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The Green Lady is a storyline by GameMaster Quilic set in River's Rest that ran from June 28, 2018 through July 2018. Main character Mazorn later showed up in Those Aren't Tears where the fate of the chest was revealed.


To be completed.

Persons of Note

Timeline of Events

Mazorn and the Fleet Captain Discuss River's Rest Infrastructure (6/28/2018)

From GM Quilic on the officials:

The Fleet Captain harrumphed to himself as he shifted his weight uneasily from one foot to the other. His gaze was across the water and out into Maelstrom Bay, the creaky dock underfoot rocking back and forth under his prodigious weight. The object of his scrutiny maneuvered slowly into the mouth of the river, it movements erratic as it fought against the current. The Captain raised one hand and waved, and a figure on the deck of the magnificent vessel returned the wave, a wide grin on his face. The ship was guided slowly but expertly into place alongside the tiny dock, and a gangplank was lowered by a team of hardy men.

A well-dressed man made his way down the gangplank, his hair blowing in the evening wind. The rocking of the dock underfoot bothered him not in the slightest, but he spared a moment for a sour glance down, surveying the wobbling surface. He shook his head slightly, then focused his attentions on the Fleet Captain. A broad grin sprang across his face and he made his way towards the waiting man, his hand outstretched. The Fleet Captain shook the newcomer's hand, and mustered the best smile he could, though it did not reach his eyes.

"Welcome, Trader Mazorn. Were there any issues?" the Captain asked.

Trader Mazorn's grin widened further as he examined the man closely. "None to speak of on the way in, though I think the first thing we'd need to do is improve this dock, wouldn't you say?"

The Fleet Captain dropped any pretense of a smile and removed his hand from the Trader's grip at the same time. "This dock has served quite well for us to this point, Trader..."

Mazorn waved his hand in front of his face as if shooing away a foul smell. "Of course, of course. I just mean that if I am truly going to expand to the Rest, we'll clearly need better infrastructure. The Chouresska here is almost more than this little dock can handle, and I hesitate to think of what might happen if we were to attempt to unload delicate cargo on something so unstable."

The Fleet Captain narrowed his eyes slightly at this, clearly thinking it over. "And would you be expecting the town to fund this... infrastructure, then?"

"Of course not!" Mazorn laughed, his eyes crinkling in delight. "I'll happily cover any of the costs. It's all part of the expense, after all."

The Fleet Captain nodded once, then turned to make his way back towards the town. Trader Mazorn fell in beside him and the two clomped up the dock in silence, though Mazorn's eye lingered long on the dock as they stepped back onto land.

Mazorn and Master Gorinn Discuss Dock and Warehouse Construction (7/10/2018)

From GM Quilic on the officials:

The morning sun glinted off of Maelstrom Bay, and the ever-flowing river burbled along without a care. The Chouresska sat nearby, rocking gently along with the current, tethered to a hastily-constructed support stanchion. Two individuals strolled into view, the wind shifting often enough that they were forced to raise their voices at times.

“I assure ye, Trader, there will be no issues. The Fleet Captain has assured me that the permits are all in line, and the materials have arrived,” the shorter of the two said. He was a stocky dwarf, with a braided beard that sported more gray than auburn, but his well-muscled arms and wide toolbelt left no doubt of his continued competence.

“And what about a crew, Master Gorinn? Are you certain you can meet the timeline?” asked Trader Mazorn. His face was ruddy, and his hair blew about his face as the wind tousled it, but he did not attempt to tame it, having grown used to such things in his career on the water.

“Most of the crew is already in place… such as they are. Given that it’s been a bit of a rush to get started, we had to make do with what we could. They’re a little green… but I’ll make sure they’re up to the task, don’t ye worry on that score,” Gorinn grumbled, crossing his arms across his stocky chest with a note of finality.

Mazorn nodded his appreciation and reached to grasp the dwarf’s hand, stating, “In that case, I leave it in your capable hands, Master Gorinn. The dock improvements and the warehouse are needed with all haste. I simply cannot keep- It’s critical that things be ready as soon as possible.” At the last, Mazorn glanced up at the Chouresska and the dwarf followed his gaze, nodding slowly even as he reached his own hand out to clasp the Trader’s.

