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Rumor Woods and Summit Academy are open from April19th, 2024 at 9 PM EDT to May 5th, 2024 at 11:45 PM EDT.

On Discord, please follow our Read Only Updates.

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Informational Posts

Information Post 1 - How to Earn Currency

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Rumor Woods Reminders
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/7/2024

For those new to Rumor Woods, here's a reminder of how to earn Currency:

  • Jousting - There are two entrances to jousting. One will support the Beetle Team and the other the Spider Team. When you enter, you select your equipment (though you can use your own) and a mount (though you can use your own). Fr
  • Instructions:
  1. Present your sunburst marker at the entry table. (GO ENTRY TABLE)
  2. Select a mount from the paddock. (GET [MOUNT])
  3. Select a lance from the weapon rack. (GET [LANCE])
  4. Select a shield from the shield display. (GET [SHIELD])
  5. Present yourself at the entry table again. (GO ENTRY TABLE)
  6. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their significant others!
    • Spider Entry - 8208002
    • Beetle Entry - 8208001
  • Fox Hunt - Bugle is still the rare prize for a fox pet.
  • Pixie Hunt - Bell is still the rare prize for a lamb pet.

Information Post 2 - Areas of Interest

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Rumor Woods Reminders
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/7/2024

Areas of Interest at Rumor Woods:

  • The Aspen Grove has multiple Inn Room-like tents scattered throughout the area as the Aspen Grove itself is just like an Inn. There is a Tavern w. Tables, drinks and food.
  • Summit Academy is a college. It has an Ellipse at its heart that is for socializing and getting warm drinks.
  • Bulleted list item

Cysaelotar was built by Aelotoi visitors and is a natural area filled witha variety of wonders.


Announcement 1 - Last Run

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Closed Shops for this Run
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/7/2024

  • Mane and Tail Above the Rest
  • Horse of a Different Fashion
  • The Spellsmith
  • Stick Your Nose in It
  • Tourney Tents
  • Teasers

Announcement 2 - RW Lore

Discord Message Link: New lore discussion link
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 4/7/2024

Announcement 3 - Mounts

Discord Message Link: New Mounts for 2024
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/16/2024

This year at Rumor Woods mechanized wonders wander through the fairgrounds.


Common: wolf spider, velvet spider

Uncommon: birdeater, huntsman, tarantula

Rare: orbweaver

You see a mechanical metal wolf spider.

Powered by intricate clockwork mechanisms covered by a carapace of <mechanical> <steel> plates, the spider is comprised of gears, levers, and cogs carefully crafted to move the arachnid about on eight articulated legs.  A steam gauge is mounted beneath the hollow mechanical abdomen amidst a series of discreetly placed release valves with <steel> fittings.  At the rear, spigot-tipped spinnerets produce silky, gossamer threads for web-making.  Mechanical vice-like jaws open to reveal <curved> fangs, while two rows of orbicular <black onyx> eyes glitter atop a smooth cephalothorax.

  • Uncommon and Rare spiders can have their eyes changed by nudging a gemstone into them.
  • Rare Ability: The spider has a rare ability to spin yarn, but not any yarn.  This yarn comes in metallic-hues.


Common: Dragonspine beetle, giraffe stag beetle

Uncommon: longhorn beetle, elephant beetle, goliath beetle

Rare: rhinoceros beetle

You see a mechanical metal Dragonspine beetle.

Large and solid, the beetle is comprised of a wide variety of gears, screws, and pistons.  Six legs, two forward and four at the back, support the <mechanical> carapace that is made up of <solid> <metal> covered in <sable-streaked crimson> <whorls>.  Compound eyes rest above its large mandible, each ommatidium fashioned of <a faceted nacreous blue waterweb>, and <short> antennae wiggle and rotate as they interrogate their surroundings cautiously.  Peeking from beneath the <smooth> <steel> elytra is folded <translucent> sailcloth that is used as its hind wings.

  • The ostler will allow you to change a beetle into a scarab.
  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare beetles can have their eyes changed by nudging a gemstone into them.
  • Uncommon and Rare beetles can have their carapace design color changed with dye.
  • Rare Ability: The beetle has a rare ability where it will create a mechanical flower.

