Second Mayoral Debate 5116 for Wehnimer's Landing

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Judge Renpaw conducted this debate on March 18 between only two of the candidates, Puptilian and Cruxophim. Transcribed by TownCrier correspondent, Gasparr McDonough, with the thanks of everyone involved.

[The following notes of the debate on the 19th of Charlatos, 5116, have been edited for brevity. If any editing errors are made please bring them to my attention.]

Judge Renpaw's group just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Puptilian says, "Good luck."

Speaking affably to Puptilian, Cruxophim agrees, "And you."

Renpaw says, "Berkana? Please come down."

Berkana says, "Greetings gentlemen..."

Berkana says, "I think that applies."

Speaking politely to Berkana, Cruxophim muses, "Greetings, m'lady."

Puptilian says, "Evening."

Berkana asks, "Would you tell me just what sets you apart from the mishaps of some of our previous Mayors and perhaps one goal you would like to bring to your term?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Berkana, Cruxophim states, "Well, I believe the primary goal of the Mayor is to facilitate communication between the Council itself and the people of this town. To hear and consider ideas, suggestions, and complaints, and to present those in an orderly fashion for review... among other less exciting beauracratic duties, of course."

Cruxophim wryly jests, "I mean, it's no secret that the past mayors may have made a few mistakes here and there..."

Berkana says, "Just a few."

Cruxophim amicably continues, "But ultimately, we have survived... and that is a testament to our stubborness and ingenuity."

Speaking seriously to Berkana, Cruxophim states, "But as for myself, I would primarily like to tap the idea of the people. Many among us are full of genuinely clever ideas, and I feel that we may need that sort of unity in the days to come."

Cruxophim quietly corrects, "Ideas, rather... not singular."

Speaking thoughtfully to Berkana, Cruxophim says, "I'd also like to develop more programs for people to participate in, and to diversify the militia to be more inclusive."

Puptilian says, "What I have shown over the past year is that I can bring people together when the need calls for it. Those that do not always work well together have been representative when I reached out."

Puptilian says, "The one thing I guess I can say I do better then most have done is unite the people in need."

Oeath exclaims, "Hello again!"

Puptilian says, "Hello."

Oeath says, "Yesterday you both adroitly escaped by baited question about joining the empire and asserted our need for independence."

Renpaw says, "Your honor I obj...wait...proceed."

Oeath asks, "My question for you both today is what is the number one thing that will keep us independant and how will that difer from your rivals for mayor?"

Puptilian says, "What will keep us independent? All of us, the people of the Landing. Its not just something the mayor can do, or the council, or the miltia, but all of us. We dont give into pressure, we dont give away our rights, we continue to grow as a town into someting more then what we are now."

Puptilian says, "All I can tell you that I can do is to continue to work for the people in that. I can't force the council to vote the way I want but I can continue to push forward the wants of the people, keep the council honest in thier votes, and make sure the laws we set are kept."

Cruxophim calmly states, "We are a haven for a rather large number of powerful adventurers, for one thing. The Empire may have far greater numbers on their side, plain and simple, but what we have that they do not is the appeal of frontier freedom and independence, something that quite often attracts some of the most powerful individuals in the lands. And even as new people and refugees cross through our gates -- inexperienced now though they may be -- one day, they too will be powerful forces to be reckoned with. Regardless of the ideologies of the Landing, many people come from far and wide to defend it, simply because we represent something that the Empire does not: Freedom."

Cruxophim thoughtfully adds, "As for what I can bring... I have spent a good many months, nay... well over a year or two speaking to a wide variety of factions and individuals. I believe that each of them will be valuable allies in the days to come, and as such.. I have taken the time to actually listen to what they have to say."

Cruxophim slyly muses, "And let's be honest, I'm more willing to talk to unsavory types than some. I'm not a man afraid to get my boots dirty."

Ueru says, "I live in turtle Isle."

Puptilian says, "Yes you can."

Speaking cheerfully to Ueru, Cruxophim says, "Always."

Ueru says, "Recently we had a lady visit."

Ueru says, "She seemed rather odd.."

Ueru says, "Out of place if you could call her such."

Ueru says, "But rather she seemed in place."

Ueru says, "For the area."

Ueru says, "She spoke of names and people of which I had never heard of before."

Speaking fondly to Ueru, Cruxophim says, "River's Rest? Lovely place."

Ueru says, "The brotherhood."

