Self Control (613)

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Self Control (613)
Mnemonic [SELFCONTR]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration + 60 sec per Ranger Base
Span Stackable
Defensive Magic  
Subtype DS (melee)
TD (spiritual)
Defensive Strength +20 + special (melee) 
Target Defense +20 + special (spiritual) 
Enhancement Disarming Traps, Aim 
Availability Self-cast  
Ranger Base Spells
Natural Colors (601) Defensive
Resist Elements (602) Defensive
Wild Entropy (603) Attack
Nature's Bounty (604) Utility
Barkskin (605) Defensive
Phoen's Strength (606) Offensive
Sounds (607) Attack
Camouflage (608) Offensive
Sun Burst (609) Attack
Tangle Weed (610) Attack
Moonbeam (611) Attack
Breeze (612) Utility
Self Control (613) Defensive
Imbue (614) Utility
Call Swarm (615) Attack
Spike Thorn (616) Attack
Sneaking (617) Utility
Mobility (618) Defensive
Mass Calm (619) Attack
Resist Nature (620) Utility
Nature's Touch (625) Defensive
Animal Companion (630) Utility
Nature's Fury (635) Attack
Wall of Thorns (640) Defensive
Assume Aspect (650) Utility

Self Control allows the caster to focus better and provides a bonus to melee defensive strength (DS) and spiritual target defense (TD). In focusing better, a caster has a greater chance to spot and disarm traps, resist sheer fear-based attacks, and betters the aim of ranged attackers. The defensive strength granted by this spell improves by one for every two ranks in Ranger Base ranks above 13 and the aiming bonus granted to archers and hurlers also increases with ranks. Target defense increases with training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings.

Total DS bonus = 20 + trunc(600s ranks - 13)/2

The bonus for this spell is capped at the caster's level, or a maximum of 63.

Unlike other spells with increasing bonuses, the mana cost does not increase and always remains a flat 13 mana.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings provides an additional bonus to the spell's +20 base spiritual TD bonus of 1 per seed 5 summation of ranks.

Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 0 5 11 18 26 35 45 56 68 81 95 110 126 143
Total spiritual TD bonus 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33


You feel an aura of natural confidence surrounding you.
You feel the aura of confidence leave you.