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The Albatross is docked in Wehnimer's Landing during Frontier Days 2016

The Albatross is a semi-regularly scheduled event focusing on gambling that makes its way around Elanthia.

The riverboat was originally owned by Captain Lahveew and ownership was transferred to Captain Gostahl in early 2012, with a tie in to the Mayor Walkar storyline as the reason behind the transfer. Captain Parlay won The Albatross from Gostahl and is the current owner.





As with most events, shop owners are sometimes around to provide specialized services.

"Rogue's Delight"

Uncommon lock pick types, including neck worn and hidden under the tongue.


Darts for the dartboard located elsewhere on the riverboat, dice, coins, cigars and souvenirs.

Joola's Jewels

Joola items.

"Pirate Cart"

Previously owned by Vahmyr and located on the riverboat, this shop is now run by Cidolfhus and situated directly next to the gangplank to the Albatross. Sells LFM gear, pirate-themed items - some of which will alter your appearance, and weather scripted coats (released 4/1/12).

Weather scripted coats will check the environment for their verb traps - inside, snowing, raining, ashy (Teras), and climate.

  • Off the rack is open/close, wear/remove.
  • First tier is pull/push get/put, and having a hood added will change pull/push.
  • Second tier (fully unlocked) is rub, toss, turn, clean.


You can purchase a stock tattoo for 25,000 silver. Race / Trading skill does not affect this price.

Pay Event

In 2014, The Albatross was first used for a new pay event that focused on alterations and grandiose deepening. Tickets cost $29.99 for a standard account. Per GM Vanah:

Captain Parlay is offering four-hour river excursions on the casino riverboat the Albatross! Enjoy the wide array of gambling games, including Roulette, Let It Ride, Pirate Lottery, Chain Tumblers, and more! Move on to Silvers' Taproom and the Bewildered Buffet to enjoy an assortment of food and drink and catch up with friends around a dining table table! Adjourn to one of the private suites for a brief respite before disembarking at the end of the voyage.

Shopping is available in the Smoke Stack, the Gift Shop, and the Ladies' Luck Lounge. A merchant will be available in the Merchant's Nook, ready to provide general alteration, lightening, or deepening services to passengers.

OOC: Up to 25 players can sign up for each riverboat excursion. There is a three-service limit for each account. Offered services are:

  • description alterations,
  • making an item weigh 10% less down to the container's limit, or
  • making a container hold 10% more up to the following limits: backworn and cloakworn items up to incredible; shoulder-slung items up to particularly large; belt, beltworn, headworn, leg-worn, chest-worn, or over-the-front items up to fairly large; and any other container up to slightly small; however, items this last category will not be able to hold individual items that are larger than 2 pounds each. Pinworn containers are not eligible for the deepening service.
Please review the ALTER verb and ANALYZE your items to make sure you are prepared with your items and ideas when it is your turn. Ideas that do not comply with the rules in the ALTER verb will be denied. The merchant always has the final say on whether your item is eligible for a service.

The grandiose deepening limits for this event are as follows:

  • 160lbs - Back, cloak, and some shoulder containers.
  • 70lbs - Hanging off the belt and some shoulder containers
  • 50lbs - Over-the-front, and various other smaller containers
  • 16lbs - Tiny containers like thigh sheaths, ankle sheaths and waist worn stuff.

Containers are not automatically deepened to the max, so it is highly recommend already max deepened containers are brought to this event, and they will be deepened in 10% increments until maxed.


Prior Runs

Items of Interest from the Albatross


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