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Khazi Khazar was the first Dwarven Overlord. He began construction on the city of Kalaza deep within the bowels of the DragonSpine in -34,845.

After Khazi Khazar lost his parents to orcs, he forged an iron bell and a steel horn, both twice the size of the average dwarf. Each day, before the dwarves arose from their slumber to set about their daily tasks, he would ring this huge bell and all those within all the caverns would be awakened by its tone. As to signal those who traveled above (trading, chopping lumber, and hunting for food) to return from their day's journey, he would climb up the granite stair and sound the steel horn. This signified the time to gather and rest. In gathering together in great numbers in the halls of Kalaza, the dwarves were safe from loss to invasion.

The dwarves named Khazi their first Dwarven Overking. Horns and bells were used throughout the UnderGrounds to signify safety, arrival, and departure. Three blasts from the horn meant danger, and three strikes of the bells would answer the call to arms. Always, a single blast from the horn or a single strike from the bell meant that all was safe to return home. And although the dwarven clans were spread throughout much of the DragonSpine range, it was the simple brilliance of Khazi Khazar that kept the dwarves ultimately unified as a race.

Under the guidance of Khazi Khazar, the dwarves of Kalaza began to create simple buildings to facilitate the trading of silvers, gems, ores, weapons and armor from one clan to the next.


There is a statue of Khazi Khazar standing on Ora Street in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. The statue is just west of the present schoolhouse, and teachers often bring their pupils to the statue.

>look granite statue
The dwarf's proud features are finely-carved, with nuggets of black glaes inset as the eyes. He is clad all in plate armor, a crown atop his head. His arms are crossed against his barrel chest, the right hand bearing a warhammer, the left hand grasping a scepter. A steel plaque is affixed to the base.
>read plaque
In the Common language, it reads:
Khazi Khazar, hero, king, founder of lost Khalaza, father to all clans.

In the Kharam Dzu Player run shop area is called Canyon Alley, Khazar Way. In the first room of the shop area, there is a bell in tribute.

Sitting in a niche carved into the canyon wall is a small iron bell, a miniature memorial to Khazi Khazar. Occasionally, a young child pauses to ring the tintinnabulum, only to be guided back to the business at hand by an earnest parent.
>ring/wave bell
You gently ring the bell, creating a cascade of soft tones.
>tap bell
You hear a melodious tune as you tap the bell.
>turn bell
You hear a soft tinkling as you slowly turn the bell.

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