“Indeed, Trader. Worry not on that score. The warehouse’ll be ready in time, and the dock as well. We’ll have it ready and waiting for ye when ye return,” the dwarf said firmly.

Mazorn slumped into his berth as the Chouresska sliced down the river towards the bay, his head clenched in his hands. He took a deep breath, then let it out in a burst. He raised his gaze to the sleek black chest lashed to the wall of his quarters and shook his head slowly as he stared at it for a long, long time.

The Warehouse Opens (7/15/2018)

  • Mazorn opened the warehouse and invited some friends to provide services.
  • Mazorn went to give a speech and it was interrupted by the arrival of a woman named Veridese.
  • Veridese feels spurned by Mazorn and threatened to raze River's Rest.

Mazorn Opens the Warehouse (Log)

Three Vignettes (7/17/2018)

...from Mazorn and the Fleet Captain, Zhill and Embriolous, and a Little Girl

From GM Quilic on the officials:

Trader Mazorn paced the newly built dock anxiously, his hands clenched behind his back and his gaze firmly on the wooden planks underfoot. One of the new slips was occupied by a midsized vessel, and dockhands scurried to unload it, carrying the crates in through the warehouse doors. Though Mazorn was well known to be approachable, it only took a single look at the man’s face to know that today was not the day to interrupt his musings.

The Fleet Captain made his way down from the Stone Eye and across the beach toward Mazorn. The Trader's pacing came to a halt as the Captain approached, but neither man offered a hand in greeting. Mazorn kept his hands clasped tightly behind his back, where it would take a careful observer to notice the slight whitening of his knuckles. The Captain came to a halt a few feet away and regarded Mazorn suspiciously, his head tilted slightly to one side.

"Well?" the Captain asked.

Mazorn stared back for a long moment, then shook his head slowly, clearly at a loss. His eyes were bloodshot and the man looked as if he hadn't slept in quite some time.

"As I told you, the matter is entirely out of my control. Veridese... or whatever she wants to call herself these days... and I have history. But that’s all it is... history. We were together for a time, but she refused to consider a life lived on the water. That’s where my life, and livelihood, IS! We parted... I thought amicably... and that was the last I’ve seen of her until the other night. I have no way to contact her, no way to locate her, and no explanation for her actions. I truly don’t know what it is you expect me to do or say."

The Captain regarded Mazorn for a long moment, his gaze steady.

"You had best figure this out, Trader. I opened up our town to you, thinking you would bring trade and profitability with you, but it seems like all you’ve managed to bring us is trouble. It won’t be allowed, I warn you," said the Captain.

"Is that a threat, Captain?"

"Take it how you will, Trader. This problem came here with you, and it seems centered on you. In my opinion, that makes you the one to resolve it."

Zhill strolled into the small clearing and grinned at the sight of Embriolous smearing green paint across the face of one of her creations. He noted with approval that the horde extended out into the trees, but made sure to clear his throat as he approached. It wouldn’t do to surprise her again, after what happened last time.

Embriolous whirled at the sound, one hand reaching for the staff slung across her back, but as she caught sight of Zhill, she relaxed once more and a sneer crept across her face.

"Zhill… I’m surprised to see you here! Are you so anxious to play with my charges again?" she asked with mock curiosity in her voice.

Zhill didn’t take the bait, grinning back at her. "I was told to come and get you. Veride-"

"Do NOT! Zhill, you insufferable... She is the Green Lady... for both our sakes. PLEASE attempt to find at least some small measure of brainpower and assign it to remember that very salient fact," Embriolous interrupted.

Once again Zhill was unfazed, and picked up his sentence midstream. "-The Green Lady has requested our presence. Apparently there’s planning or something to do, though with her it’s impossible to tell..." Zhill drifted into silence, taking on a bemused expression as he looked behind Embriolous at the horde of undead. "Or maybe she just wants us to track down more green paint!" he said brightly.

