Sea's Crossing

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Sea's Crossing is a specialty shop in Kraken's Fall.

[Sea's Crossing] RNUM: 32590
Flanked by folded shutters, wide-open windows devoid of glass allow the tropical air to filter through the small storefront that is illuminated by the warm starlight. Smooth oak floors support a wide glass-fronted counter, while dark pine and teak planks cover the walls where a series of shelves are anchored by wrought iron supports. The keel of a small sailing vessel has been cleaved in twain to form the exiting archway.


  1. a bolt of unimpressive baft        12. a thick greyscale anklet
  2. a bolt of gauzy batiste            13. a double knotwork anklet
  3. a bolt of fine byssus              14. a red jute heart-woven barrette
  4. a bolt of undyed dimity            15. a simple knotwork barrette
  5. a bolt of silky faille             16. a five-pleated jute and hemp belt
  6. a bolt of translucent noil         17. an olivine sailor's bracelet
  7. a bolt of flimsy gauze             18. a cotton sailor's knot bracelet
  8. a bolt of sturdy oilcloth          19. a simple reef knot choker
  9. a bolt of plainly woven sarcenet   20. a woven knotwork choker
  10. a bolt of moire silk              21. a braided hemp and jute headband
  11. a bolt of elegant sea silk        22. a woven noil and byssus headband