Shield Pin

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Shield Pin
Available To Warriors
Mnemonic [PIN]
Cost 15
Requirements None
Prerequisites Shield Bash rank 2
Rank Cost
1 2  
5 10

Shield Pin is a shield specialization maneuver allowing you to launch a diversionary shield bash and follow it with a weapon attack. The effectiveness of the diversionary bash is determined by your ranks in Shield Bash, with a -20 penalty that is reduced by 5 per rank after the first. A successful bash does not damage, but adds critical weighting to the following weapon attack. Spikes and flares on the shield can activate.


You attempt to expose a vulnerability with a diversionary shield bash on a grey orc!
[Roll result: 204 (open d100: 95) Bonus: 4]
Your bash connects!
You manage to expose a vulnerability for the briefest of moments!
You swing a maple-hafted veil iron broad axe at a grey orc!
  AS: +179 vs DS: +94 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +67 = +190
   ... and hit for 49 points of damage!
   Hard blow to the grey orc's ear!
   Deep gash and a terrible headache!
   The grey orc is stunned!
Roundtime: 5 sec.