Solano Hall

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Solano Hall is the Premium Hall located within Zul Logoth. Solano Hall is unique in that it is built around a waterfall.


To reach it, go to the furrier in the Crystalline Cavern (Lich #9407), GO GATE, GO ARCH. Or, if you prefer--from the Monument: NORTH, GO GATE, GO GRANITE ARCH.

Premium Teleportation Jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a wooden black table covered with gold silk on the Rainbow Landing (Lich #20691).

On the black table you see a shovel-etched dark granite amulet, a graduated azurite bead necklace, a richly hued eostone armband, a burnished toadstool pendant, a pale opal mushroom beardclip, a steel crossed pickaxe medallion, a multihued heavy glaes wristcuff, a miniature iron mine cart charm, a carved ruby snail totem, a red-flecked sturdy invar bracer, a steel and bluerock cube beardclip, an iron and mithril band, a gold-strung crystalline nodule, a heavy invar link neckchain and some vibrant faceted sphene earbobs.

Food and Drinks

Pond Lounge (Lich #20696)

On the stone shelf you see a large bowl of red bean salad, a pitcher of iced berry juice, a plate of fresh slices of bread, a flask of hot buttered rum, a platter of onion and fried lizard, a cauldron of acorn squash soup and a pitcher of cinnamon-spiced mead.

Geode Landing (Lich #20690)

On the stone shelf you see a piece of semisweet chocolate, a blueberry muffin, a snifter of mint brandy, a tumbler of dark rum, a cinnamon truffle and a shot of Bat's brew.

Other Amenities

The Hall has a Game Room (Lich #20692) with BlackDrake tables. From the Entrance: GO GATE, then WEST.

The Entrance (Lich #9409) contains a planter with flowers that can be picked.

In the wooden planter you see a fresh daisy, a fresh tulip, a fresh orchid, a fresh carnation and a fresh rose.

There is a supernode in Solano Hall's Night Sky Landing (Lich #20695).