Sania's Windows

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Sania's Windows is the Premium Home Window shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located on Aaendarein Gaer on the east side of town.

[Sania's Windows]
A myriad of beautiful colors wash the floor and patrons of this shop, the light filtering down from the rafters. Delicate glass windows hang like art in a museum from the sturdy beams, the crystal ceiling allowing the outside light to cause a kaleidoscope of color to fill the room. You also see Sania.


      Price  Item
1.)  210000  a sunburst stained-glass window
2.)  200000  a single lily stained-glass window
3.)  200000  an amethyst stained-glass window
4.)  180000  a mullioned amber glaesine window
5.)  120000  a bevelled granite arrow loop
6.)  110000  a slender arched window
7.)  210000  a cinquefoil granite tracery window
8.)  175000  a corbelled dark maoral window
9.)  190000  a trefoil granite tracery window
10.) 180000  a high arched glaesine window
11.) 120000  a thanot framed arched window
12.) 130000  a stained glass lancet window
13.) 190000  a double-tiered rosy glaesine window
14.) 180000  a maoral mullioned window
15.) 210000  a stained glass rosette window
16.) 220000  a five-sided arched oriel window
17.) 100000  a small glaesine window
18.) 210000  an eahnor-framed window
19.) 120000  a square-paned glaesine window
20.) 200000  a quatrefoil granite tracery window