Shield Trample

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Shield Trample
Mnemonic [trample]
Type Setup
Roundtime 4s
Stamina Cost 14
Offensive Gear Left hand
Requirements Smaller shields provide a penalty to success chances.
Attributes Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Shield Defensive Bonus
Shield Size Modifiers
Racial Size Modifiers
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors
Available In Shield Specializations
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10


Instead of attempting to wound your foes with a shield charge, you have learned how to best send them careening into one another, knocking them down and sowing havoc on the battlefield.


If you are successful upon attacking your primary target, it will be sent careening into another foe on the battlefield before falling to the ground. If a secondary maneuver check is passed, that foe will also be knocked down. All foes successfully affected by this maneuver will suffer Roundtime. Applies Vulnerable for (15 + (Rank * 5)) seconds and Staggered for (5 + (Success Margin / 6)) seconds to any target hit.

Additional Information


Kerl raises his krodera wall shield and charges headlong towards a half-krolvin highwayman!
[Roll result: 145 (open d100: 26)]
Kerl's charge connects!
Kerl slams into the half-krolvin highwayman, who is sent careening headlong into a nearby group of combatants as he falls to the ground!

A half-elven bandit is struck!
[Roll result: 220 (open d100: 101)]
The half-elven bandit is knocked to the ground!

A gnomish brigand is struck!
[Roll result: 166 (open d100: 47)]
The gnomish brigand is knocked to the ground!