Rocket Sheath

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Rocket Sheaths were offered at the Wrong Turn Tavern at Ebon Gate in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


This item may be altered by a talented merchant, but it cannot have a "long" type of description, and it must may a sheath of some kind that is appropriate to where it is worn.
You sense that only small edged weapons will fit into a claw-tipped troll hide sheath.
Maybe after you've put a weapon into the sheath, you can PULL it instead of just GETting it.
You can tell that the sheath is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.


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Rocket Sheath Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Belt-worn sheath
Wrist-worn sheath
Arm-worn sheath
Shoulder-worn sheath
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate 2017
Restrictions No long descriptions
Must remain a sheath
Noun must match wear location