Ostler Notes for Mechanical Mounts

  • Anything in the LOOK above that is inside <> means the ostler can change it.
  • The ostler can also change your mount to a neutral gender for the beetle or spider only.

Donkey & Mule & Zebras

A new equestrian type is being added this time around.  The mule and the donkey and the zebra join the team of animals in the Rumor Woods stables.  These animals bray and plod.

  • The Ostler has limited ability to change their features.

Announcement 4 - Tourney Titles

Discord Message Link: Tourney Titles
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/16/2024

Beetle Titles

  • 100 Wins for Beetle: Coppery Scion of the Clattering Wings
  • 500 Wins for Beetle: Clockwork Knight of the Bloodied Scarab
  • Victor Title for Beetle: Gear-worked Engineer of the Ineffable Swarm
  • Loser Title for Beetle (Spider wins): Crushed Gadgeteer of the Sable-stomped Throng

Spider Titles

  • 100 Wins for Spider: Shadowed Leg of the Skittering Spider
  • 500 Wins for Spider: Clockwork Knight of the Sable Arachnid
  • Victor Title for Spider:  Sable-shadowed Inventor of the Clockwork Brood
  • Loser Title for Spider (Beetle wins): Conquered Manipulator of the Clicking Web

Announcement 5 - Custom Urchin Guide Messaging Posted

Discord Message Link: Custom Urchin Guide Options
Author: GM Vanah
Date: 4/17/2024

Announcement 6 - Shop List

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/17/2024

New Shops Refreshed Shops Reopening Shops
All About That Lace Curio Minds Baaarnyard Bounty
Artistic Expressions Can't Stop That Weaving Bad Wolf Clothing
Call of the Wild Charmed, I'm Sure Barn with It
Chitinous Creations Clodhopper's Been Shanked Lately?
Creative Couture Container Yourself Born to Adorn
Eight-legged Innovators Couturier's Retreat Braid and Mane
Enlightened Pages Crafter's Hearth Brass Ring, The
Little Ticker Curio Minds Bugs on Parade
Merited Metalworks Fanfare Cervidae Corral
Gnomish Gnails Channeled Affections
Horsing Around Cloak'N'Mount
In the Loop Cog and Zephyr
Peaked Interest Colorful Carapace, The
Purls of Wisdom Common Weaves
Roundabout Racers Daily Dip, The
Sweetie Pies Deerner Time
Tempered Threads Devote Alloys
The Knight Way Earthtones
Tinkers Toys Ewe Vixen
Unfurling Battle Ferocious Eyes
Vaunt It and Flaunt It Flanked Bags, The
What Remains Flypaper Designers
Folded Lotus, The
Gallant Groom, The
Galloping Gait, The
Gift Horse, The
Gifts of Atan Irith
Girlybird, The
Goin' Stag
Grand Stables
Greater of Two Weevils, The
Holy Sheaths
Horn and Mane
Irons in the Fire
Lamb Among Wolves
Leaping Leezards
Lesser of Two Weevils, The
Lizard Nest, The
Lizard Vivarium
Lofty Affair, A
Milkin' It
Moving on Up
Notcher Style
Obsidian Raiment
Of Sand and Rain
Off the Chain
On the Wing
Ostler's Den
Pigments of Memory
Poiret & Company, Salesroom
Quit Stallin'
Robes of Resistance
Rollin' In The Greens
Rolton Pens
Saddle Me Up
Spirits Within
Starry Lotus, The
Steaming Mugs
Tiu & Qaiteke
Tortoise Enclosure
Trim and Polish
View from a Stag
Vintage Visions
Whirl and Twirl
Woodn't Yew

Announcement 6 - Rumor Woods Updates

Discord Message Link:
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 4/19/2024


We will continue to use the CLAIM system for both a GIFT and EVENT option. Both options won't be available until April 23rd in the late afternoon. Rumor Woods will only have a single CLAIM period for the duration of the event, with a twist. Details on CLAIM will be released the day they go live.


The BattleVault system has been extended to Rumor Woods. Some key updates have gone into the item you receive to help better explain what's in them and when they expire. I will paste a sample ANALYZE below this initial post so you can see the updates. Nothing has changed with the vault in this sense, it's just communicated a bit better in ANALYZE.

