Rockslinger Relocation Services

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Rockslinger Relocation Services is the moving company in the town of Zul Logoth. The facility is in the west wall of the Sapphire Tunnel, immediately across from the General Store, and just north of the town's Chocolate Shop. It is also the location of the town's central locker storage space (through the hallway), as well as the annex lockers for all CHEs (through the corridor).

A hazy smoke-filled portal appears in this location when a cross-realms room is rented, and it leads to Ebonstone Manor.

[Rockslinger Relocation Services] RNUM: 9494
Several crates stand in one corner, all marked with the same destination. The rest of the room is austere. Only a stone desk and straight-backed chair break up the monotony of a grey granite floor, grey granite walls, and grey granite ceiling. Two huge luminescent toadstools in large stone pots, each occupying opposite corners, appear sufficient to light the room. A steel door allows exit to the corridors of Zul Logoth, a dark hallway extends to the west, and a wide corridor extends south. You also see a hazy smoke-filled portal and a young clerk that is lying down.
Obvious exits: none


>look at crate
Metal-banded crates stand neatly arranged in one corner of the room.  Each crate is several feet wide, high, and deep.  Quite a bit of dust has collected on the tops of the crates.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read crate
In the Common language, it reads:
Hold for confirmation before forwarding to Ta'Faendryl.

>look at chair
An unpadded, straight-backed stone chair rests behind the desk.  The myriad scratches on the chair's seat indicate that it has seen quite a bit of use.

>look at floor
A flat expanse of slightly rough grey granite serves as the floor for this business.  The granite is perfectly level but certainly not smooth.

>look at walls
Grey granite walls, buttressed by thick cedar timbers, enclose the area on all sides.  A dark hallway, a wide corridor, and a steel door break through the smooth grey granite surfaces.

>look at ceiling
Long, thick, cedar cross timbers extend from wall to wall, supported by the walls' own cedar timbers.  The thick ceiling timbers show no signs of sagging despite the thousands of tons of granite above them.

>look at pots
A heavy stone pot, four feet square and nearly as tall, holds a large amount of fragrant humus.  The pot's granite sides are roughly cut and undecorated.  A giant, luminescent toadstool rises from the rich loamy earth.

>look in pots
In the large stone pots you see a luminescent toadstool.

>look at toadstool in pots
A gigantic toadstool sprouts nearly ten feet straight up out of a large stone pot filled with humus.  The toadstool gives off a luminescent light to illuminate the area surrounding it.  Light projected from the cap's bottom is white, while light from the top is a mottled amber due to the darker and lighter spots on the cap's surface.

>look at door
A thick steel door allows egress to Zul Logoth proper.

>look at hallway
A long dark hallway stretches to the west.  The toadstools aren't positioned to cast their light down the hallway, so not much in the hallway is evident.  A few curtains, typical of a locker area, are barely discernible before the rest of the hallway fades into blackness.

>look at corridor
A wide corridor extends south, its floor covered by luxurious sapphire carpeting.  Arches appear on both sides of the corridor.

>look at portal
You see nothing unusual.

>look at clerk
You see an attractive young lass wearing a simple pale grey dress.  Her light brown hair is pulled back into a bun that's kept in place with a delicate sapphire comb.  Her skin is fair and her eyes dark brown.  Her manner is business-like but when she smiles she brightens up the whole room.

You see a fairly typical young clerk that is lying down.
She appears to be in good shape.
She has nothing at this time.

>ask clerk about moving
The young clerk smiles sunnily at you, "Moving, are we?  How nice!" she says.  The young clerk consults some files, running a delicate finger down each page as she reads.

The young clerk says to you, "Ah, here we are...I see you're a Four Winds member, Minniemae.  Would you like us to ship your locker for you?"

The young clerk smiles at you, waiting patiently for your response.

>ask clerk about rates
The young clerk smiles and says, "The standard rate is 1,000 silvers for delivery in two hours.  The express rate is 10,000 silvers for delivery in 30 minutes."