Sem's Salvaged

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Sem's Salvaged is a specialty shop in River's Rest. This particular shop is not a part of the town proper but is located within The Warren.

[The Warren, Sem's Salvaged]
Open crates are stacked on open crates and barrels, filled with miscellaneous items from weapons to women's clothing. Sem leans at the back of the store, carefully cleaning his fingernails with a large dirk. A sign hangs above his head, "All items legally salvaged," the reading in apparent contrast to the mint and fine condition of much of the merchandise. In the corner, rests a small crystal ball set atop a crate of hay, the object of fascination for children wandering in and out of the shop.


Welcome to Sem's Salvaged!
Sem offers his catalog to browse.
Sem exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a dark green cotton cloak        8. an iron dancing turtle statuette
  2. a vultite mace                   9. a polished copper Aeia figurine
  3. a worn stuffed rabbit toy        10. a curved bronze hilted imflass dagger
  4. a stuffed aardvark toy           11. a pair of dark leather breeches
  5. a dark leather vest              12. a round vultite shield
  6. a kakore runestaff               13. an engraved vultite falchion
  7. a pair of large pearl earrings   14. a red leather cap

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.