Slippery Mind

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Slippery Mind
Mnemonic [slipperymind]
Type Martial Stance
Stamina Cost 20
Requirements None
Available To Rogues, Monks
Available In Combat Maneuvers
Rank Square
1 4  
3 12 
5 -


This is a Martial Stance. While under its effects, you have a chance to avoid the effects of warding spells outright. This chance is 9% per rank while wearing cloth armor, 7% per rank in leather armor, 5% per rank in scale armor, 3% per rank in chain armor, and 1% per rank in plate armor.

Additional Information

Avoidance Chance

The following table contains the per rank avoidance percentages for each armor group.

Rank Cloth (AG1) Leather (AG2) Scale (AG3) Chain (AG4) Plate (AG5)
1 9% 7% 5% 3% 1%
2 18% 14% 10% 6% 2%
3 27% 21% 15% 9% 3%

Note: The cloth armor group (AG1) includes robes.



>cman slip
You focus inward and prepare to blank your mind at a moment's notice.

Monk appears to focus inward for a moment and her face takes on a curiously blank expression.


!>stop stance
You relax your mind and are no longer prepared to blank it at a moment's notice.

Monk relaxes and no longer appears to be focusing inward.


Empath gestures at you.
You quickly blank your mind and manage to avoid the effects of the magical attack!

>prep 102
You gesture while calling upon the lesser spirits to aid you with the Spirit Barrier spell...
Your spell is ready.
>cast monk
You gesture at Monk.
Monk's face goes blank for a moment before returning to normal, as she successfully avoids the effects of the magical attack!
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.


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