Griffins, boars, squirrels, and more invade River's Rest again, slaughtering even Roblar
  • Zhill threatens a few people in River's Rest, refuses to enjoy a party, and warns that they're going to burn down the town on Niiman


Some snippets from throughout the evening.

Conversation with Zhill

[River's Rest, Commons Circle - 10852]
Here, the dusty roadway splits and continues to the northeast and northwest. The rush of River Road traffic to the south is faint in the air and the pace of life seems slower and calmer to the north. Between the roads, a dusty pathway fades into a broad expanse of green lawn. You also see a kelly green-eyed squirrel, a kelly green-eyed squirrel, a kelly green-eyed squirrel, a kelly green-eyed squirrel and an aardvark.
Obvious paths: northeast, south, northwest

Darcena belts out, "Veridese!"

(Editor's note: removed much killing of squirrels)

Darcena belts out, "Veridese, I want to speak with you!"

Zhill suddenly fades into sight beside you.

You see Zhill the Thaumaturge.
He appears to be a Half-Krolvin of the Riverwood Klinast.
He is above average height and has gaunt and sinewy limbs. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has bloodshot virid eyes and pale skin. He has greasy, raggedly-cut raven black hair hanging into his eyes. He has a thin, almost skeletal looking face and a wart-covered nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a witchwood runestaff in his right hand.
He is wearing a bone-clasped celadon rucksack, a stygian cassock lined in chysoprase gems, some black leather pants, and some vitreous leather boots.

Darcena stares at Zhill.

Darcena says, "I want to speak with her."

Zhill darkly says, "Her name is The Green Lady and you will address her as such."

Zhill darkly says, "No."

Darcena belts out, "Green Lady! I want to speak with you!"

Zhill darkly says, "But what you can speak to? Is what Embriolous and I are working on. Tonight is a warm up."

Darcena stares at Zhill.

Darcena asks, "A warm up?"

Speaking darkly to Darcena, Zhill grins and says, "Bite your tongue and do not call her that."

Darcena growls at Zhill and adamantly says, "You will not tell me what to do."

Zhill darkly says, "Yes.... a warm up."

Zhill darkly says, "But if it's on you defending this town, it won't be much of a warm up."

Darcena growls at Zhill.

Zhill darkly says, "Too bad all of Elanthia wants this town to burn."

Zhill darkly says, "Yes, we still have to prepare, but we are warming up for something.... bigger."

Zhill grins evilly.

Darcena says, "No one wants this town to burn."

Zhill darkly says, "It will."

Darcena asks, "Why does The Green Lady want to harm innocents?"

Zhill darkly says, "In less than 48 hours, it will burn to the ground."

Darcena sternly exclaims, "I don't think so!"

Darcena asks, "Why are you doing this?"

Zhill darkly says, "Say goodbye on Niiman, for by the Day of the Huntress? It will not exist."

Zhill darkly says, "As do as Ver... The Green Lady tells me to do."

Zhill darkly says, "We all have our motives."

Darcena asks, "And you won't share yours?"

Darcena gives her eyebrow a little workout.

Darcena says, "I do not wish harm on The Green Lady."

Zhill darkly says, "Embriolous, I do it for her."

Arathis glances at Zhill.

Darcena says, "I understand why she is doing this."

Zhill nods to you.

You see Arathis My'Caelli the Watcher.
He appears to be a Sylvankind of the Lassaran D'ahranal.
He is taller than average. He appears to be of full age. He has vivid chartreuse eyes and fair skin. He has raggedly cut, grey-brown hair.
He has a braided brown beard, a simple rolaren stud in his left eyebrow, a firethorn shoot tattoo on his finger, and a bright silver bar shaped into an obsidian-tipped arrow in the upper ridge of his left ear.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a rolaren marksman bow in his left hand.
He is wearing an old slouched leather hat adorned with yellowed troll fangs around the brim, a gleaming onyx nose ring, a pale bone nose ring, a dirty silk neckerchief, a silver chrysalis, a small twisted knot of silvery oak bound by a darkened vine, a silver and krodera-inlaid ring, some elegant vaalin-tipped finger-armor, a silk-strung wristlet of tiny carved bone skulls, a braided black leather armband, a dark stained supply bag slung over his shoulder, a pale crystal harp pin, a slender hiking pack, a patched waern fur capote, and a blackened leather harness over a variegated green vultite shirt, a painted black mithril case, an aged leather survival kit, an ink-black elven leather sack, a thick tarnished brass buckle, a weathered black utility belt, a dark leather patchwork thigh-quiver, some thorned jade-inset greaves, some black leather pants unevenly stitched with sinew, and some dark leather hunting boots.

