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Storyline What Lurks in the Dark
The Blood that Binds
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf
Status Alive
Hometown Mist Harbor
Alias/Title a well-dressed kid

Rylyn is a new addition to the platinum instance to help Gamemasters and players engage in roleplay with a focus on current storylines. Rylyn is only available in Platinum and will be wandering around the main area of Mist Harbor selling newspaper-styled parchments for your immersion pleasure!


Rylyn appears to be a half-elven teenager with cropped dark brown hair, mithril-hued eyes, and is of slightly less than average height with a scrawny build.  He's wearing a long-sleeved green shirt under an ecru tabard trimmed in dark blue with a rolled up scroll stitched on the front and back, a pair of dark tweed pants, a leather hip-sack, and some knee-high leather boots.


>ask kid about parchment

Rylyn stares at you for a moment then lazily responds, "I sell parchments that have the most recent goings-on around Elanthia.  If you want one, buy one.  They are 100 silvers.  If you don't, then leave me be; you're scaring away customers."

>buy parchment

A sales clerk accepts your 100 silver.
A sales clerk makes a quick trip to a back storage area and returns with a sheaf of yellowed parchment.  Handing the parchment to you carefully, a sales clerk exclaims, "Enjoy the parchment, madam!"

June 2023 Parchment: What Lurks in the Dark Official Storyline Summary

~Scrawled hastily across the parchment is an article released on the 25th of Charlatos in the year 5123.~

This just in!

Over the last few months, there were several reports of missing women and murders associated with their disappearances.  First was a woman from Kraken's Fall.  The next was a woman from Wehnimer's Landing, and so on.  Each murder becoming more gruesome than the previous.  It wasn't until the disappearance of Opalhilde Orebreaker from Zul Logoth that the case begin to take a turn.

A recollection of the events on Charlatos 10th, 5123, as told by Ricas Konreed and Opalhilde Orebreaker .....

Ricas and a group of adventurers managed to track down the whereabouts of Opalhilde and the other women reported missing over the last several months.  Deep down in the catacombs of Ta'Vaalor, a sub-tunnel system was found filled with trials and ghoulish monsters.

Ricas and crew made quick work of creatures summoned to stop them - traps and locked doorways only slowed the group until they nearly met their match at a dead end in the tunnel system.  The ceiling collapsed in, blocking their pathway back, and the room began to quickly fill with water.  As the water rose above their heads, the floor cracked beneath that water's weight and sent them swirling through multiple water-filled tunnels.

Just as panic began to set in and all nearly drowned, the group was thrust into a beautifully decorated cistern where they were greeted by the vampire Cordahlia!  She admitted to killing men who had wronged or tormented the missing women for their disfigurements and subsequently took the women with her for their safety.  Ricas dispatched of Cordahlia quickly as she was weakened from her summoning efforts.

The cistern was set on fire, burning the area and Cordahlia's remains just before Ricas and the crew made their return to the surface of Ta'Vaalor.  After reporting this to Investigator Cogsmead Gizmo, Gizmo sent guards in to confirm that all that remains is a collapsed tunnelway.  With the women and the missing staff of the Goldspires returned, Gizmo signed this case as closed and removed the curfew for the cities of Wehnimer's Landing, Kraken's Fall, Zul Logoth, and Kharam-Dzu.

With the good news of the murderer finally being taken care of and the missing women brought home, Ricas Konreed and Opalhilde Orebreaker officially announced their betrothal.  Keep a look out for wedding invitations, folks!

~~This article has been brought to you by the good people of Elanthia who like to keep in the know.~~