Small iron bell

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


A small iron bell


Cast from molten iron, this tiny bell features a small ball-shaped copper clapper attached to a twisted wire dangling from a tiny loop crafted near the inside top.  A leather strap looping through a ring serves to fasten the bell to most any item for convenience.  A centered embossing, pressed by a wooden stamp features the crest of Kalaza.


No other details are known.


The tone of your song is quickly overshadowed by the rhythmic clanging of metal upon metal that echoes in your head. With each sharp sound, your vision quickens to reveal a dwarven lad hard at work in a forge. Already, a finished iron bell almost twice his size stands off to one side, the surface polished smooth.

A wall of fire greets your initial notes, and pulling the vision back you find yourself still within a forge. Time has passed, and now a steel horn sits next the bell, its metal-sheeted surface looking much like a patchwork quilt along the surface of the instrument. The young dwarf now tinkers with an elaborate pulley system suspended over the polishing stone.

As you sing, your song interweaves with another, the songs of labor and work sung by a group of dwarves as they haul the wood crate-encased bell to the mouth of a cavern. There it is mounted on a huge lintel supported by several beams.

Your vision shifts, this time you see the steel horn on a similar journey. Dwarves struggle with their load up a flight of granite stairs, where a brass mounting awaits on the landing, to be fitted around the instrument.

Like a panorama, the vision takes in the whole of the day in a fleeting moment. Khazi Khazar wakes early and dresses quickly, turning to the portrait of his mother and father hanging on the wall. Softly he says, "I do this for us all, so that none suffer as you did at the hands of orcs."

A startling flash as the image converts, berserking orcs run rampant as they slaughter dwarves left and right, in a bloody massacre.

You return to the vision of Khazi, as he heads into the cavern mouth and begins to pull the rope attached to the giant clapper. The clanging of the bell as the sun rises signals the start of the morning, and the dwarves begin to gather together in great numbers, making their way to work. Quickly the sun and clouds streak across the sky, pale and golden in the early dawn to lavender and pink as the evening arrives. Khazi climbs massive granite stairs, resting at the topmost landing. He takes a deep breath as he prepares, and as he blows into the instrument, the low rumbling sound of the horn echoes out over the lands above the caverns, alerting the dwarves to gather and return home for rest.