Sanguine Ruby Pendant

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The sanguine ruby pendant was a prize purchased at the Albatross visit in 5111.

This pendant allows a character to personalize the disk resulting from the Floating Disk spell.

The merchant vendor Khlat said that the device initially came with 999 charges.


'A drop-shaped sanguine ruby pendant'

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When Inspected

You carefully inspect your sanguine ruby pendant. You determine that you could wear the pendant, attaching it to your belt. The pendant appears to serve some purpose. It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of gemstone.


This unusual artifact is extremely valuable.

You sense a faint aura of magic around the sanguine ruby pendant. From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the pendant is to cast a spell or perform some magical purpose.

When raised, this pendant will cast a web of mana about any disk following its holder, which will result in a change to the disk's appearance.

The magic stored within the pendant is limited in scope and will eventually be exhausted. At that time, only the most skilled of wizards will be able to recharge it, so it will probably need a merchant's attention.

The sanguine ruby pendant is so fully charged with mana that it glows briefly before your eyes.

The image of a spinning disk manifests in your mind. The motion is dizzying, and the harmonics include a faint, nauseating hum that is distinctly disorienting. As the image fades away, the world wobbles slightly in your vision before stabilizing.

Results when RAISED and no disk is present

Raising your pendant, deep crimson streams drip out from between your fingers. Quickly dropping your hand, the liquid suddenly disappears.

Results when RAISED and a disk is present

As you raise the pendant, a soft stabbing sensation begins down your wrist. Deep red blood trickles from between your finger and down your wrist. With a quick shake of your hand, the crimson liquid flies free, each drop collecting against your disk, soon leaving it coated.

Disk appearance after use

Sanguine liquid flows and ebbs around the outside of this disk, the currents stirred by wind and movement. Faint ripples can be seen, as if something interacted with the liquid. The sanguine [character name] disk is hovering in mid-air around you.