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The Flock is an organized but fluid group of players that seek to cause mischief and grasp power on Four Winds Isle during Quilic Story time. Anyone and everyone is invited to scheme and plot with or against them. The organization was formed by a group of like-minded individuals in response to threats posed on Mist Harbor, usually taking on the side considered to be the antagonist in the stories.


After the great Council of Light schism, which found the Wehnimer's Landing chapter destroyed and spread into the wind, many council members came together to create new chapters in new towns. The two most successful were Solhaven and Ta'Vaalor, which managed to establish completely new chapters by subverting the local laws and remaining unknown while growing in power. This process of members coming together and attempting to gain a foothold in an area played out time and again throughout Elanthia. Each group would usually give themselves a nickname to further reinforce their shared goals and promote a sense of teamwork within the historically self-centered members. The Flock is in the fledgling beginnings of this process, this is their story...


During the lead up to The Nazhor Chronicles, Nehor came into contact with Nazhor and spotted an opportunity to further the agenda of Council of Light in gaining power and influence. Bringing together a group of like minded-adventurers under the promise of access to powerful artifacts supplied by Nazhor, The Flock was born. One of the first official actions of The Flock was the interrogation of Ilsola while she was imprisoned by Socius, a man the Flock calls "The Butcher".

Schemes and Propaganda

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While most Flock members operate in secret, there are a few vocal members and known associates.

Flockmaster Nehor
Brother Ordim
Brother Talinvor
Fledgling Chamalice

Known Associates

Aleid, the Starling
Kioya, the Osprey
Lisbethany, the Baker


Member Portraits