Speaking to Zhill, Arathis asks, "Still at it? you didn't want ah sanctuary party?"

Zhill darkly says, "And... other things."

Darcena asks, "Embriolous?"

Speaking darkly to Arathis, Zhill asks, "Sanctuary party?"

Arathis nods at Zhill.

Speaking to Zhill, Arathis says, "We fill tha altar will ale an hang out while you waste yer time."

Speaking darkly to Arathis, Zhill says, "Enough with you, I'm going to kill you all this night..."

Arathis chuckles.

Speaking to Zhill, Arathis says, "Already did once.. still it doest stop me."

Speaking darkly to Darcena, Zhill says, "... to prepare for Niiman."

Darcena frowns at Zhill.

Zhill just went west.

Darcena belts out, "Zhill!"

Arathis says, "He's been at it fer tha last hour."

Arathis says, "Hit an run.."

Darcena nods at Arathis.

Spending Time in the Sanctuary

(Editor's Note: This is all character conversation.)

[River's Rest, Sanctuary - 10855]
Deep in the forest rests a small shrine lovingly carved of the silvery haon wood that surrounds you. Crickets chirping and the gentle rustling of leaves fill the air with a strong sense of life. From somewhere nearby the gentle sound of running water completes the quiet symphony. Little else disturbs the peace save for an occasional muted voice drifting on the breeze. You also see an ayanad crystal, an ayanad crystal, a plains caracal, a winterberry red ale, a mug of Rone's Own and a tankard of Winterberry Ale.
Obvious paths: southeast

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "We we're havin' ah bit of ah fun tit for tat chat before everyone showed up.. he's been at it fer almost two hours."

Darcena frowns at Arathis and asks, "What'd he have to say?"

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "We're all dead tonight."

Darcena nods at Arathis.

Darcena says, "That's what he said to me, too."

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "Tha same retoric."

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "We even had ah party fer him here.."

Xanlin disappointedly says, "That sounds more like a costume party.... that'dve been fun."

Arathis points at a tankard of Winterberry Ale.

Darcena asks, grumbling, "And he didn't like it?"

Arathis shakes his head.

Arathis says, "Hung out in tha shadows, bored that it was only two of us drinkin' an no fun."

Arathis says, "I thought it was fun."

Darcena rubs Arathis and says, "Figures."

Arathis shrugs, chuckles, and grins.

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "Thats why I live here.. best coffee and ale around."

Darcena nods at Arathis and says, "Really good pickles, too."

Arathis nods to Darcena.

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "I doesn't seem to get it.. an tha fact that they got what they came fer."

Darcena says, "I'm surprised Zhill didn't enjoy the party."

Darcena asks, "What did they come for?"

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "Tha trader.. Mazorn.."


Darcena says, "Zhill needs to come face us. Instead of perpetuating this ridiculous attack on River's Rest."

Arathis nods to Darcena.

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "He's just like Mazorn.. doesn't want to answer any questions."

Darcena nods at Arathis and asks, "What is it with these men?"

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis asks, "Just beat around tha bush.. wheres tha fire?"

Darcena says, "A lot of bloviating, really."

Xanlin asks, "The fire was in the bush, because men?"

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "Its why we chose to have ah sanctuary party instead.. try to get em to sit down fer ah few minutes an really get serious."

Darcena nods at Arathis and says, "It doesn't seem to have worked."

Arathis looks over at Darcena and shakes his head.

Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "Though I like to think we won.. at least im still here amoung tha rest."


The sounds of animals fill the town, their grunts and chirping heard in every direction.

From just outside the sanctuary you hear Embriolous scolding Zhill, "That's enough! We've killed enough, or at least the few that care to face us. Let's save our energy for Niiman!"

From nearby, you hear Roblar yell, "Not enough!"


  • a kelly green-eyed squirrel
  • emerald green leopard
  • a poorly-stitched shrickhen
  • massive green-tusked boar
  • a viridescent lizard
  • (and others including griffins)

Random Quotes

Green Ham and Eggs in River's Rest

Almost-Burned-Down River's Rest

And then Roblar died...

Warclaidh and Roblar take on the griffins

The ghostly voice of Dergoatean says, "I raise one and died once. I think I'll call it a draw."