Small Wonders

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Small Wonders is the cleric shop in Northern Caravansary. It is located two south of Stonebiter's Gemporium. It sells an assortment of non-enchanted sanctified weapons. A deed mechanism is located through the curtain.

[Small Wonder Clerics' Tent]
A polished modwir weapon rack and a long thanot display case fill most of the tent, leaving little room for customers, though there is one central aisle with room enough for a paunchy priest. The items on display all gleam with the pride of their maker. You also see a black canvas curtain, a wooden sign and the cleric Brother Welton.


Welcome to Small Wonders!

Brother Welton offers his catalog to browse.
Welton exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a white blade            5. a sanctified jeddart-axe
  2. a sanctified backsword   6. a consecrated awl-pike
  3. a holy greatsword        7. a pure potion
  4. a monk's military pick   8. a white flask

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.