Shield Mind

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Shield Mind
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Paladins
Mnemonic [MIND]
Cost 15
Requirements ensorcelled or veil iron/krodera/kroderine shield
Prerequisites Spell Block rank 2
Rank Cost
1 6  
2 12 
3 18

Shield Mind is a shield specialization maneuver that allows you to become temporarily immune to warding magic. Activating the maneuver places you in defensive stance and gives you a 10 second period during which warding spells will automatically fail as long as you are in defensive stance. There is a brief recovery period during which the maneuver may not be activated.

Rank 1: 120 second recovery period
Rank 2: 90 second recovery period
Rank 3: 45 second recovery period
A vesperti enfolds her wings around herself.
>shield mind
(Setting stance to defensive)
You focus deeply upon your inset veil iron shield, pushing all other thoughts from your mind, thereby forcing any incoming attacks against your mind or soul to penetrate your shield first.
Roundtime: 3 sec.
>stance def
You are now in a defensive stance.
A vesperti points a clawed finger at you!
Your intense focus directs the magical attack straight into your inset veil iron shield, which blocks it!
Your focus on shielding your mind and soul falters.
As the tendril of swirling gray magic leaves the vesperti, it is deflected away from you and dissipates harmlessly into the air.