Ueru says, "The bird of Torre."

Ueru says, "The rooks."

Ueru says, "Days beforehand."

Ueru says, "The man who dragged me into this room just now.."

Ueru says, "He appeared in town looking for the same las."

Speaking thoughtfully to Ueru, Cruxophim says, "I heard rumor of this."

Renpaw asks, "This tale has a question somewhere, yes?"

Ueru says, "Now.."

Ueru says, "Of course."

Ueru says, "Every story has an end."

Ueru says, "If there is trouble in any town.. be it this or that."

Ueru says, "What would your reaction be.."

Ueru says, "Being said the facts are sketchy at the leat."

Ueru says, "Least."

Ueru says, "Can you have a seat on a chair and know what to do in reaction."

Ueru exclaims, "And go!"

Cruxophim approvingly says, "A very... fluid question."

Puptilian says, "This town sees its share of people from all walks of life. If a person is there that seems out of place its not anything new. As long as they follow the laws of this town I will probably greet the person, tell them welcome to the Landing, and go on with my business."

Ueru says, "I may not have said as much as I should hve."

Ueru says, "But go ahead."

Speaking amusedly to Ueru, Cruxophim opines, "Well, reaction is a funny thing. Every circumstance often relates a different reaction, at times, and in dire times such circumstances often requires a quick mind to deal with the unexpected. As for new people? I fully support and welcome any newcomers, but let's be honest... this town has a way of sorting out its own undesirables."

Ueru says, "Well those who state threats to others."

Ueru says, "Specifically naming names."

Speaking lightly to Ueru, Cruxophim says, "As for spotting suspicious character, well... I spend a good deal of time among the people, helping out or having interesting conversations when I can. That won't necessarily change much if I'm elected, and my door will always be open. Having said that, however, I imagine I'll still be among the people... watching out for the suspicious types."

Speaking thoughtfully to Ueru, Cruxophim asks, "Can you clarify at all? Are we looking out for a particular person?"

Ueru says, "She was a girl who had a tattoo on her back."

Ueru says, "A bird of Torre as she called it."

Ueru says, "She mentioned a warning."

Speaking interestedly to Ueru, Cruxophim asks, "I'd love to speak of this later, perhaps after?"

Ueru says, "Someone else was supposed to carry it out."

Ueru says, "Of course."

Ueru says, "I meant to ask earlier but I didn't wan' to interrupt."

Chalica asks, "As a cleric of Lumnis, for me, learning is of the utmost important. Yes, questions about these recent troubles are all good and well, but we also have to keep our mind on the larger picture so we can thrive in whatever climate comes our way. What will you do to encourage learning in the Landing, from learning skills to learning our history and culture?"

Speaking eagerly to Chalica, Cruxophim states, "Well, for one thing... there are still a number of shrines to various Arkati that the Landing is lacking. I'd like to see those built, and when that happens, I believe those both bearing -- and seeking -- knowledge will be drawn to our fine town."

Speaking firmly to Chalica, Cruxophim opines, "But yes, I value knowledge above all else. Knowledge is the key to preparedness. Knowledge is the key to our survival, so much so that I have risked my own soul to learn what I can against the coming threats. Risky? Yes. But sometimes, risks must be taken for the greater reward."

Speaking sagaciously to Chalica, Cruxophim muses, "And knowledge comes in a variety of forms. I think we would all do well to remember that, and not disregard any of them."

Puptilian says, "The children are the future of the Landing. The best thing we can all do is to protect them and let them grow so that they can improve upon what we do today when its their turn to take over."

Speaking to Chalica, Puptilian says, "This town, its people, look to people like you. A cleric of Lumnis is someone perfect for teaching the children. We have groups like the Rone Academy that also do their part to teach the youth."

Puptilian says, "I thankfully as Mayor do not have to do much in this. Many of you have already the passion for doing this without the help of the mayor or any in the town government to come in and force any to do so. That said..."

Puptilian says, "I think one of the best resources we can use is our new muesuem curiator. Vynessa would be a great resource to coordinate the teach of the youth and one I would personally encourage to help you all."

Chalica says, "Thank you both."

Hapenlok says, "Would have been a decent question for three, guess it'll have to be two."

Hapenlok says, "Well, might as well pique the Magister's interest.....How do you both feel about us training our own mages, for combat purposes?"

Hapenlok says, "Among the militia, that is."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok asks, "Thought i was going to threaten you again, didcha?"

