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Roulette Wheel
Roulette is just that, the classic casino game named after the French diminutive for "little wheel." Roulette wheels can be found on more sophisticated gambling kits, but it is most often played on The Albatross or in the Mist Harbor casino, where all betting and payouts are automated.

How to play

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How to Play Roulette

Each round, the wheel is spun with a small ball, which eventually falls into one of the 38 slots (0,00,1-36).  These slots are equally split between red and black (see chart for which are which), except 0 and 00.  Players may bet on any individual number, on red or black, or different combinations of numbers.  A summary of bet types follows.

Straight:     Betting on a specific number, you only win if that specific number comes up.

Red or Black: Should the number that comes up be the color you bet, you win.

Odd/Even:     You are betting that the number to hit will be an odd (even) number.

Low/High:     You are betting the number will be one of the lower half (1-18) or higher half (19-36) of the range.

Column:       You are betting the number will be in the first, second, or third column (see chart).

Corners:      The bet is placed on the corner intersection of 4 numbers, and will pay if any of those 4 numbers hit.

Dozen:        You are betting the winning number will be in the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third (25-36) dozen of the possible range.

Six Line:     The bet is placed on the right or left edge of the border of two rows, and any of the six in those two rows will pay.

Five Line:    A bet that the number will be 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3.

Split:        The bet is placed on the junction between two adjacent numbers.  Either of those numbers coming up will pay off.

Street:       The bet is placed on the left or right edge of a row and will pay off if any of the 3 numbers in that row come up.

Numbers 0 and 00 pay only if bet on specifically (straight, five line, 0-00 split) -- see sign for payout odds.
The board (the red will show as yellow in game)


To bet:  BET <silver> <bet type>

Valid bet types are: <#> (straight #, 00,0,1-36) RED (any red number) BLACK (any black number) ODDS (any odd number) EVENS (any even number) LOW (1-18) HIGH (19-36) COLUMN 1 (1,4,7...34) COLUMN 2 (2,5,8...35) COLUMN 3 (3,6,9...36) CORNERS <#> (4 square bet, # is upper left box of square) DOZEN 1 (1-12) DOZEN 2 (13-24) DOZEN 3 (25-36) SIX <#> (6 numbers. Row of # plus the one below it) FIVE (0, 00, 1, 2 or 3) SPLIT <#> (# plus the one right of it) STREET <#> (Row of 3 starting with #)

See chart for red/black information by number.

Payouts: Red or Black 1:1 Even or Odd 1:1 High or Low 1:1 Columns 2:1 Dozens 2:1 Six Line 5:1 Five Line 6:1 Corners 8:1 Street 11:1 Split 17:1 Straight Number 35:1 WARNING: Leaving the room for any reason will forfeit any and all bets.


There is not as much time to place bets as there is in a real casino. It is recommended to prepare a script or Lich aliases in advance with your bets if you are the type who likes to spread bets around the table. Remember that the maximum for each bet is 5000, but multiple bets can be placed per spin.