Shield Bash

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Shield Bash
Mnemonic [sbash]
Activating Verb CMAN
Type Setup
Roundtime 3s
Stamina Cost 9
Offensive Gear Left hand
Requirements Requires a shield.
Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Racial Size Modifiers
Shield Defensive Bonus
Shield Size Modifiers
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Paladins
Available In Shield Specializations
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 10


Attempt to wallop your foe with your shield.


Maneuver a target with your shield, dealing minor impact and minor unbalance damage. Applies Vulnerable to the target for (15 + (Rank * 5)) seconds and Staggered for (Success Margin / 5) seconds, and reduces stance.

Additional Information

As of the Player System Manager - Phase 3 update, the versions of Shield Bash available via CMAN and SHIELD are the same.


  • Shield Bash ranks.
  • Shield use ranks.
  • Endroll.
  • Shield size.
  • A random roll for damage level, heavily modified by the aforementioned factors.
  • Basher vs. Target size.

Stun duration, knockdowns, and forced stance change are calced independently based on the damage level of the hit. Larger shields give a penalty to hit but a bonus to the hidden roll for effects.

Creatures that use this maneuver


You lunge forward at a rolton with your vultite greatshield and attempt a shield bash!
[SMR result: 218 (Open d100: 83, Bonus: 6)]
Your size contributes slightly to the attack!
You lash out with an awesome shield bash!
   ... 30 points of damage!
   Hard blow to left hand breaking bones!
The rolton collapses to the ground, emits a final bleat, and dies.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Other Information


Endroll Descriptor
101-105 Weak
106-111 Light
112-117 Quick
118-123 Sharp
124-129 Mediocre
130-135 Half-hearted
136-141 Fair
142-147 Solid
148-153 Strong
154-159 Competent
160-165 Skilled
166-171 Crushing
172-177 Expert
178-183 Terrific
184-189 Lucky
190-195 Hard
196-201 Slamming
202-207 Superb
208+ Awesome