Puptilian says, "I think its a perfect idea. Just like swinging a sword or shooting an arrow, a mage needs to be able to train their own skill for the protection of the town. I would see no reasons why they wouldn't train for combat."

Speaking to Puptilian, Hapenlok asks, "Even if it attracts unwanted attention from know who?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Puptilian says, "Yes."

Speaking firmly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim states, "Absolutely. As I said, I am entirely behind pushing to expand and diversifying our militia, whether it be in orthodox forms... or otherwise. Mages, elementalists, even assassins, sorcerers, and necromancers are all talents that we have at our disposal. It seems a pity to waste them, when we could be unifying for the common good of the Landing."

Speaking amusedly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim reasons, "We are the Landing. We can decide what is 'normal' for ourselves."

Hapenlok says, "Well, a shame that Candidate Kylinarr can't be here. being a fellow practitioner...."

Hapenlok says, "Ah well."

Renpaw says, "Just to clarify, we do have magic users among the ranks of our militia. While it is not a powerful fighting force to rival the Imperial Drakes of elven mages, you know, it's not just all swordplay."

Frogmo says, "Hello I am Frogmo."

Frogmo asks, "'I have only this one question, how much of your personal fortune would you be willing to donate to the city coffers to become or remain mayor?"

Cruxophim wryly admits, "I've likely spent a good deal more than I care to admit to... all for charity, mind you. I was one of the largest contributors to the Orphanage for example, I believe, when it was first founded... simply because I wish this town to flourish, and sometimes that requires a little economic stimulus."

Cruxophim cheerfully adds, "Surprising, perhaps, but I'd like to think that I can keep surprising people from time to time."

Frogmo asks, "BUt that was in the past, what of now?"

Speaking quickly to Frogmo, Cruxophim adds, "Oh, and I'd be more than willing to continue donating... till my coffers are empty. Because at the end of the day, the town is worth it."

Cruxophim wryly asks, "And what am I gonna spend it on? Goats to sacrifice?"

Puptilian says, "I like to think that the people of this town would vote for more then how much a person has. I am one that have little means in the way of money and one that dont carry weight in how much one can brag about how much they spent or donated."

Puptilian says, "The elections is about the people picking who they think will be the best servant to this town."

Frogmo says, "Answered like a true politician."

Frogmo says, "Thank you."

Puptilian says, "I would gladly donate all my money as it is very little but if you tell me I had to, to become mayor then I would step away. I would not be part of a town that thinks its about money and not the person."

Frogmo says, "Thank you both."

Renpaw asks, "First, what do you think is your biggest weakness, and strength, and how will you overcome the first, and channel the latter for the betterment of this town?"

Renpaw says, "Puptilian, Cruxophim."

Puptilian says, "I believe my biggest weakness is that I do try to make everyone happy."

Puptilian says, "Its a weakness because I try to hard to please all and find frustration in that. its been a lesson learned over the last year."

Puptilian says, "That I had to realize that no matter what I do or say, there will always be someone that does not agree."

Puptilian says, "I think my greatest strength is the ability to listen to all that come to me with their opinions, concerns, or worries."

Puptilian says, "Over the year I have talked in public and private with many different groups of this town. Those I agree with and those I do not."

Puptilian says, "But I do take the time to listen to all that want my time and in many cases over the past year it has brought insight where I never expected it."

Puptilian says, "As for the last part of the question, I believe I will always have a problem with my weakness. I work hard to do for as many people as I can. Its about having to accept it and move on."

Cruxophim calmly states, "That one is fairly simple, for me: the darkness that has plagued my life, both willingly and unwillingly. I make no secret of it, and I certainly do not hide it. But at the same time, as I said previously... those experiences have shaped me and made me stronger, and have given me a world of insight that I would not have had otherwise. My greatest weakness IS my greatest strength, for I plan to put that acquired knowledge and perspective to use for our fair town... while relying on the trust and faith of my friends and this good town to make sure that I remain in check. After all... If you wish to fight demons and the armies of the Undead, you send a paladin; but if you are preparing to fight a unspeakable evil veiled in a shroud of light and virtue, well... you'd best know a thing or two about shadows."

Cruxophim calmly opines, "And I believe that a man truly CAN overcome his demons... for the greater good of the town that he loves."

Cruxophim taps a simple gold pin that reads, "I Support Mayor Walkar." that he is wearing.

