Riverside Grocer

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Riverside Grocer is a specialty shop in Kraken's Fall.

[Riverside Grocer] RNUM: 32596
Coarse, unstained planks of oak with pine trim line the four walls of this tiny, single-storied storefront. Badly frayed fishing nets dangle from the ceiling rafters, scattered with cracked oyster and scallop shells tangled within the fibers. A smooth, honey-hued oak counter with various bagged and boxed goods rests against the back of the room below a cherrywood-framed mural of Caligos Isle.


Welcome to Riverside Grocer!

Keishya offers her flour-dusted yellow vellum to browse.
Keishya exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Flour-dusted yellow vellum
  1. a clay pot of flaky sea salt         8. a pitcher of fresh heavy cream
  2. a crystal bowl of whipped butter     9. a small box of large white eggs
  3. a tall round tin of dried oats       10. a canister of dark brown sugar
  4. a large paper sack of flour          11. a square jar of powdered cinnamon
  5. some freshly grated lemon zest       12. a bag of pure white sugar
  6. a large glass bottle of fresh milk   13. a fat vial of freshly ground nutmeg
  7. a round tin of powdered cocoa