Shield Pin

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Shield Pin
Mnemonic [pin]
Type Attack
Roundtime ATTACK-1
Stamina Cost 15
Offensive Gear Both hands
Requirements Training in Shield Bash will increase the success chances of your diversionary shield bash.
Attributes Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Shield Defensive Bonus
Shield Size Modifiers
Racial Size Modifiers
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors
Available In Shield Specializations
Prerequisites Shield Bash (at rank 2)
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10


Pin your foe between a shield and attack for extra damage.


You launch an diversionary shield bash that deals no damage, immediately followed by an attack. If your initial shield bash is successful, your subsequent weapon attack will gain additional critical weighting based on the initial shield bash's margin of success. The initial shield bash uses your ranks of Shield Bash for determining success, modified by your ranks in Shield Pin (-20 to success chance at Rank 1, -15 at Rank 2, -10 at Rank 3, -5 at Rank 4, and no penalty at Rank 5).

Additional Information


You attempt to expose a vulnerability with a diversionary shield bash on a grey orc!
[Roll result: 204 (open d100: 95) Bonus: 4]
Your bash connects!
You manage to expose a vulnerability for the briefest of moments!
You swing a maple-hafted veil iron broad axe at a grey orc!
  AS: +179 vs DS: +94 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +67 = +190
   ... and hit for 49 points of damage!
   Hard blow to the grey orc's ear!
   Deep gash and a terrible headache!
   The grey orc is stunned!
Roundtime: 5 sec.