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A legion of elven knights who had never known defeat. At the Battle of ShadowGuard (during the Undead War), they were all killed under the command of Taki Rassien.

Behind the Scenes

Museum Alerreth, Ta'Illistim
>look falcata
The straight blade of the sword is a dark gold, with a matte finish.  It leads, untapered, into a basket-hilt, the metal of which is a brighter aureate hue.  Crimson velvet lines the interior of the protective cage, the same color reflected in the slice of cut ruby that caps the flat pommel.  Next to the weapon is a small plaque.

>read falcata
In the Common language, it reads:
Though the Sabrar are regarded as Vaalorian military, their creation came from troops of Illistim derivation as Argent Mirror Lahrair provided troops to Ta'Vaalor in lieu of her own military service.  This sword was one of the original blades given to a departing Illistim soldier, who would have exchanged his own silver and sapphire weapon for this one of gold and crimson.  After the defeat at ShadowGuard this weapon was recovered and returned to the Illistimi family from which its owner descended.