Cruxophim simply murmurs, "It's something that I must believe."

Renpaw says, "Thank you."

Renpaw says, "My final question for the night, and then we'll do another closing statement if you both wish..."

Renpaw asks, "As briefly as possible, what are your top three priorities for the next year, were you to be elected, or re-elected Mayor?"

Renpaw says, "And by next year I mean, the rest of this year."

Speaking thoughtfully to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "One: Reach out to the people. Hear their ideas, their thoughts, their concerns, and find ways to present these ideas to the Council."

Cruxophim calmly adds, "Two: Find ways to bolster our own internal economy. The Landing is self-sufficient, but it needs -- and can -- become even more so, I believe. As I said, we're clever and resourceful... together, we will find a way."

Cruxophim whimsically notes, "Perhaps flax."

Speaking darkly to Renpaw, Cruxophim states, "Three: Prepare for what is to come regarding a certain individual who seems to be rising to power. For that.... we absolutely must be prepared, for when the scouring light of judgment seeks to spread its power... where do you think it will turn first?"

Cruxophim wryly says, "We have a bit of a reputation, after all... one that I'm rather fond of, but we will likely be judged for that."

Cruxophim cheerfully concludes, "I have faith in our people, though. And our ballistas."

Puptilian says, "First is the most important. Improve our defenses. Increase our militia numbers, find new ways to continue to defend ourselves, and improve relations with allies for our time in need if we find ourselves with a greater enemy."

Puptilian says, "Next is to continue to improve trade. The more we improve trade the better conditions in the town will be. This includes setting up a bazaar for merchants in town, the expansion of our shipyards to start building and utilizing river boats for more trade, and to remove gate charges to allow the flow of trade be unhindered."

Puptilian says, "The third idea while already mentioned loops back into the first two."

Puptilian says, "And that is to continue to improve relations with our allies. Over the years we have lost some, gain others, and have some lapse for various reasons. If our fears are true and we have to worry about enemies from afar, I believe bein able to call on allies when in need is for the best of the town. The first ally I would get back in touch with I would start with Mule."

Renpaw nods.

Renpaw says, "Thank you both."

Renpaw exclaims, "We'll end with closing statements. I'll give you each a minute. Also, for those listening above, remember, voting begins on the 25th throughthe 29th of this month!"

Renpaw says, "Closing statements. Puptilian, Cruxophim."

Renpaw turns an inquisitive ear toward Puptilian.

Puptilian says, "Over the last year, you have seen the rebuilding of the town, the increase in trade again, and a unity in the defense of this town. You know the type of leader I am and have seen what I do under pressure. Many of you have told me that while you may not always agree with what I say or do you respect me and will follow me. I like to think by now you all know what to expect from me and what I bring to the town. So I ask you, do you want to continue the growth we have seen with my leadership you can trust or do you want to take a chance and hope that others will stay true to what they have told you over the last month?"

Puptilian says, "Thank you."

Cruxophim cheerfully states, "People tend to underestimate me, which normally is something that I normally -encourage-, as things are far more fun that way... but make no mistake: I AM a capable leader, and if you put your trust in me, I will see to it that you get a fair and equal voice. I may be a bit different, a bit odd, and bit rough around the edges in some ways -- okay, a lot of ways --but honestly, isn't that what this town is all about? I believe that everyone should have the chance to put their past behind them and to PROVE their worth, and I ask you -- the people of Landing -- to grant me that chance now. Let us unite, not in our similarities.. but in our differences. Let us celebrate our uniqueness, our diversity, and work together in the days to come."

Cruxophim loudly cries, "Let us build a BETTER Landing!"

Renpaw says, "Thank you both very much for your time."

Renpaw says, "To the audience above, I thank you as well."

Puptilian says, "Again thank you for running this Judge."

Speaking affably to Renpaw, Cruxophim agrees, "As well, both to you and the audience."

After reviewing my notes and pondering on what each candidate has said. Cruxophim seems to be a rather eloquent man. Puptilian is concise and forthwith. Can either of these men run the office of Mayor for Wehnimer's Landing? I believe either man will do the best that they are able to in that regard. Since Kylinarr was a no show at this night's debate, I believe he has sealed his fate in the running of this race. It is not up to me how this is voted on. I merely am stating the facts. The decision is in your hands citizens of Wehnimer's Landing. Choose well.

[Town Crier Correspondent] Gasparr McDonough