They are still 6,500 SimuCoins and will contain two 25-count markers, 90-use death's sting salve, and two special items.

The first special item is a metal exoskeleton. Like the golem chassis from Duskruin, you will find parts running the event to build an odd trinket. You may only participate in building this at the 2024 Rumor Woods. You will be building a beetle and a spider that you can use the SPIN command to select a random person around you, like the merchants of Elanthia. More details on this process will be in a separate thread.

The second special item is a patent of nobility that will award +50% base experience for 30 days! An update went into these from last time so you can REDEEM them outside of the event. They now display the expiration date, which is tied to the purchase date of your TOURNEY VAULT. This is how this item will work going forward at all events that offer an item bundle with BattleVaults.


The NPC returns, the timer reduced to 10 minutes from 30 minutes like last Duskruin. Exp will still be field exp, as the update to the NPC for instance exp won't be until August. You run the risk of losing a lot of experience if you die, so use this frequently at your own peril.

ANALYZE updates to the vaults.

This is a special item bundle for Rumor Woods. You can REDEEM it to get the following items:

  • Two 25-entry markers (SimuCoin Store Event Entries)
  • 90-use death's sting salve (SimuCoin Store Utility Items)
  • a hollow metal exoskeleton (Special Item)
  • a patent of nobility (Special Item)

The exoskeleton and patent will be character attuned to the character that REDEEMs this tourney vault.

The special items expire after the run they were purchased at. This tourney vault has a purchase date of Fri Apr 19 14:07:16 ET 2024. You may only redeem one per run while the event is active.

Announcement 7 - MechSpinner

Discord Message Link: Mechspinner
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 4/19/2024

This year at Rumor Woods, you'll be able to assemble a little mech spinner. You will need to get the exoskeleton from the TOURNEY VAULT that is being sold in the SimuCoin Store. These are character attuned.

They require 10 additional parts to complete. Instead of getting something random in the event by running it, there will be a pile of scrap metal you can SEARCH for raikhen to find everything you need to finish it. Given Rumor Woods has a bit more item management from the item drops, I felt it was a better option to let you choose if you want to participate in this versus being forced to deal with stuff from prize packages. There will be rarity levels, sort of like the create-a-golem parts.

On the exoskeleton, you will ADD {part} TO {exoskeleton} to attach a piece you find. You will need a body, gears, a beetle head, beetle antennae, beetle wings, beetle legs, spider head, spider eyes, spider spinneret, and spider legs. You are building both at the same time and can pick and choose parts. The body and gears will be for both the beetle and spider. If you've already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece.

Once you add all ten parts, it will be complete. You can PRESS it to transform it from exoskeleton, beetle, and spider, you choose! Each has some slightly different flavor. You can WEAR it at this point or simply bring it out when you wish to use it. It has some verb traps to play around with, otherwise, it is a spinner! The spinner will store up to 100 names until it needs to be reset. You can reset at any point. It uses some more basic random choosing than a merchant spinner, but it is relatively the same. You must SPIN each time to choose someone. It will store names by default, but you can reset between spins if you want it to be able to select the same person twice.

If you don't want to participate in this, you can BREAK the exoskeleton for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your mech spinner. You only get one chance to build this. The violet exp orb will be account-attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account.


Teaser 1 - Elenesse Atelier

Discord Message Link: February 2024 - Rumor Woods Teaser
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/7/2024

A new Manor House has opened at Summit Academy. Located in the center of the southeastern path of the Ellipse, Elenesse Atelier has some unique offerings. More details will be shared in the coming days.

Teaser 2 - Customizations

Discord Message Link: Rumor Woods Customizations -- Summit Academy Shenanigans
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 4/7/2024

Oh no!  A golem got into the gears and destroyed all of Summit Academy's previous customization offerings, and the professors have been hard at work coming up with new offerings instead. 

What does this mean?
1. All previous offerings will have a new home that will be announced at a future date

2. All customs at Rumor Woods this year are brand new

There are ''over 600 new customizations'' across a range of spells and other items (660 if we want to be precise!).

Non-spells:  general spell preps, signature verbs, logphrases, features, swears, death messages, and ''brand new for 2024: Urchin Guides''

Spells:  111, 118, 130, 203, 220, 225, 306, 308, 325, 505, 510, 511, 518, 610, 615, 705, 709, 713, 740, 901, 903, 904, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910, 930, 1020, 1110, 1206, 1215, 1700, 1707, 1709, 1710, empath transfer messaging, and resurrection messaging (works for 308 and 1640)

Thanks to GMs Haliste and Yusri, who have worked tirelessly on customization processes, we have set *most* spells up to allow you to have multiple customizations.

Non-spells:  The maximum for these per character depends on each system.

Spells that only allow 1 customization still are:  308, 615, 709, and 909.  These will eventually be set up to allow for multiples as well, but they currently are not.  Take that into consideration when purchasing your customizations!

All Other Spells Listed:  You can have multiple options for all other spells, up to a maximum of 150 customs.

''Note:''  These purchases get applied directly to the character, so you must bring the character who needs the custom.

A huge thank you to the GMs who provided all these new customs for 2024, with extra love and appreciation to APM Isten who QC'd them all!

Teaser 3 - Creative Couture

Discord Message Link: -- Creative Couture
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 4/9/2024

Creative Couture is a new script created by Vanah that allows you to add the following to your worn items:

  • Gems
  • Feathers
  • Flowers
  • Fishing Lures
  • Fasteners (LM clasps
  • )Ribbons
  • Insects/Aquatic
  • Pointed
  • Miscellany

These are in the same vein as Veolas and Deck the Hall items and follow the same basic rules

The items sold at RW will have a unique gem setting with the other 8 settings being a generic description (adorned with <adj>s), but any willing merchant can customize the sides for you.


Teaser 4 - Add Look at Me Jewelry Script to Unscripted Jewelry

Discord Message Link: Look at Me Jewelry
Author: Avaluka
Date: 4/9/2024

Have you always had some unscripted/plain pieces of jewelry you've always wanted to spruce up or show off?  Be sure to check out the shop "Vaunt It and Flaunt It" to grab a collection of jeweler's pliers that will let you add the OTS (Tier 1) version of the Look at Me Jewelry script to certain pieces of unscripted jewelry.  There are several available that work with different nouns and wear locations.

Teaser 5 - Face Painting

Discord Message Link: Face Painting Announcement
Author: Vanah
Date: 4/10/2024

Two new face paint sticks and three new face painting items will debut a this year's Rumor Woods festival.

Face painting kits will allow you to stack up to 100 doses of each face paint paintstick, more with a stacking unlock.  Once added, the face paint cannot be removed again.  The face painting kits allow you to paint yourself or others if they consent.  It also comes with a customizable cleaning cloth, allowing you to CLEAN yourself or others if they consent, and a customizable mirror, allowing you to see yourself and tell how much longer your face paint will last.  The stacking unlock also allows you to FIX your applied face paint, refreshing the duration without utilizing a charge.

The custom face paint will allow you to create up to 25 of your own designs.  It can be used 5 times per day, but otherwise does not have doses that will run out.  You can increase the number of times per day this can be used with a duration unlock.  Additional features can be added with the stylistic unlock.

The replica face paint will allow you to supply a disarmed scarab, pressed flower, Bugs on Parade paper replica, or Life Aquatic paper replica to set a design that can then be painted on  yourself, if you have a face painting kit, or a player target, if they consent.  Each supplied item is one use.  You may choose between a single, some, a pair of, or a trio of the replicated item, and also where the painting appears on the face.  Additional features can be added with the stylistic unlock.

The stylistic unlock will allow you to choose:

  • One of several adjectives: artful, bold, crude, clumsy, detailed, elaborate, faint, intricate, smudged, stylized, or glitter-dusted
  • How the design is painted: painted, boldly painted, crudely painted, clumsily painted, skillfully painted, or drawn

Follow the news on Discord in our Discussions Forum.

Teaser 6 - Elenesse Atelier

Discord Message Link: Elenesse Atelier
Author: Thandiwe
Date: 4/13/2024

Introducing the newest building of the Summit Academy college grounds, Elenesse Atelier is a space where guests can continue their customizing journey by visiting either the scholar or professor that sits in its opposing alcoves.

The Scholar works on cloth, wood, glass, metal, leather, stone, bone, and gemstone items. She has a plethora of designs on offer.

The Professor will take your foraged item and transform it into a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, pin, or trinket design.

Additionally, Elenesse Atelier is home to three shops.

Enlightened Pages is a shop run by the Order of the Lumnasi Viragos. It offers its famed Papermaker mechanism, all unlock certificates, as well as some dyes.

Merited Metalworks is a shop fostered by an artisan from Ornath. It offers a variety of gemstones, jeweler’s pliers, toolkits, reticules to house ore, smelters, and unlock certificates for the I Dream of Geology line.

The last shop is called Little Ticker, though we are unable to offer any insight into this at the moment.

Teaser 7 - Metrited Metalworks

Discord Message Link: Merited Metalworks
Author: Thandiwe
Date: 4/13/2024

The “I Dream of Geology” series is expanding once again with a new unlock for even more jewelry.  This new tier 4 will provide the following new jewelry: chatelaine, back pendant, ring, band

Thanks to the lovely aid of GM Elysani, the following articles and designs are available for them:

Chatelaine Articles

1.  a cameo-nestled    4.  a cloisonne-set    7.  a filigree-set    10.  a long-chained

2.  a chain-looped       5.  a cresentic            8.  a fob-affixed    11.  a seven-chained

3.  a clockwork-set      6.  a demilune            9.  a gilt-foiled      12.  a silk-pocketed

Chatelaine Designs

several strands of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone plural noun> draped from <article> <adj> chatelaine

<article> <adj> chatelaine radiating from <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> chatelaine suspending diminutive <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> keys

<article> <adj> chatelaine suspending <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>-topped instruments

<article> chatelaine draped in <gemstone noun>-linked <adj> chains

<article> chatelaine weighted by <adj>-fused <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> cogs

Back Pendant Articles

1.  an avian-carved   4.  a fan-shaped       7.  a geometrical        10. a ribbonlike

2.  a birdcage-set      5.  a filamentous      8.  a glass-paneled    11. a sinuous

3.  a blossom-like     6.  a floral-wrought  9.  a jar-shaped          12. a wing-framed

Back Pendant Designs

<article> <adj> pendant silhouetted by <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>-leafed botanicals

<article> <adj> pendant weighted by a tassel of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> beads

<article> back pendant falling from pewter-chained <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> feathers

<article> back pendant of <adj> revealing <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> pendant cradled by curling <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> leaves

<article> <adj> pendant nestled in a bouquet of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> florals

Ring/Band Articles

1.  a branch-carved     4.  a cog-fused            7.  an ivy-etched       10.  a serpentine

2.  a bark-finished       5.  a damascened      8.  a latticed              11.  a sunburst-set

3.  a braided                6.  a feathered             9.  a rope-crafted      12.  a wing-wrought

Ring/Band Designs

<article> <adj> band ensnaring <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> band extending into rays of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> band laden with tiny <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> blossoms

a <metal> wire-tangled band interspersed in <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> clockwork

<article> band of <adj> engulfing <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

Teaser 8 - Papermaker Updates

Discord Message Link: Papermaker Update
Author: Thandiwe
Date: 4/16/2024

This Rumor Woods, two new unlocks will be made available for the papermaker. As some of you may have noticed, your papermaker now has a vertical tube and glass-paned receptacle. These will be used for the new tier 6 and tier 7 options.

Tier 6 – Butcher Paper

By adding a candle (any common candle will do) to the papermaker, you store 10 doses of wax and can turn a piece of paper into Butcher Paper.

Butcher Paper can be used to store a variety of food items. Additionally, you can apply fletching glue to the paper and turn it into a waxed bag. Bags can be used to hide your bottles when you want to drink from them, or to store other foods.

Lastly, you can also write small notes on the butcher paper and the bags. Once you do this, it will change the LONG description of your butcher paper to include the note. You can then write on it again for a longer note.

Please note, character counts apply.

Tier 7 – Organic Papers (writing or mailing)

By feeding certain organic material to your papermaker you can create very specific paper types. The options are as follows:

Bark will produce amate and the type of tree the bark was obtained from (if present) will always display.

Cane will produce bagasse paper.

Cotton boll produces rag paper.

Fronds produce <frond adjective> paper.

Reed or Sedge produces textured papyrus.

Roses produce naevela.

Teaser 9 - Greater... lesser... least?

Discord Message Link: Greater... Lesser... Least?
Author: GM Ethereal
Date: 4/17/2024

A gnome barely concealed by a shambling zombie costume wanders in...

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that's true, then we have created an item that could make even the most stalwart Vaalorian soldier blush.

New for this year's run of Rumor Woods is the second Flourish to be offered to players: Least Moods! Like Lesser Moods, this flourish can be attached to any weapon, shield, armor, or armor accessory to add ambient messaging based on the item's flare or other abilities. However, since it is a flourish, it does not consume the script or subscript slot, leaving room for more murderous mayhem. It also does not require a GM to apply it - simply redeem the certificate and you're all set!

These certificates will be available in the Starry Lotus' Sunstruck room for 2,500 raikhen when the event launches on Friday!

Kudos: Wyrom for letting me blatantly steal borrow his concept, Estild and Isten for QC'ing, and Xynwen for letting me bum in her shop like some vagrant.


  • Is this compatible with subscripts like Rotflares or Flare Affinity? - Yes.
  • Can I have multiple copies on the same item? - No.
  • Are there any restrictions? - There are two: 1) the item's script or subscript cannot trap GET, WEAR or REMOVE. Items may have custom messaging for these actions and still work with Least Moods. This really only knocks out scripts that do something very complex with these verbs. 2) Least Moods is not compatible if the item has Greater or Lesser Moods.
  • Any other notes? - This Flourish attempts to use APPROVE, similar to Lesser Moods, to turn the ambient messaging on and off. If the item's script or subscript traps APPROVE, then the Flourish will attempt to use GAZE. If the script or subscript traps APPROVE and GAZE, then the Flourish certificate will not let you apply it.

Teaser 10 - Little Ticker

Discord Message Link: Little Ticker
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 4/17/2024

The final shop in Elenesse Atelier is called Little Ticker.   This shop will offer a mechanism of the same name.  While the gnomic tinkerer was very creative with the gears and gadgets, she was not terribly clever with the names.

Her device, however, is rather unique.  It has no tiers and can be customized completely by you.  That’s right!  Though the base item may need the assistance of a merchant to have its look changed, what it produces is 100% customizable by the average Joe.  Let us explain.

The device creates tickets.

  • You can design the LOOK of these tickets by FEEDing the device a Life Aquatic Sea Critter, a Bugs on Parade Insect, or a Flower Press Flower.
  • You can change the BASE description of the ticket and the READ by FEEDing the device a Papermaker ticket that is fashioned from writing paper.
  • Once you do that, you can GAZE at your device to see the following information:

As you gaze at the contraption, you are able to look through one of the glass panes to see the ticket inside.  It provides you with the following information:

Base Ticket: a print-covered scarlet red ticket

Long Description of Ticket: a print-covered scarlet red ticket sponsored by “The Shives Society”

Show Description of Ticket: A flourish of delicately sketched twigs decorates each corner of the scarlet red ticket, a gold-swept green Lumnea beetle balancing precariously on one yew twig.

Ticket Read: This raffle ticket is for testing purposes only.  Hang tight.

Ticket Creator is: Thandiwe

The Raffle Sponsor is: The Shives Society

You have conducted exactly 0 raffle(s) with the spider contraption.

Oh, did I forgot tell mention that it will run a raffle for you?

POINT the device at someone and it will add their name to the device and print them a ticket with a unique # on it.  You can point your device at 99 individuals before it won’t accept anymore.

At any point, both before and after, your raffle is drawn, you can READ the device to get a full list of those that are participating.

Once you are ready, you can PUSH the button on the device, and it will randomly select one of the stored names.  It will announce it to the room you are in, but you will be responsible for tracking down the owner and delivering their raffle item.

Want to start a new raffle?  No sweat, CLEAN the device.

Want to name a different sponsor?  No sweat, WHISPER a new SPONSOR to the device.

Want to change the name of the raffle creator?  No sweat, WHISPER a new  CREATOR to the device.