Sailcloth Findings

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Sailcloth Findings is the boutique shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located on Middle Arm Ave on the eastern side of town in a small store.

[Sailcloth Findings] RNUM: 32594
The cramped quarters of this small shop are made to seem even smaller by the inclusion of several half-body mannequins modeling wares and mounted to the upper walls above various shelves and display tables. Armless and legless, the torsos pitch just a bit forward, looming and held in place with rope and rigging that looks suspiciously like a sailor is responsible for the knots. At the rear of the shop is a short counter, scarred and discolored with age, scattered with knickknacks.


Welcome to Sailcloth Findings!

Seth offers his Catalog to browse.
Seth exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an ibis feather-plumed tricorn         7. an ostrich feather-plumed tricorn
  2. an invar coin-buttoned duster          8. a toggle-fixed dark blue suede jacket
  3. a wide-collared white cotton shirt     9. a simple ivory linen chemise
  4. a knotted crimson sash                 10. a thick square-buckled belt
  5. some dark brown roll-cuffed trousers   11. a split striped blue cotton skirt
  6. a pair of sharply cuffed boots         12. a pair of slouched dusky boots