The young girl darted through the trees, racing back towards the town. Her breath was hot in her throat, and her chest pounded with equal parts terror and exertion. Behind her, the shrill howls grew louder.

Sarmoya Requests an Audience with Mazorn and It's Granted (7/21/2018)

From character Sarmoya on the officials:

Fleet Captain,

This has been a difficult week for our town. A woman who seems to be calling herself the Green Lady has been summoning creatures of great strength and releasing them to cause violence. She blames her attacks on someone named Mazorn, who I am told is trader who recently set up business here. The attacks have happened multiple times in the past week, putting our people at great risk with no clear purpose. It is important we found out this Green Lady's intention and how we can put an end to the threat.

To that end, I request the following: - An audience with Mazorn. We need to know what his relationship is with this Green Lady and what he knows about her. - An increase in patrols and alertness. - Extra supplies to the watchtower, with readiness to strike as soon as the next wave of creatures attack.

You may also be aware of the latest Krolvin invasion of Wehnimer's Landing. Any and all Krolvin activity is of utmost concern to River's Rest. For my part, I shall untake my patrols against bandits and Krolvin with greater vigilance. Uncouth characters view these times as opportunity for personal gain.

I remain ready at your call for whatever assistance you require. Though I do not speak on behalf of Beacon Hall, its members stand for River's Rest.

-Lord Sarmoya

From GM Quilic on the officials:

A page strolls into the Town Commons and posts a notice on the willow tree. The notice reads:

Trader Mazorn, in response to the calls for a meeting to discuss his knowledge of the woman calling herself "The Green Lady", has made plans to be back in port on Volnes, the 23rd of Koaratos. At 9pm Elven time, in his new warehouse, he will answer any and all questions posed by his new neighbors to the best of his ability.

Without a backward glance, the page strides back out of the area, leaving the notice fluttering slightly against the tree's trunk.

Mazorn is taken by The Green Lady (7/23/2018)

  • Mazorn addresses a crowd in River's Rest about his connections with Veridese
  • A seemingly-heavy sleek black chest is brought into Mazorn's warehouse and quickly hidden away from sight
  • A massive viridian griffin dives down and clutches Mazorn in its claws, later moans and cries echo from the sky, until "[a]n enraged voice cries out from overhead, 'MAZORN! Don't you THINK you can JUST-' The voice breaks into a piercing scream, 'WAKE UP, you WORM!'"

Mazorn is Taken By Veridese (Log)

A Warning from Zhill (7/24/2018)

  • Griffins, boars, squirrels, and more invade River's Rest again, slaughtering even Roblar
  • Zhill threatens a few people in River's Rest, refuses to enjoy a party, and warns that they're going to burn down the town on Niiman

Zhill Threatens to Burn River's Rest Down (Log)

Zhill Tests...Something (7/25/2018)

Another invasion in River's Rest along with the following messaging:

  • Zhill's voice cries out, heavy with sarcasm, "So do you think they got the message yet, Embri?"
  • Embriolous' voice, radiating fury, screeches, "I've just gotten STARTED! Come, Zhill, show some spine for once!"
  • Zhill's voice rings out, merry with laughter, "Embri! What do you think Veri- The Lady will think about all this?"
  • "Zhill! Where are you going with those? We were told not to-" Embriolous' protest is interrupted by Zhill's mocking tone, "I just want to try something, OK? Just give me a break! This will be fun!"
  • Zhill calls out tentatively, "Um... Embri? I think... I think she noticed. We should get back, maybe?" Embriolous' voice calls back, enraged, "I was just getting STARTED!"
  • Embriolous' voice cuts through the night air, "Zhill! I thought we were heading back! What are you doing?" Zhill reassures her, "Look, I need to at least TEST it a little bit, right?"
  • A massive fireball streaks into the sky above the river docks! It flares with an intensity that brightens the night sky like the sun, before burning out and leaving darkness in its wake. Zhill's quiet voice can be heard afterward, "Um... it works... Right behind you, Embri..."

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