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Posts relating to sheer fear mechanics.


Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Announcements
Message #: 129
Author: GS4-IXIX
Date: 02/13/2022 06:12 PM CST
Subject: Sheer fear Updates

Hi everybody,

The Sheer Fear mechanic has been updated. Here are the details of how Sheer Fear works now:

Interacting with a level 20+ undead creature that is effectively 10 or more levels higher than you will result in Sheer Fear. A level difference of 10-14 will result in minor fear and a 15+ level difference will result in major fear.

Your effective level calculation checks for Bravery (211) (+3), Heroism (215) (+3), Dauntless (1606) (+3), Symbol of Courage (+3), Sanctified armor (+1 per tier), a Sanctified shield (+1 per tier), a Sanctified runestaff (+½ per tier, does not combine with a sanctified shield's bonus), a Lichbane talisman(+10/+20/immunity), Voln armor (+3 at tier 2, +6 at tier 4), and the Ghezyte chelioboros jewelry (+1 per tier) when determining the result. These modifiers are unchanged from the current implementation.

Major fear will force you into a kneeling position (unless you’re already prone/sitting), and offensive stance. Both types of fear will result in 3-8 seconds of Stagger round time, and a 30 second Horrified effect.

Major fear will result in a cycle of warding attempts every 12 seconds to fight off the fear - failure to do so will refresh the Horrified effect, force you back to your knees, and apply another set of Stagger round time.

Your warding defense is modified by: your discipline stat ([Disc - 40] / 5), being a member of Voln (+⅓ per rank in Voln), having the Symbol of Courage active (+⅓ per rank in Voln), Self Control (613) (+5), Bravery (211) (+5), Heroism (215) (+10), Kai’s Triumph (1007) (+3), Song of Valor (1010) (+5), Dauntless (1606) (+10), and Warcry (+2). These modifiers are unchanged from the original implementation. New bonuses are given if the creature in question is disabled (+10) or if it is dead (again) or no longer present in the same room (+25).

The Horrify effect is new, and will penalize your AS, DS, CS, TD, and SMR rolls. The AS/DS penalties are (creature level / 2.85), the CS/TD penalties are (creature level / 4.75), and the SMR penalty is (creature level / 4). Against a level 100 creature, this results in -35 AS/DS, -21 CS/TD, and a 25 SMR penalty.


Discussion thread:,%20Magic,%20and%20Character%20Mechanics/Hunting%20Grounds/thread/1947989


Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Ta'Illistim Hunting Areas
Message #: 1059
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 5/16/2007 2:50:28 PM
Subject: Re: Griffin Schreech and Inf?

>>I believe Bravery, Heroism and Symbol of Courage are the only defenses against fear based attacks.

Plus Self Control (613), Song of Valor (1010), and Dauntless (1606) and the factors I already mentioned.

- GM Oscuro -

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: Voln - General Discussion
Message #: 892
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 7/26/2012 06:58 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Sheer fear

>>Can you give us a bit of a clue as to how much that bonus is? I get hit by it probably slightly more often than not when hunting Liches, but almost never vs Soul Siphons, so I have something of an idea, but am wishing I didn't have to mess with lichbane talismans.

Symbol of Courage, as well as Bravery (211), Heroism (215) and Dauntless (1606) each grant 3 effective levels vs sheer fear.

GameMaster Oscuro


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: Voln - General Discussion
Message #: 518-521
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 8/16/2008 10:06:55 AM
Subject: Re: Sheer Fear

>Sheer fear is 5 and 10, not 10 and 15. It's pretty simple to test.

The lesser fear starts at 10 level difference and the greater fear starts at 15 level difference. Note that BCS creatures of higher level can fluctuate from their base level by +/- 5 levels.

- GM Oscuro -

Lichbane Talismans

Category: Magic Spells/Systems
Topic: Voln - Alchemy Discussions
Message #: 9500
Date: 10/11/2009 9:00:28 PM
Subject: Lichbane Ein Berliner

If you haven't been following the Rift expansion event being discussed in the Pinefar hunting folder, you may have missed the fact that one of the early and unexpected outcomes of the event was the discovery of three new cleric trinkets, pieced together from scraps of journal entries, which were themselves the ravings of a lunatic mind. The puzzle was solved a little while ago by a number of very dedicated players, cleric and non-cleric alike.

The items are called lichbane talismans. When worn and rubbed, they will provide a TD boost to fear-based spells as well as provide phantom levels to help avoid the effects of sheer fear. In fact, the top-tier talisman will make a person immune to both of these as long as the talisman is active.

The minor talisman is a rank 9 trinket. The lesser talisman is rank 33, and the greater talisman is rank 55. All are teachable by the NPCs and learnable from the library as of now (sensible enough since a recognized Guild Master and triple alchemy Master made the first trinkets).

QUESTION for those who participated: Was getting the new recipes in this way enjoyable? Is it something you'd ever like to do again in a different setting? Was questing around for possible ingredients, journal pages, and deciphering their contents too easy, too hard, too annoying?