Socius Leiffen

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Socius Leiffen
Storyline The Nazhor Chronicles
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Alias/Title Scion, Headsman, Butcher (by The Flock)

Socius Leiffen was one time Headsman of Mist Harbor. He came into that role after claiming Four Winds Isle as part of an inheritance.


You see Socius Leiffen.
He appears to be a Human.
He is plain-looking in every regard save his eyes, and has a huge scar running the length of his right cheek and down across the front of his neck.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has piercing light green eyes and deeply tanned skin.  He has a bald head.  He has an intense face and a narrow nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a tall-collared ashen wool longcoat fastened at the shoulder, an aspen green silk shirt faintly patterned with feathers, an obsidian ring inlaid with delicate white ivory runes, a narrow leather pouch, some pressed charcoal grey trousers, and a pair of slim grey boots with a verdant tinge.


The last remaining member of the Leiffen family, Socius claims ownership of Four Winds Isle as a portion of his inheritance, which has been rumored to be substantial. For a time, he served as the Headsman of Mist Harbor, though he eschewed the formal title. Briefly in the spring of 5119, Socius was "switched" with another version of himself from an alternate reality by the Meek, Nazhor. In addition to confusion about his circumstance and surroundings, the location of his facial scar appeared on the left instead of the right. He has shown a series of remarkable abilities, though he has intimated on several occasions that he was only able to do so through the provenance of his father. When his father passed, so too did many of Socius' displays of magical power, though he remains very formidable in his own right. Using those powers, he has been able to prevent the healing and resurrection of those whom he chooses to harm.

He is known for taking his duties as protector of the people very seriously. He is also known for his anger issues and lack of control, having flown into more than one murderous rage when provoked, or when those whom he is sworn to defend are threatened. Historically he has been at odds with The Flock, working against them and their agents. In a violent display of aggression, he tore Nehor limb from limb but due to the public nature of the display as well as the fact that they were nominal allies against Nazhor at the time, he recused himself from his leadership position, leaving control to Headswoman Selbi.

His current whereabouts are unknown, though rumor has it he still works against the Flock from the shadows, and any others he feels would threaten his Isle.