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List of Shell Armor

Original Release

  • some browned cowrie shell armor (originally 3x brigandine, now 6x, 49/325, 24lbs, currently owned by Mijunkin)

Foehn's Promise '05 Auctions

  • some browned cowrie shell armor (3x chain hauberk, 49/325, not enchantable, won by Saltstone)
  • some striated conch shell armor (3x brigandine, 49/325, reportedly enchantable by wizard or merchant, won by Elegance)
  • some lobster shell armor (3x half plate, 49/325, won by Kaelael)
  • some bowed crown shell armor (3x double chain, won by Azaton for 4 million)
  • some spiked crab shell armor (3x leather breastplate, 49/225, won by Bloodthorn for 4.6 million)
  • some swirled abalone shell armor (3x double leather, 49/325, won by Neox for 4.5 million)


when turned it creates a shell around you that acts as its own room.

Sample room description:

[Striated Conch Shell, Inside]
You barely make out in the dim light filtering through several holes in the rough, hexagonally patterned walls and floor of your prison. Obvious exits: none


turn knob

First Person: As you twist the small knob, you hear a loud "CLANG!" and feel your shell armor expand and surround you.

Third Person: "CLANG!" You notice a (armor description) where moments before, (person) had been.

First Person: A loud clicking noise starts and suddenly the shell splits and spits you out.

Third Person: A clicking noise begins to come from a (armor description), a sudden, loud "CRACK!" and (person) is there and the shell isn't.


While in the shell you can peer hole to see outside of the shell

Sticking your eye against the hole, you are just able to make out what lies outside. (ROOM DESCRIPTION)

Lore Song

Your surroundings blur outward in a rolling wave from your center. Darkness settles around you and the smell of dampness pervades your senses as you become aware of your new surroundings. Water drips in runnels down the sides of bare stone walls and the smell of charcoal and sulphur floats on the air. Flickering torches lie ensconced in braziers that stand sentry before a heavy oak door. Penetrating the door is a small square window bisected by solid steel bars. Stretching up, you are able to peer through the window at the scene in the room beyond. At odds with the exterior hall, the room beyond is neat and dry, boxes and crates stacked to one side, magic paraphenalia and workbenches on the other. Working in a steady and precise manner are a number of dwarfs, each totally focused on the shell-like objects that lie before them on the benches. The scene fades and momentarily you get the impression of the same room but dark and disordered. Finally exhausted from your effort, you blink your eyes and return to the present.