Rock Lobster

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Rock Lobster is a restaurant in Kraken's Fall. It is located on the beach on the west side of town upstairs in a conical-roofed bungalow built on stilts

[Rock Lobster] RNUM: 29112
This tiny restaurant only has a few seats, most of which are empty and waiting for customers. Bright yellow paint and ocean views in blue frames adorn the walls, which are lined with windows that overlook the roiling waters on the horizon. Floating between the cramped tables, a distracted waitress moves plates to and from a kitchen window that produces delectable aromas. A blue mandolin has been mounted above the entrance of this establishment, while a sturdy chair has been placed nearby. You also see a distracted waitress.


Welcome to Rock Lobster!

Scyndi offers her Menu to browse.
Scyndi exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a stein of Octopus Ale            8. some grilled narwhal belly
  2. a mug of Starfish Stout           9. a tender sea robin filet
  3. a glass of Pufferfish Porter      10. some whale blubber toast
  4. a cup of Kraken's Fall Lager      11. some spiced manta ray jerky
  5. some sugary jellyfish candy       12. a fried catfish strip
  6. some crispy stingray skin chips   13. some fragrant piranha soup
  7. a pickled dogfish croquett