Ebonstone Manor

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Ebonstone Manor is the headquarters of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia (CHE). Officers may visit the Manor once per quarter to get a reward. The Manor contains the annexes of non-Landing based houses and also the local house clerk, which were formerly in Moot Hall. People who are not members of any CHE cannot enter the Manor; the doorman will not permit it.


Ebonstone Manor.png

From the Foyer, one can see the rooms available for rent for cross-realms events, which are listed below.


Fel-framed window
[Ebonstone Manor, Ballroom]
Glossy hardwood floors gleam beneath a rose-tinted glass chandelier, its soft candlelight illuminating a decorative mural on the vaulted ceiling. To the west, detailed wool tapestries and gilt-framed paintings are alternated between floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of a sprawling lawn and glimpse of water gardens beyond. A group of musicians sit upon a raised stage opposite a silk-draped banquet table at the far end of the room. You also see a massive stone fireplace, a plush velvet-covered bench and a white marble archway.
Obvious exits: out

Drawing Room

Maoral-framed window
[Ebonstone Manor, Drawing Room]
Centered in front of a grand window flanked with pale green velvet drapes, a group of comfortable leather chairs are arranged with a cream-colored sofa and a veneered marquetry low table. A faint scent of lemon oil lingers around a polished hardwood mantle set with matching gilded candlesticks on either end, their flickering tapers illuminating an oval portrait hanging on a papered wall above. Large silk pillows have been scattered in front of a stone fireplace upon a thick, patterned rug. You also see a tall marble archway.
Obvious exits: out

Game Room

Cross-framed window
[Ebonstone Manor, Game Room]
Lightly stained and heavily lacquered, an enormous tree stump surrounded by high-backed ebonwood chairs dominates the center of this gathering area. Hand-painted and framed in solid gold, an elaborate map of Elanith rests above a large fireplace of pristine white granite blocks, and a dart board hangs on the wall off to the side. A wide mantle serves as a prominent display for more than a dozen small crystal figurines, each carved into a different house crest. You also see a dark marble archway and an ebonwood bar with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out


Four-paned window
[Ebonstone, Enchanted Garden]
A pea gravel pathway opens up into a verdant landscape of lush green grass and wildflowers shaded beneath a broad weeping willow. Every aspect of this enchanted garden plays to the senses, from the lilting sound of songbirds and gentle hum of bumblebees, to the lively fritillary butterflies and intoxicating fragrance of lavender and thyme. Cool, clear water cascades gently over smooth rocks, filling a small pool ringed with tree stumps that are ideally placed for just sitting and enjoying the view. You also see a vine-covered trellis.
Obvious exits: out


NOTE: These portals are only available when a cross-realms room is rented. Otherwise, the only point of entry is directly from Wehnimer's Landing. (2 east from the furrier, go path, go walkway, go doors.)

Ebonstone Manor can be accessed through portals from the following towns: