Rumor Woods 2021 Buyer's Choice Shopping Guide

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The TownCrier called for your favorite buys at the 2021 Rumor Woods and here's what you submitted! Thank you all for these heart-felt submissions from the Rumor Woods 2021 shop listing

This is the final list of nominations for the event. Thank you, everyone!

LET IT BE Leafiara recommended the Holy Sheaths because, "They use your CONVERT settings to tailor their messaging to your character and have plenty of further customization options built in even at T1! ...but I like going to at least T3 and turning off the T1. Using your Holy Sheath can be a fun conversation starter as people ask who those fancy sounds, scents, or lights represent!" RWShop:Holy Sheaths L
DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET Lynaera described the imbued shrouds as, "Creepy, powerful, and fun. These ghostly shrouds balance mechanical functionality with good roleplaying potential. They are the best of both worlds." Adopt one in the Spirits Within Shop. RWShop:The Spirits Within 2
HERE COMES THE SUN Falicor wrote, "Anything Giantkin is easily my favorite aspects of the game, but the Brooch was the best! Anything that actually ties Kindred lore to actual gameplay is always a welcome change." Look for your Kindred Garb in the Kindred Plaid Shop. RWShop:The Kindred Plaid M
OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA Ferocious masks have two verbs and an extra eye color and characteristic off the shelf (for 1000 raikhen), fourteen verbs and tons of options fully unlocked (3250rk). Obelin suggested, "Call attention to your eye details, or even take advantage of spells like Eye Spy and items like the Mana-Infused Armor and Eye Scry Monocle that reference your eye color!" Now on sale at Ferocious Eyes. RWShop:Ferocious Eyes 6
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE From Maylan's Shopping list: Don't want the pressure of caring for a live mount? Live out your dreams with stick horses from the shop, Fanfare. It's the fun pretend mount with optional unlocks for added zests! RWShop:Fanfare E
GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE The Spin Rings are *OLD*... and were very restricted on alterations. "Now, they're even better! Not only do you get to keep spinning 'em, but you can bind 'em with each other, and have messaging flavors depending on various styles! So. Very. AWESOME!" Raved one Channeled Affection shopper as they hurried away. RWShop:Channeled Affection 7
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Rinualdo tells us all about those Surita Runestaves. There are slightly different descriptions than previous years options, but at 20,000 raikhen, the lesser versions are a steal for the finger wagglers among us.

While the lesser surita runestaves will change your base roll from a d100 to a d110, the greater ones go up to a d125! This is especially powerful for those spells where warding margins can result in large impacts; these runestaves also impact a lower percent change to fumble with the increased margins- extra nice for those casters in armor with spell hinderance.

Offering the basic material property, these runestaves are ready to be imbued with your favorite scripts out there (I'm looking at you, Sigil) and still have room for a flare of your choice if you opt for the unscripted surita version, which you should absolutely do.

For anyone making a purchase, the recommendation is to buy the lesser version and then enchant to your desired goal, then ensorcell, then apply the greater certificate if you make that purchase. Don't wait another year until Rumor Woods shows back up again to spend your raikhen on these fine runestaves at Gifts of Atan Irith.
RWShop:Gifts of Atan Irith P
WE CAN WORK IT OUT Maylan found the new weaving tools at Can't Stop That Weaving irresistable with their new options, "You can now weave fun, zesty, scented creations for you and your friends! Some of her tools even alter hairstyles! Or, you can weave fine creations that are wearable for all mount types!" This is the only place these are sold, remember. RWShop:Can't Stop That Weaving 6
YESTERDAY Luxelle gives the Imbued Shrouds at Spirits Within the highest marks. "They're not so much creepy as they are amazing little views into someone's story. Someone that is walking with me on my adventures. Plus, it can be a thing that could help me in my adventures if I unlock the enhancives!" Find one that fits you. RWShop:The Spirits Within 2
PENNY LANE Maylan wants you to know that private stalls can be upgraded to include a node, storage, and furniture! "It's like your own private resting spot in the town of your choice!" Get what you need at the Quit Stallin' shop. RWShop:Quit Stallin' Q
YOU WON'T SEE ME The pins in What Remains will hide/unhide your enhancives. Iskandr explained, "You can hide them all or reveal them all or pick and choose which are shown. I think a lot of people consider Shimmer Trinkets as an "enhancive hiding" tool, so this is like a very cheap (500 Raikhen!) shimmer trinket if you're looking to just hide all the weird random crowns and bracers and such you're wearing. Hat tip to Draelor on this one, he told me about it and I was amazed at the deal." RWShop:What Remains n
WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS Falicor heaped on praises to the Imbued Shrouds from the Spirits Within shop, "Imbued Shrouds are just great items, thematically. Very cool, very creepy." RWShop:The Spirits Within 2
SOMETHING "All the aspects of the GirlyBird Earrings are alterable, so they are pretty fantastic," Seomanthe wrote. "Anything customizable that shows up as feature worn is practically an automatic A+++." RWShop:The Girlybird B
LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS Maylan was impressed by the talents that made the On the Wing Shop. "Aelotoi can now adorn their wings with customizable jewelry! These feature-worn items will really make your wings sparkle, baby." RWShop:On the Wing 1
TICKET TO RIDE "The new tortoise saddles let you mount and dismount your turtle friend in high style! It's super fancy!" Maylan was overheard exclaiming as she exited Cog & Zephyr. RWShop:Cog & Zephyr 9
DAY TRIPPER Falicor really likes his new Moose from the Cervidae Corral. When asked why, he responded, "Arnold Schwarzemooser doesn't need to explain why he's a favorite. That should be obvious." Of course, Obv! RWShop:Cervidae Corral 9
COME TOGETHER Those new binders from the ImPressions Shop will hold all your written notes, mementoes, letters, and paper keepsakes. "It keeps you de-cluttered, organized, and your inventory count much happier." Beautifully decorated papers from the new Flower Press show off extra well in here, too! RWShop:ImPressions 7
NORWEGIAN WOOD About that Kaajkur saddle: Erek informed us, "The messaging and interaction choices with the saddles from Goin' Stag are absolutely fantastic. I particularly like the different messaging available based on whether or not you are mounted, dismounted with the saddle on the mount, or while holding the item. Beautifully worded zests and all around worth the cost to get all the verb sets unlocked." RWShop:Goin' Stag 1
DIG IT Iskandr's product advice: "The off the shelf Bradach's belts at 'In the Loop' are 250 Raikhen for a tier one belt that has really great fluff as is. There's a 500 Raikhen upgrate for tier two that adds more good stuff. I think it's one of the best Cool Fluff to Cost ratios out there and how fluffy and great is your belt right now?" RWShop:In the Loop F
I AM THE WALRUS For 250 raikhen at the shop called In The Loop, you can take Bradach's belt home to pose insouciantly! Obelin told us, "The Djinn's belt is an absolute steal for a once-auction-quality doodad which interacts with your shirt and pants," And when unlocked it also has nearly a dozen verbs. RWShop:In the Loop F
ACT NATURALLY There are some super creative verbs to be had on the Summit Academy grounds of the festival, Carren found a few that were hands down perfect for her. She enthusiastically endorsed the services: "There is such a variety, everyone will find at least one that fits with their character." Summit Academy Entry Map
DON'T PASS ME BY Iskandr sent in this BUY Alert: "They're offering horsies for 15 million silvers at the Grand Stables. If you really want a horse but can't get the Raikhen squared away, having a horse for silver option is pretty neato. Just note: This doesn't mean you get fast travel and you can't buy all the bells and whistles with silver like horse pants and horse sweaters and whatever else horses wear." RWShop:Grand Stables Q - R
I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN Voltung offered this high praise, "One of my favorite roleplay items in the game, the Kindred Garb brooch is a fantastic addition to all Giantkin out there. You need to spend extra on the unlock as the best scripts all require the Tier2 version." We agree, it's very cool all unlocked! RWShop:The Tartan Cloth M
LOVE ME DO Don't forget to stock up for the entire year on your ink needs for your new Binders at ImPressions before Rumor Woods closes. The ink will allow you to duplicate pages. It's not quite able to print money yet, but ... maybe next year there will be an unlock for that! You won't want to run out of toner cartridges, no matter what you are printing, tho! RWShop:ImPressions 7
REVOLUTION Iskandr wrote, "People get so obsessed with the Rumor Woods end of things that they forget about all the Summit Academy customization options before they enter Rumor Woods. The GMs added a ton of new options across the board and have stated that they'll do some housecleaning on the lists for next year. So 1) remember to peruse all the customization options at Summit Academy and 2) get the customs you want before they potentially disappear next year!" Summit Academy Entry Map
A TASTE OF HONEY Obelin appreciates the Flypaper tattoo: "Ever wanted an intricate full sleeve with a ton of flexibility and hidden detail? Flypaper Designers are the way to go. A long, a show, six verbs, a motto, and customizable by a merchant or now with Premium Points. See if you can find the hidden mice in the kitten and the rose!" Look for your new ink at Flypaper Designers. RWShop:Flypaper Designers A
EVERY LITTLE THING From Carren: I was definitely not going to get anything weaving. Until I got a look at the circlets and headbands made from the secateurs at Can't Stop That Weaving. They're absolutely wonderful in every sense of the word, including very nice zests. Darcena and Maylan have been so wonderful in helping me recognize the beauty and utility of such an affordable item that makes so much happiness! RWShop:Can't Stop That Weaving 6
I SAW HER STANDING THERE Callah explained, "I've never really been able to find ways to immerse myself and create characters that have an identity was much as I have with the recent roleplay month and now this line of clothing at The Tartan Cloth. I was able to select a clan and dress as they do, it's perfect jumping off point for my character." RWShop:The Tartan Cloth M
BLACKBIRD Lysoft extolled the virtues of the charms and ornaments for wings at On The Wing. "They are just gorgeous! I went from basic out of the mangler wings to not only those I picked up at Summit but these pieces of jewelry that just look amazing. A little bit of both makes for a gorgeous presentation - I bought 4!" Now she has a pair of long, gradient claret wings with each trailing a glimmering spun glass prism ornament washed in iridescence on their outer edges. RWShop:On the Wing 1
PAPERBACK WRITER Dendum's eyes lit up with all sorts of ideas at the ImPressions shop. "I feel like the binders from ImPressions really open up a lot of opportunity for a lot of different player styles, combined with the flower press I can now write the Gnome Guide to Herbs and Stuff. They also save locker space...and who DOESN'T need more locker space?" RWShop:ImPressions 7
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Did you see the new Planar Shift options at Summit Academy in the What Remains shop? "If you're going to punch a hole in reality, you ought to do it in style," Obelin observed. RWShop:What Remains n
CARRY THAT WEIGHT The Seamstress at Couturier's Retreat will turn your favorite bag into a marvel of modern storage by giving it a weight-reducing treatment. The more weight you want the bag to offset, the more she will charge, but ... this is a pretty amazing once a year service. RWShop:Couturier's Retreat N