Solhaven Forging Supply Shop

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Solhaven Forging Supply Shop is the forging shop in Solhaven.

[Metalworkers' Central Platform]
A metal-topped counter occupies the central third of the platform, and a large sign hangs from the main post that rises behind the counter. A ruddy-complected giantman, with shoulders and arms heavily muscled even for one of his race, leans on an oversized boarding pike, a polished glaes toothpick protruding from his mouth. You also see a large placard, some forging workshops and the clerk Fortog.


Welcome to the Marshtown Metalworkers' shop!
The clerk Fortog offers his catalog to browse.
Fortog exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a leather crafter's apron             26. a quarterstaff endcap-glyph
  2. a bronze bar                          27. a mattock haft-glyph
  3. a hickory block                       28. a mattock head-glyph
  4. a heavy steel slab                    29. a flail haft-glyph
  5. a large skin of tempering oil         30. a flail head-glyph
  6. a large skin of enchanted oil         31. a spear shaft-glyph
  7. a large skin of twice-enchanted oil   32. a spear head-glyph
  8. a large skin of ensorcelled oil       33. a pilum shaft-glyph
  9. a heavy mithril slab                  34. a pilum head-glyph
  10. a heavy ora slab                     35. a halberd shaft-glyph
  11. a heavy imflass slab                 36. a halberd head-glyph
  12. a heavy vultite slab                 37. a knuckle-duster handle-glyph
  13. a dagger hilt-glyph                  38. a knuckle-duster blade-glyph
  14. a dagger blade-glyph                 39. a hook-knife hilt-glyph
  15. a shortsword hilt-glyph              40. a hook-knife blade-glyph
  16. a shortsword blade-glyph             41. a knuckle-blade handle-glyph
  17. a main gauche hilt-glyph             42. a knuckle-blade blade-glyph
  18. a main gauche blade-glyph            43. a troll-claw handle-glyph
  19. a cudgel handle-glyph                44. a troll-claw blade-glyph
  20. a cudgel head-glyph                  45. a katar handle-glyph
  21. a mace handle-glyph                  46. a katar blade-glyph
  22. a mace head-glyph                    47. a yierka-spur handle-glyph
  23. a crowbill handle-glyph              48. a yierka-spur blade-glyph
  24. a crowbill head-glyph                49. a trident shaft-glyph
  25. a quarterstaff shaft-glyph           50. a trident head-glyph