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Silk is a type of woven fabric that is comprised of a protein extruded by insect larvae. Silk tends to have a shimmering appearance, is smooth and soft, and is quite durable until wet.

Common Types of Silk Fabrics
Silk Name Silk Description
Aqilorn Blend of silk and thread-of-vaalorn.
Bourde A striped silk used in formal and ceremonial garments by dark elves.
Brocade Heavy, exquisite jacquard-type fabric with an all-over raised pattern or floral design.
Brocatelle Jacquard weave similar to brocade but thicker and heavier, with figures in higher relief.
Cendal Thin and light, this silk material has historically been used to make ceremonial clothing and banners. Alternative spelling is sendal.
Charmeuse Light- to midweight silk that is shiny on one side and crepe-like on the other.
Chiffon Sheer lightweight silk that is light and airy.
Dupioni Crisp fabric with a brilliant sheen.
Lotus Silk Silk made from lotus stems. See release document: Erithi Fashion
Marbrinus Woven silk cloth which resembles veined marble.
Moire silk Corded fabric with a distinctive wavy pattern. Also called watermarked.
Naraina Specialized type of lotus silk from Atan Irith (made from the salt water lotus found only there). The stems of these flowers tend toward a softer, more supple weave and hints of their unusual silvery green coloring dot even the best dye job. See release document: Erithi Fashion
Organza Crisp, sheer, and lightweight, organza is frequently used in formalwear.
Saenira Silk made by aelotoi from multiple fibers, including bee and cricket silk.
Spidersilk Fabric woven from the silk webbing of various spiders. Also known by some as gossamer.
Taffeta Plain weave, medium-weight fabric with lots of body and sheen.
Velvet Heavy-duty and durable, silk velvet is thought to be one of the most expensive silk fabrics made. The surface is smooth with a lustrous sheen with threads that shimmer when reflecting light.
Watered Similar to moire, watered silk is a patterned textile that provides an illusory water effect.